Nabhas Yoga’s or Planetary Combinations Kundli for-wealth,poverty,love,relationships,raj yoga,job,career,legal,home,family etc

nabhas yogas planetary combinations kundli wealth poverty love relationships raj yoga job career legal home family

Nabhas Yoga’s or Planetary Combinations for wealth,poverty,love,relationships,raj yoga,job,career,legal,home,family etc

The  Names of various Nabhash Yogas or planetary Yogas in any Horoscope or Kundli are.

The 3 Asraya Yogas are Rajju, Musala and Nala Yogas. The 2 Dala Yogas are Maal and Sarpa.

The 20 Akriti Yogas are Gada, Sakat, Shringatak, Vihag, Hal, Vajr, Kamal, Vapi, Yup, Shar, Shakti, Danda, Nisk, Koot, Chatr, Dhanushi (Chap), Ardh, Candr, Chakr and Samudr Yogas. The 7 Sankhya Yogas are Vallaki, Daam, Paash, Kedara, Sool, Yuga and Gola Yogas. These are altogether 32 yogas or planetary combinations

The  Rajju, Musala and Nala Yogas or planetary combinations.

  • Gada, Sakat, Vihag, Shringatak, Hal, Vajr and Yav Yogas or planetary combinations in Kundli or horoscope.On the off chance that all the Grahas possess two progressive Kendras(Like the first house and the fourth house or say the fourth house and the seventh house), Gada Yog is shaped.
  • Sarpa Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for poverty and brutality and loss fo wealth). One conceived in Sarpa Yog will be slanted, brutal, poor, and hopeless and will rely on upon others for sustenance and beverages. As malefic in the first/fourth and seventh house and tenth house affect the career and professional and yes professional relationships- so his money factor could be affected so he may rely on others. The brutality in mind and action could come if malefic like rahu/Saturn or mars are in the fourth house of mind and family and also the tenth house of career and action.
  • Maal Yog or planetary combination Impact(The yoga for sex /personality/relationships and marriage). One conceived in Maal Yog will be ever upbeat as three kendras or angles are getting benefic energy, blessed with transports or cars( the fourth house covered here so conveyances and cars), robes(The first house of personality and self comfort covered here), nourishment and delights, be splendorous and enriched with numerous females( as seventh house of sex/relationships and marriage and females covered here_).
  • These Yogas, separately, create benefic and malefic outcomes. The benefics give good result as in the kendras or energy points and malefic give negative results as kendras or angular house are energy points.
  • Maal and Sarpa Yogas or planetary combinations.In the event that 3 Kendras  or angles like the first/fourth /seventh or the tenth house are involved by benefics( Jupiter/venus/mercury or guru/shukra or Buddha), Maal Yog is created, while malefic like (Saturn/rahu/mars or shani/rahu or mangal) so set will bring about Bhujang, or Sarpa Yog or the yoga of the snake.
  • Nala Yog or planetary combination impact(Lack of focus and flexibility Yoga). One conceived in Nala Yog will have uneven physical make-up as there is a mix of energies of fixed and movable planets, be keen on amassing cash, exceptionally skilful, accommodating due to the dual nature to relatives and enchanting.
  • All the planets or  Grahas in Movable rashis or sun signs  cause Rajju Yog. The movable rashis are
  • Aries,Cancer,Libra Capricorn or mesha,karkat,Tula and makar rashi.
  • Rajju Yog or planetary combination Impact. One conceived in Rajju Yog will be enamoured with meandering or wandering as all the planets are movable, be enchanting, will win in outside nations. He will be remorseless and wicked. The cause is lack of stability by too much movement could cause the above troubleAll the planets or Grahas in Fixed rashis or sun sign  cause Musala Yog.
  • The fixed signs are Taurus,Leo,scorpio and Aquarius or Vrishabha,simha,vrishchika and kumbha rashi.
  • Musala Yoga or planetary combination Impact(status/wealth/money Yoga). One conceived in Musala Yog will be blessed with respect, shrewdness, and riches and so on-as the fixed signs or rashis bless with some stability and firmness in life., be of high repute to ruler, celebrated, will have numerous children and be firm in air.
  • All the Grahas in Dual rashis  cause Nala Yog. The dual    rashis are:Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius & Pisces or Mithuna,kanya,dhanu and meena rashi.
  • Gada Yog or planetary combination Impact (Yoga for wealth/riches/education and knowledge). One conceived in Gada Yog will dependably try endeavors to procure riches, will perform conciliatory customs, be skilful in Shastras and melodies and supplied with riches, gold and valuable stones. Any two houses of kendras say forth house and tenth house- so fourth house ruling mind could give good interest in  shashtras. In the house of career they give good benefits to career and job.
  • Sakat Yog happens, when all the Grahas are arranged in Lagna or the ascendant  and Yuvati Bhava or the seventh house.
  • Sakat Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for bad health and personality). One conceived in Sakat Yog will be burdened by maladies, will have ailing, or appalling nails, be stupid, will live by pulling trucks, be poor and without companions and relatives. The possible cause could be if say there are lot of planets in first house of personality- so the person could be very confused nature. Due to several planetary energies coming in.
  • If lot of energies are the house of relationships and sex, one may be confused in regarding job or any relationships causing the down fall.
  • On the off chance that all planets keep to Bandhu(The fourth house of vehicles/mother and home) and Karma Bhava or the tenth house(The house of career/action and job), then Vihag Yog happens.
  • Vihag Yog or planetary combination Impact(Yoga for courage/sex and disturbed mind). One conceived in Vihag Yog will be enamored with meandering, be a flag-bearer, will live by sexual dealings, be bold and keen on fights as mind could be disturbed and so could be the action due to so many planets in the houses.
  • All Grahas in Lagn(first house), Putra(The fifth house of children and education) and Dharma Bhava(Ninth house or luck and fortune) cause Shringatak Yog.
  • Shringatak Yog or planetary combination Impact(Yoga fro welath and good marriage and love life). One conceived in Shringatak Yog will be attached to fights and fights, be cheerful, dear to ruler- as the ninth house energy of luck blesses him with divine providence, blessed with a promising spouse- as the fifth house of gains for spouse or wife is getting good energy and it is a benefic house, be rich and will loathe ladies.
  • while all Grahas or planets  in Dhan(the second house of wealth and status), Ari (The sixth house of obstacles)and Karma Bhava(The tenth house of action and job), or in Sahaj, Yuvati and Labh Bhava, or in Bandhu(The fourth house of family), Randhr and Vyaya Bhava cause Hal Yog.
  • Hal Yog or planetary combination Impact(Yoga Loss of wealth,poverty and hopelessness). One conceived in Hal Yog will eat a considerable measure as the second house is of mouth or eating and lot of energy there means a lot of eating, will be exceptionally poor, will be hopeless, disturbed, surrendered by companions and relatives- all this could happen if most of the planets are in the sixth house and a lot of negative energy is absorbed. He will be a hireling.
  • Vajr Yog is brought on by all benefics in Lagn(First house) and Yuvati Bhava(seventh house), or all malefic in Bandhu(The third house) and Karma Bhava(The tenth house of career).
  • Vajr Yog or planetary combination Impact(This is the Yoga for personality/Job relationships and sex and marriage and love). One conceived in Vajr Yog will be upbeat in the first half  and toward the finish of life( as good energy is getting to the self or personality and job relationships the seventh house), be valorous, beguiling, without cravings and fortunes and be hostile(Hostility could come in if the malefic  planets are in the tenth house).
  • In an opposite circumstance, i.e. all benefics in Bandhu and Karma Bhava, or all malefic in Lagn and Yuvati Bhava, Yav Yog is created.
  • Yav Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for religiousness/family/conveyance). One conceived in Yav Yog will watch fasts and different religious principles- as benefics in the house of mind the fourth house could make him or her religious , will do promising acts(This is due to benefics in the tenth house), will acquire satisfaction, riches and children in his midlife. He will be altruistic and firm.
  • Kamal and Vapi Yogas or planetary combinations. On the off chance that all the Grahas are in the 4 Kendras(first/fourth/seventh and tenth house), Kamal Yog is created.
  • Kamal Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth and richness). One conceived in Kamal Yog will be rich and idealistic, be seemingly perpetual, extremely well known and unadulterated- as the clear reason alls benefic are in kendras. Kendras act as the main energy centres of any horoscope. He will perform several promising demonstrations and he will be a ruler.
  • In the event that every one of them happen to be in all the Apoklimas(3,6,9,12 (Apoklimas) only then  cause this yoga), or in all the Panapharas( Panaparas ( 2, 5, 8, and 11 ) ), Vapi Yog happens.
  • Vapi Yog or planetary combination Impact. One conceived in Vapi Yog will be equipped for gathering riches, be supplied with enduring riches and bliss and children, be free from eye torments and will be a lord.
  • Shar, Shakti and Danda Yogas. On the off chance that all the 7 Grahas are in the 4 Bhavas, initiating from Lagn(That is first to the fourth house or bhava), they cause Yup Yog or planetary combinations, if the above combination happens from Bandhu bhav or the fourth house, Shar Yog happens, if from Yuvati or the seventh house, Shakti Yog happens and, if from Karma or the tenth house, Danda Yog is formed.
  • That is Yup Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for religion and religious penances). One conceived in Yup Yog will have otherworldly learning and will be keen on conciliatory rituals- as there is a lot of energy in first house, the second house of wealth and status, surroundings and initiative house the third house and the fourth house of mind and conveyance. He will be blessed with a spouse, be solid, inspired by fasts and different religious perceptions and be recognized.
  • Shar Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for action/meat eating and aggression). One conceived in Shar Yog will make bolts- as the fourth/fifth/sixth & seventh house is involved- the lordship of 5th house of Jupiter as karaka and ninth house of luck helps him in making bolts, also most planets being sixth house of legal matters he could be leader of a jail, will gain through creatures, will eat meat, will enjoy torment and mean crafted works. Why meat eating is said as mars if in seventh would aspect the second house of mouth and eating. If Saturn or rahu in sixth aspects the second house of mouth. As mars here could cause him to aspect the third house of actions, so energy there could make him do harsh actions
  • Shakti Yog or planetary combination Impact(The yoga for sluggishness and warring nature). One conceived in Shakti Yog will be dispossessed of riches- as a lot of graha could get into most malefic house of eighth house, be unsuccessful, hopeless, mean, sluggish, seemingly perpetual, intrigued and skillful in war, firm and propitious.
  • Danda Yog or planetary combination Impact(The yoga for loss of wife/lover and or children). One conceived in Danda Yog will lose children and spouse- the cause could be the placement of planets in the twelfth house of wastage and loss as this yoga is formed with all planets in from tenth to first house, will be needy, unkind, far from his men and will serve mean individuals. Also the eleventh house is treated as malefic house as per the classics. So almost 50% planets are badly placed or become malefic causing this Yoga,
  • Nauka, Koot, Chatr and Chap Yogas or planetary combinations. In the event that all the Grahas involve the seven Bhavas from Lagn, Nauka Yog happens, if from Bandhu, Koot Yog is framed, if from Yuvati, Chatr Yog happens and, if from Karma, Chap Yog happens. Here again the Grahas ought to involve seven nonstop Bhavas or houses or there should be no break.
  • Nauka Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for poverty, loss of wealth, water related professions or career). One conceived in Nauka Yog will infer his job through water, be rich, renowned, fiendish, pitiable, messy and parsimonious.
  • Koot Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga fro jail or being a jail head or one who is a liar). As all the planets are from the fourth house to the tenth house, One conceived in Koot Yog will be a liar, will head a correctional facility or jail, be poor, cunning, merciless and will live in slopes and posts. The reason is most of the malefic houses like sixth house and eight house lies here. Also kendras like fourth and seventh and tenth is there, so 66% kendras there is a high chance of kendradhipati Yoga and any planet sitting there would carry negative energy.
  • Chatr Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth & success , intelligence and gains). Here all the planets are from tenth house to fourth house, One conceived in Chatr Yog will help his own men, be benevolent, dear to numerous lords, extremely astute, upbeat toward the start and end of his life and be seemingly perpetual. The reason is that  a lot of good houses like eleventh and first house are there.
  • Cited from Saravali(vedic astrology classic). In the event that the seven Grahas  or  planets      involve consistently seven Bhavas or houses in sequence, beginning from a Bhava, which is not precise to the Lagna, the Yoga created is known, as Ardh Candra Yoga or half moon yoga.
  • Chakra(circular) and Samudr (ocean)Yogas or planetary combination Impact. On the off chance that all the Grahas or planets possess six option rashis or sun sign, beginning from Lagna or ascendant, Chakr Yog is shaped. Samudr Yog is created, if all Grahas involve six alternate  rashis or  sun signs, beginning from Dhan Bhava or the second house. Alternate means alternate houses six in sequence and starting from the second house of wealth.
  • Chakr Yog or planetary combination Impact(The raja Yoga or one being like a king, great career and job). One conceived in Chakr Yog will be a sovereign, at whose feet will be the prostrating rulers, heads, venerating diamond studded diadems. The reason is a lot of energy would be in the first  house(the self the image), the third  house of action and valour , the fifth  house of sudden gains, seventh house of contacts and relationship house and Ninth house of luck and fortune and poorva punya and eleventh h house of gains.
  • As this Yoga is starting from house of self gains and personality the first  house this could happen.
  • Samudr Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for riches and prosperity). One conceived in Samudr Yog will have numerous valuable stones and inexhaustible riches as this yoga like above Yoga starts from the house of wealth and status, be supplied with delights, dear to individuals, will have firm riches and be all around arranged.
  • Chap Yog or planetary combination Impact. One conceived in Chap Yog will be liar, will secure insider facts, be a criminal, be attached to meandering, backwoods, be without fortunes and be upbeat amidst the life.
  •  Sankhya Yogas. On the off chance that all Grahas or planets in  are in ONE  rashi or sun sign, Gola Yoga or planetary combination is shaped, if in 2 houses or bhavas, Yuga Yog is framed, if in 3, Sool Yog happens, if in 4, Kedara Yog happens, if in 5, Paash Yog is shaped, if in 6, Daam Yog happens and, if in 7, Veena Yog is created. None of these seven Yogas will be operable, if another Nabhash Yog is resultant.
  • Gola Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth /earning/knaowledge and good education). One conceived in Gola Yog will be solid, as all energies in one sign are there, be without riches, learning and knowledge, and be grimy, pitiful and hopeless. Here first sign is ruled by Aries or mars, there the negative aspects of mars manifest.
  • Yuga Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for poverty or no wealth or loss of kids or no kids). One conceived in Yuga Yog will be apostate, be without riches, be disposed of by others and be without children, mother and ideals. This could be as most of the energies of planets are only in two signs plus two is the number of moon(here the moon or Chandra negative manifests) and Taurus sign.
  • Daamini Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth and having many children). One conceived in Daamini Yog will be useful to others, will have equitably earned riches, be exceptionally wealthy, celebrated, will have numerous children and diamonds, be fearless and red-lettered.
  • Sool Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth/fighst and courage). One conceived in Sool Yog will be sharp as the mithuna the mool trikona rashi is ruled by mercury the planet of sharpness, sluggish, deprived of riches, be convoluted, precluded, valiant and well known through war- as third house rules parakram or courage and yes tendency to wars.
  • Paash Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoag for a CEO or a leader in industry, not a good person). One conceived in Paash Yog will be subject to be detained, be skilful in work, be beguiling in aura, will talk much, be deprived of good qualities and will have numerous hirelings- as the sign Leo is the fifth sign or simha rashi- so he would be a leader and people working for him.
  • Veena Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for music,skillfulness and luck). One conceived in Veena Yog will be partial to melodies, move and melodic instruments, be skillful, upbeat, well off and be a pioneer of men. As seven is the number of mool trikona rashi Libra, this deals with Music so music is manifested
  • Kedara Yog(The Yoga for agriculturist or farmer). One conceived in Kedara Yog will be helpful to many, be an agriculturist, be honest, upbeat, whimsical disapproved and rich. As number 4 deals with cultivation this could happen. All the energies are shared in four houses.
  • Ardh Chandra or half moon Yog or planetary combination Impact(leadership,high position & Job). One conceived in Ardh Candr Yog will lead an Army, will have a splendorous body, be of high repute to ruler, be solid and blessed with diamonds, gold and decorations.

All that the outcomes, due to said (Nabhash) Yogas, will be felt all through in all the Dasha  or planetary periods.

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