Planetary Combinations Or Yoga’s

planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions

About this article ?

  • this article at length discusses various shubha(good) and ashubha(bad) Yogas or positive and negative planetary combinations in any horoscope or kundli. How they could make some one lucky and someone un-lucky.
  • It also discusses two master Yogas or planetary combinations like gaja kesari and amala Yoga and how they could bless a person with riches a and success in life. 😉

  • First, the planetary Yogas are discussed and then in the next section the Yogas are applied for the case of BJP leader Amit Shah for verification.
  • planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    Numerous Other Yoga’s Or Planetary combinations in Kundli or Horoscope-

    Benefic (Good) and Malefic (Bad) Yogas or planetary combinations in any kundli or Horoscope.

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    what is a shubha or beneficial and ashubha or malefic Yoga or Planetary Combination in Kundli or Horoscope?In the Kundali or Horoscope (Birth Chart), On the off chance that there be a benefic in Lagna or ascendant(Like say Venus/Jupiter or benefic moon or mercury is there), Shubh or benefic Yoga is created, while a malefic or bad planet like Saturn(Shani), Rahu or mars(Mangal) in Lagna or ascendant of the birth chart causes Ashubh Yoga or a malefic planetary combination.
  • How are both gains and loss both indicates in a Planetary Combination for any Kundli or Horoscope?Benefics in both Vyaya or the twelfth house of expenditure and Dhan Bhava – the second house of gains/wealth & status and money flow, cause Shubh Yoga- benefic yoga or the planetary combination. As one gains by good means and spends on good things or matters. The second house of gains and the twelfth house are expenditure
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    what is the role of the 12th bhava or house for a ashubha or malefic planetary combination in any Kundli or Horoscope?Malefic in both Vyaya or twelfth house and Dhana Bhava or second house of status and wealth cause Ashubh Yoga or planetary combination.
  • which Planetary Combination’s in your Kundli or Horoscope indicate your spouse would be sexy in nature 😉 ?In the Kundali or Horoscope (Birth Chart )in case Shubh Yoga or benefic yoga will be expressive, beguiling and ethical, while his counterpart will be sexy, will do wicked acts and will appreciate (take away ) others’ riches.
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    Gaj Kesari Yoga(The Yoga or planetary Combination for wealth/Good Job/Good Career House). Ought to Guru be in a Kendra from Lagna, or from Chandra or moon and be in conjunction or Yuti with, or getting a Drishti(aspect) from benefic(Like mercury/Venus/Jupiter), keeping away from in the meantime weakening, energy coming in from unfriendly Rashi, Gaj Kesari Yoga is brought on.
  • jupiter planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictionshappiness planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    what are the effects or good results of gaja kesari Yoga in any Kundli or Horoscope?
    One conceived in Gaj Kesari Yoga will be splendorous, affluent, and canny, invested with numerous praiseworthy ethics and will satisfy the ruler. Jupiter is a great benefic so it’s being in any Kendra like saying the fourth house gives religious mind, good for family and vehicles and also in seventh means good for wife and job and career and also aspects the Lagna or the ascendant so good for self. Also if Jupiter or guru is in the tenth house of career or action- it makes one do good actions and also helps in the expansion of career or job.
  • planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    Amal Yoga(The Yoga for self respect, person being devoted to religion). In the event In the Kundali or Horoscope (Birth Chart that there be solely a benefic in the tenth house of career from Lagna, or Chandra Lagna or moon ascendant, Amal Yoga exists. Amal Yoga will give distinction, enduring till Chandra and stars exist and will make the local respected by the lord, appreciate inexhaustible delights, beneficent, partial to relatives, accommodating to others, devout and ethical.
  • Here the full energy of the benefic gets channelized in the tenth house of action and karma giving great actions and hence the great name to the person.
  • Amit_Shah_photo_2016-president-bjp-2017 planetary combinations yogas Amit shah bjp kundali or horoscope 2017 predictions Vedic astrology
    AMIT_SHAH_H planetary combinations yogas amit shah bjp kundli or horoscope 2017 predictions vedic astrology
    Planetary Combinations, Yogas, Amit shah
    Why do people call him the Chanakya of the BJP or Bharatiya Junta Party?

  • Now looking form the Jaimini astrology perspective the Lagna of Amit Shah is Virgo or Kanya Rashi ruled by mercury. It is sitting in the second bhava or house. so its karakamsha lagan would be in 2+2 = 4th bhava or the public image bhava of Scorpio.
  • now Scorpio or vrishchika Rashi is a secretive and aggressive Rashi/sign. it does not spare the enemies and is good at executing plans. now this is what the image Amit Shah has and he is very shrewd in executing the plans and also attacking and vanquishing his political opponents like Congress party/Rahul Gandhi
  • What makes Amit shah so close to prime minister Narendra Modi?

  • now mars or Mangal the planet of public image and also politics is in the 11th bhava of gains and Friends. yes it is debilitated so also he faced rough weather and was in jail as well.
    sun the karaka for political gains and success. sun or Surya has mercury around it. which is the lagan or self lord as well. so gains from the state or the government are there.
    also as the tenth bhava deals with government or karma and mercury is the lord of the same so it connects to the same. That is sun r Surya connects to mercury the lord of action and smartness for Amit Shah.
  • Now we have the politically shrewd Rahu also sitting in the Gemini sign or mithuna Rashi. that gives him great diplomacy in actions. Mercury and Rahu are possible causes of Amit shah’s success as a political consultant to Narendra Modi Ji.
  • What made his luck rises after 2014 as a BJP in charge politically for 2014? Plus what made BJP make a sweeping victory

  • He has also been the MLA from Naranpura, and was elected in the 2012 elections.
    Now beyond 2014, May Ketu runs. it is in the house of public image. so Ketu would give the unexpected image to him or Amit Shah.
  • . The Rahu –Ketu axis changes touching the 4/10 bhava could create reversals or sudden changes in career or family life especially when affected in transit or afflicted by other malefic n your horoscope.
    now at that time, Ketu is in Aries or Mesha Rashi.
  • This strongly activates his mind in the 8th bhava. Moon is there. kills his obstacles and enemies.
    also, Ketu from the moon is in the lagan has an aspect to the 7th bhava that is Libra or Tula Rashi suggested cutting or defeating the enemies. so as a result BJP swept the entire state, it was a great performance by the party and it swept 73 out of 80 seats. all this took Amit Shah to prominence.
  • also, note that his Jupiter or Guru gets into this 11th(eleventh) bhava of gains and also as Jupiter rules the seventh bhava it suggests new additions and growth tot eh BJP party( his relationships or seventh house). Guru also sends energy to mercury greatly enhancing Amit shah’s image.
    In 2014 also his Saturn is exalted in Libra giving him great gains as Libra is the second bhava of gains/status for Amit shah’s horoscope.
  • Amit shah’s Kundali or horoscope-BJP- what makes him a great politician and person?

  • Note he is born on 22 = 2(moon)+2(moon) =4= Rahu, this makes him hardworking, sharp, sensitive and yes out of convention person.
  • amit shah rahu yogas planetary combinations

  • His ascendant is mercury ruling the tenth house of karma and career and sitting close to the sun the planet for power in the second house of wealth and status.
  • Rahu Ketu axis affects the career and mind and family house and gives him the capability to do exceptional things or compelling miracles. His ability to defeat the other parties like Samajwadi part and BSP is a clear indication of this key Rahu skill of planning and the factor of surprise in his actions due to Rahu and yes intelligence of mercury the businessman.
  •  moon Amit shah yogas planetary combinations

  • His moon is in 8th house and is in the action sign of Aries- so makes him a man of action, and helps him keep his found on the downtrodden (eight houses) and also come up with an exception through the process.
  • All the above indications clearly suggest that he is bound to be a great, non-conventional planner and an intelligent man and politician as Rahu rules politics.
  • His heightened sensitivity to connect to the masses and an eye for details along with a streak of out of box non-conventional thinking makes him an ace planner for politics.
  • Amit Shah may take sannyasa or a life of recluse later in his life due to Ketu and other effects.
  • A retrograde Jupiter in the ninth house of luck and fortune gives him some inclination for past cultures and religion, so maybe helping him be a part of BJP.
  • As sun rules 12th house of foreign lands and connects with his career so success is there for him outside Gujarat- as we can see.
  • What are Amit shah’s predictions and plan?

  • 2019 would be a great time in terms of work he would do for the party and meeting people due to Saturn and Jupiter effects. That would be with majorly great success, but yes unexpected failures could be there-just like in Punjab in the month of may 2019.
  • May 2019 could be a bit trial time for him with certain un-expected results. He has to keep relaxed and take good care of health.
  • October may mean a time when he would be in a bit of anger and also might mean a lot of changes for him that could be a bit stressful. He needs to take care of the talks.
  • A retrograde Saturn in house of fourth bhava and family image suggest he needs to be a bit careful about his projects in general.
  • September onward rahu comes in Gemini sign, charges his moon and in conjunction with mars, this could make him a bit emotional – he has to keep tabs on any sudden or any unexpected matters coming to play.He has to focus on his security
  • We wish him all the best in life 🙂
  • About Amit Shah?

  • His full name is Amitbhai Anilchandra “Amit” Shah (he is born on born 22 October 1964) is an Indian politician from the state of Gujarat Gujarat and the moment President of the Bharatiya Janata Party known as BJP
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  • He is considered to be a close associate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and held a number of position in the state government during Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • Shah was the BJP’s in-charge for India’s largest and most important state that is Uttar Pradesh, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP along with its supporters swept the entire state, registering their best ever performance, by gaining 73 out of 80 seats. So Shah rose to national prominence and has been appointed as the party’s national president in July 2014.
  • In the year 2017, he leads the BJP towards a landslide victory in the state of Uttar Pradesh and also Uttarakhand, and also put the party’s strong debut in Manipur, but they lost in Punjab.