Imran Khan Bollywood Actor Horoscope Predictions

imran khan horoscope kundali predictions
what does this article talk about?

  • This article talks about Imran khan the bollywood actor on why he chose acting as a career. It also tries to understand what made him successful atleast in his first film. why is his father anil pal well placed all based on planets.
    This article further analyzes the conflict between imran khan and Avantika Malik recently in 2019.
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    birth details of Imran Khan the bollywood actor

  • we have the birthdate of Imran Khan as 13 January 1983. He was born in united States Wisconsin madison. His father sri Anil pal is a software engineer father and is an highly intelligent well-to-do senior manager at yahoo in USA.

    imran khan film bollywood horoscope kundali predictions

  • What do the numbers or numerology of Imran Khan say about him?

  • Imran khan was born on Thursday or guruvaar.
    we can see that he is born on 13= 1+3= rahu(dragon’s head) effects are there. also in his horoscope rahu(dragon’s head) aspects his moon lagna. so clear rahu(dragon’s head) or some rebel or original /different view is there in Imran khan.
    he comes under the Capricorn or makar rashi sign ruled by Saturn, so gives him and original and independent view point. Gives him tenacity and discipline but rahu(dragon’s head) spoils it for him 🙂
  • Jupiter gives him depth in religion. also Saturn and rahu(dragon’s head) is there. so later on he may go intense on religion or dharma
    Saturn makes him love the underdog or downtrodden people so he does social activism as well.
  • His total numbers come to 13 Jan 1983(=21 total) = 13(=4 total) + 1+ 21 = 26= 2+6= 8 Saturn or shani dev. so as he is also born in the sign of Saturn Capricorn or Makar he would be very philosophical , a rebel types- but life may not be a bed of rose for him. we know he comes from a broken family and also he is inactive since 2015.
  • what made Imran Khan the bollywood actor take acting as a career ?

  • as his birth time is not sure we look at the Rashi Lagna or moon lagna for Imran Khan the actor form Bollywood. his Rashi Lagna is Dhanu rashi or Sagittarius sign .sun or Surya is sitting there on the Lagna. so that ensure that he will get recognition whatever he does. also one may note that sun or surya is ruling the 9th bhava of father.
  • sun is karaka for father as well and 9th bhava stands for father anil pal for imran khan, so clearly suggesting that his father would be a dignified person . His father Anil Pal is software engineer working with Yahoo . also sun sitting the lagna gives blessings of the father & good luck and Bhagya for imran Khan the Bollywood actor that’s why he got the Film fare Award as well in the very first film .
  • His recent conflict with Avantika Malik his wife we will discusses later. but let us look at the causative factors. we can see Ketu(dragon’s tail)sitting on the lagna and rahu(dragon’s head) sitting in the 7th house that creates problems in partnerships and love relationships. we know that he is also into a relationship with the avantika Malik his wife. Now imran khan’s rahu(dragon’s head) is sitting in 7th house. That creates issues in his relationships real. also note he is born on 13= 1+3=rahu(dragon’s head). so Imran Khan the Bollywood actor is prone to relationships and divorce problems .
  • we also note that his moon in the Lagna suggest that he will be fairly religiously inclined sooner or later in his life. He also may have an element of religiousness in him. also Ketu(dragon’s tail) gives a researchers view point his father is a researcher kind in yahoo.
    But he may also rebel; due to Rahu at least in the youth .but later on he will pick up with religion because Dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius is there to give good energy to his mind.
  • what are some very interesting facts about Imran Khan the Bollywood actor?

  • The actor of Bollywood imran Khan acts for Hindi films and he is also the nephew of the well-known actor and celebrity Mr Aamir Khan. imran khan is also the nephew of director and producer Mr Mansoor Khan. he was born to anil Pal (his biological father) but now his name is Imran Khan. His mother is Nuzhat khan sister of the legendary actor aamir khan. he is also the grandson of sri Nasir Hussain . imran khan has also played as child artist in 1992 in films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar .
  • he started his acting or film career as an adult in the year 2008 as well that was Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na got the Film fare Award as well or the same. imran Khan is also social activist you also worked in various other films like Delhi Belly and merey brother ki Dulhan
    he also acted as a child actor for the film qayamat sey qayamatt tak
  • The most important is Imran khan got married to Avantika Malik in the year 2011.
  • What good things imran khan the bollywood actor gets from Venus or shukra?

  • His Venus or shukra is sitting in the 2nd bhava or house, giving him sweet speech and handsome face. as 2nd bhava or house rules with face . Venus is sitting on Saturn(shani dev) as the dispositor . also shukra or Venus is also Lord of 11th house that is wealth and gains from friends .
  • Venus or shukra is sitting in the second bhava gives raj yoga to Imran Khan :). and that means great money for him is waiting . That is gains in relationships and career. The career Lord mercury(budha) is sitting in the 2nd house as well. So he will gain good money by action and good status. also as the 10th House Lord mercury is close to Venus(shukra) the planet for acting and films(bollywood). he gets money and status working in the films ruled by Venus. yes his relationships o& partnerships with film industry people would generally be paying for him.
  • we need to note that mercury is retrograde in his horoscope so that means there could be time when imran khan faces is hard and he does not get proper work .so that has to be handled well by him.

  • why did Imran khan the bollywood actor choose film industry or bollywood as a career?

  • looking at the 10th House Lord of career. that is very good. Virgo ruling or the kanya rashi . now it is the 6th sign of the zodiac and 6 are number of Venus. that is again to do with film industry. so that very clearly says that Imran Khan the Bollywood actor may go for film industry & stages. The energy of Venus in the second house of wealth and status and speech & communication gives him fair dialogue delivery. so the Venus ruled film industry gives him success in the film industry .
  • shukra or Venus is fairly well placed in Imran Khan’s actor’s horoscope . it is in the Capricorn sign or makar rashi and is exalted.This sign is ruled by Saturn is exalted. so it is giving imran khan a very strong presence in film industry +. It is also giving him are very cute and handsome face . mercury helps to do deliver good dialogues . some diction change needed as mercury is retrograde.
  • imran khan horoscope kundali predictions
    why is Imran Khan the bollywood actor in news for problems in relationships with his wife avantika malik ?

  • now we can clearly see that Imran Khan bollywood actor is naturally prone to issues relationship or divorces. as Ketu(dragon’s tail) sitting in his Lagna. that is Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. we also note that rahu(dragon’s head) sitting in the Gemini sign or mithuna rashi. that is a 7th .
  • what is the Role of ketu or dragon’s tail for relationship of Imran Khan ?
    Now in transit in 2019 it has come in the Sagittarius sign in March 2019. also natal rahu of imran Khan connects with transit rahu(dragon’s head) in the Gemini sign.
    The 7th house stands for relationships and partnerships in marriage(divorces as legal issues as well). this creates a very strong yoga of parting or separation of Imran Khan bollywood actor. which he has to be careful . we additionally note that Jupiter or guru the dispositer of Ketu(dragon’s tail)is currently in may,june and July 2019 weak due to retrogression or being retrograde.
  • This Jupiter retrograde and ketu transit could create more problems for Imran Khan bollywood actor. as Ketu(dragon’s tail)is weakened and impacts is mind . we know Ketu or (dragon’s tail)sits in the lagna +and is close to moon or mind of imran khan.
  • what is the Role of sun or surya for relationship of Imran Khan ?
    also note that sun or surya sitting in the lagan is currently in transit in the Taurus that is the sixth house for Imran Khan bollywood actor. It is the house of enmity and opposition . so by say this middle of June 2019 as sun will come into 7th house it will get him some blessings of the 9th house of Poorva punya Karma for Imran Khan bollywood actor. so that can give him some relief . But more relief(not full) after July 2019.
  • By July 2019 ending Jupiter or guru would be direct so that could give him relief in the relationships
  • what is the Role of Saturn transit and shani or Saturn sade sati for relationship of Imran Khan bollywood actor and avantika malik?
    we also have to note that Saturn is transiting his Lagna(ascendant) so that Sade Sati is running for him and Saturn badly aspects his 7th house .so creating issues in a relationships and Saturn has mars(Mangal) energy for him . as Mars in a sitting in Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi. so issues in relationship . as mars is an aggressive planet and energy and agitation is sent to His 7th house.
  • what is the Role of rahu or dragon’s head for relationship of Imran Khan bollywood actor and avantika malik?
    where the natural malefic rahu(dragon’s head)is sitting in the natal horoscope. we expect some relief July 2019 onwards. but and also some more relief after November 2019 . but sure 2019 ending and 2020 could be emotionally disturbing with lot of issues at personal front for Imran Khan will look at this later in other articles.
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