Sonali Bendre Longevity Horoscope

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Sonali Bendre Longevity Horoscope
What is this article about?
This article discusses about sonali bendre ji , especially what makes her so beautiful and attractive. Her choosing modelling as career and then again being successful in films.

It also later talks about health and longevity( she is suffering due to cancer and undergoing treatment) for sonali bendre the bollywood actress.
It additionally later covers sonali bendre’s 2019/2020 and 2018 predictions for health & longevity

Birth details of Sonali Bendre ?

  • Name: Sonali Bendre
  • Date of Birth: Wednesday, January 01, 1975
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai
  • Longitude: 72 E 50
  • Latitude: 18 N 58
  • Time Zone: 5.5
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    sonali bendre longevity horoscope awards distinction
    What makes Sonali Bendre Look so different from others?

  • Now the question is what makes Sonali Bendre such a unique person, actor and model different from others. looking at the Horoscope of Sonali Bendre . her sun is ruling the 9th house of luck/fortune and past life is in lagna or ascendant with Mercury(budha) and Venus . so we have Sun or surya that gives a distinction .also Sun rules the Bhagya Bhava that is the 9th house of luck and Fortune and shows blessings on Sonali Bendre from the father’s side and the past life Karma (purva janma). so this gives Sonali Bendre great fortune and also success in the film industry(bollywood) and modelling as well .
  • as also venus is also the lord of gains(11th house) for Sonali Bendre . so blesses her with gains from friend and all good things in life. so overall venus gives great gains and success to film industry for Sonali Bendre .
  • we will address this aspect of Sonali Bendre Film life and modelling later in this article.
  • Mercury is the Lord of a career(10th) and 7th house of connections & contacts for Sonali Bendre . It is sitting in the lagna or ascendant so she will have great contacts . very good communication and dialogue delivery as well due t mercury. she would be perfectly fine. sonali Bendre also has a retrograde Saturn(shani dev) in the 7th house . so in general stability and long relationships at the same time Saturn being the lord of second house of wealth and status & 3rd house of initiatives for her gives her great ability to take initiatives.
  • Saturn aspecting the lagan for Sonali Bendre would give great discipline her approach. also Sonali Bendre would have good amount of philosophy and also some of the initiatives of projects may turnaround for her because of Saturn being retrograde. but there is a blessing of God as well on Sonali Bendre . as Jupiter is sitting in the Aquarius sign
  • sonali bendre longevity horoscope awards
    why is Sonali Bendre such a big success in Modelling and then acting?

  • sonali Bendre choose Modelling and then film industry as her career and made her a big success . Now this is very much clear and connected to the previous section that Sonali Bendre has a very blessed Venus or shukra dev. which is Lord of gains for her and in the lagna . all this indicates that she would get a lot of gains from anything to do with Venus like industry like doing any creative work or anything to do with beauty and arts. It could also mean something like modelling or films .
  • basically Sonali Bendre’s rahu is very weak and debilitated in the 12th house of hers. but rahu or dragon’s head gets great energy from strong Mars .so this could give her some anger and aggression at times but also motivation to do better especially in the modelling career.:)
  • The reason is mars or Mangal helps in modelling career. as mars or Mangal connects with gymnasium and keeping the body fit .so overall Sonali Bendre has got good energies of Mars and also good energies of Venus in her horoscope to make her a good success in the films . mars or Mangal is ruling malefic 12th house but is also a lord of a good house of long term thinking that the fifth house for Sonali Bendre.
  • who should give success and capability to do physical effort or modelling type work. 🙂
    now the question is what makes her successful in these domains? as sun is very close to Venus success to do with film industry and also in the modelling career could be there for sure. sun is Lord of blessings the ninth house gives great success to Sonali Bendre.
  • Due to the aspect of Saturn(Saturn) or shani dev on the lagan of Sonali Bendre . the success would be delayed for her or she may lose it some time. 🙁 e as she lost when she had to leave from Prime of her performance.
  • Saturn or shani dev is retrograde and aspecting her lagan(ascendant). but still disciplined action would give her good success in the film career. sun or surya dev so also close to Mercury(budha or planet of communication, finance and delivery). so it blesses the 10th House of career for Sonali Bendre .so a thumb up for dialogue delivery and acting for Sonali Bendre . The 7th house lord Gemini that is a relationship & partnership is ruled by mercury.
  • she has will get the blessings of Sun or she will have love and support of people all over life.:)
  • sonali bendre longevity horoscope 
    What made Sonali Bendre’s personality so unique based on her horoscope or kundali?

    • In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Looking at Sonali bendre’s First House or Udaya or Tanu Bhava. As This house covers matters related to the looks or personality, over all attitudes, temperament and basic strength or the backbone of any horoscope
    • What gives Sonali bendre so distinct personality?Given the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Sun or surya in first house gives her or Sonali bendre a different and unique personality. one has to note that she is born on 1 January, now number 1= sun and stands for distinction and uniqueness in personality.
    • What are the root causes for her great initiative and will power?It gives Sonali bendre good image and great personality and will power to do things, also note she is January born, now January is the 1st month as well of any year so that gives her a great initiative and will power to achieve.
    • could Capricorn and Saturn energy give her wanderings? but at the same time proper ethics have to be followed to maintain the image. One may have aimless wanderings and more of body heat as sun generates more pitta or heat in the body.
    • Is good management the secret of success of Sonali bendre?please note that January is ruled by Saturn that is the Capricorn sign or makar rashi in western astrology, and Saturn and sun are in conflict so this give a life of hard struggle but at the same time it that is the two powerful planets sun and Saturn give her the great drive and management capability for success.
    • What gives her(Sonali bendre) quick intelligence?Sonali bendre also has Mercury or budha here in the first bhava makes the person quick and intelligent so is she has been a great model as well. mercury deals with mantra shastras It could give you interest in occult studies.
    • Does Sonali bendre have the capability to write books :)? also one has to note that she or Sonali bendre is born on Wednesday ruled by planet mercury. Mercury gives her or Sonali bendre a fun loving child like nature and good adaptability she has been very adaptable and has been not modelling, films , movies and also book writing all ruled by mercury and venues. she will also study well is obvious that she is still wiring books etc or educate people.
    • How would the married life be for Sonali bendre? For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre As the 1st bhava or first house lord is in the 3rd(Third house) bhava of initiatives, the person is naturally courageous and strong willed which Sonali bendre is for sure, also she or Sonali bendre well respected along with good intelligence. There might be more than one marriage for her as per the classics but this is just an indication and may not be true as we are looking at surya kundali of hers..
    • Could Sonali bendre have philosophical inclinations?. Sonali bendre could be very ambitious as is true with number 1 or people with sun as the ruling planet. Sonali bendre would also gain knowledge all over her life writing books is a good example of the same . Chances are higher that sonali bendre follow the path of dharma ore religion some time, being Capricorn sign she would be atleast philosophical. she could be eager to learn .
    • Are planets responsible for her good judgments? she or Sonali bendre may have a good judgment due to Saturn or shani of Capricorn .
    • How did she handle both modelling and films and was a success? The ruler ship of sun of number 1 of her birth date could make Sonali bendre more goal oriented and very focused on your goals as she has been an achiever in areas of modelling , movies and now writing books .
    • Born on Wednesday ruled by mercury could make Sonali bendre quick witted .
    • Based on anka jyotish or numerology also Sonali bendre is born on January 01, 1975 , so her destiny number = 1+ 1+ 1975/22 = 24= 2+4=6= Venus or shukra dev.
    • so she would have a quality of generosity and empathy for others and helping others.
    • In sonali bendre’s kundali or horoscope being ruled by planet sun and yes Jupiter as the surya kundali lagna she may be more commanding and also There is a chance of your being self righteous this should be avoided .
    • Sonali bendre may also be too much attached to convention due to having Sagittarius or dhanu as her lagan or ascendant.
    • Does Sonali bendre love nature and why? Jupiter the planetary period of January she is born in and also the lord of her kundali and sun her number makes her too much love for nature.
    • Why is she troubling from health problem? does ketu have a role?There could be a great change in her life between 35 to 42 as a general indication, she would be fine as now ketu would be having sway on her life .
    • Do planets say anything about the looks of Sonali bendre?Sonali bendre would normally be tall as per her horoscope or kundali as is the case, with a broad lovely face, long nose and big ears .
    • what are the planetary causes of Sonali bendre being athletic?In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Jupiter and sun also makes her to be regular in physical exercise or going to gymnasiums .
    • What health issues Sonali bendre has to proactively guard on? she could be too ambitious so she has to avoid nervous exhaustion of any kind by over stress all over her life YOGA here would suit her the most.

    sonali bendre longevity horoscope  health
    what is Sonali bendre’s latest health problem? is it cancer?

    • On 4th July 2018 Sonali bendre revealed on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment in New York City hospital.
    • Many of her co stars and members from the film industry like salman khan ,Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra have put all their well wishes for her speedy recovery.

    Other details of Sonali bendre

    • 1 January 1975 (age 43)
    • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    • Occupation Film actress, and also was a model
    • Years active in the films industry = year 1994 to 2018 atleast and would do more
    • Her Spouse is Goldie Behl (marries . 2002)
    • What is health horoscope of Sonali bendre?

      • Now the health or diseases for Sonali bendre is judged by the SIXTH HOUSE [VIGHNA BHAVA, This sixth house basically covers matters related to her or sonali bendre’s enemies, sonali’s health problems, her debts, obstructions and service to others.

      she or sonali bendre has been diagnosed with meta static cancer.

      • what health problems Sonali bendre is naturally prone to? the lord of the 6th(sixth) house being in the first house hints towards some serious disease could grip her some time in life. Venus is very weak and in old age so this combination could give diseases or problems that take more time to get resolved as by old age the planets get weak also the diseases related to sex organs or spleen could come up.
      • from moon lord or rashi as Jupiter rules the 6th bhava so liver and spleen is a suspect
      • would Sonali bendre be able to solve problems well ?Now as for Sonali bendre As ketu is a malefic and is in a malefic house 6th, so is a good position as this combination destroys enemies and is also famous & wealth in general all this is there for her and Sonali bendre has come out well with flying colors in all areas.
      • In general for people with ketu in the sixth house, Morality has to be kept in check as ketu puts a dhwaja to negative qualities of the 6th bhava.
      • does Sonali bendre have keen inclination towards astrology?In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu here gives occult or dharma related knowledge and intuitive powers.
      • How does dragon’s head or Ketu help her destroy opposition? 🙂 In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house is good as ketu is a natural malefic and being in sixth house of vighna or obstacles it means killing or removal of her(Sonali bendre’s) enemies. So this combination makes a person without much enmity or opposition in general.
      • This combination In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house promised fame and authority to Sonali bendre. It also gives very good occult and intuitive powers to the person.
      • are the cancer indications there in Sonali bendre’s Horoscope?now As In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house the Ari Bhava Lord (6th house lord) is in tanu or first Bhava, it could make her adventurous, famous among her people all that is very true, may live in alien countries she was in new-York for cancer treatment.
      • But as In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house 6th house energy goes in ketu ,she has be careful in your relationships with other women and men both . she has to Speak sweetly always not mostly.
      • also diabetes is something that Sonali bendre has to Stay clear from diabetes., be happy, and be also a skilful speaker.
      • . Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house There is some protection form enemies for her as ketu destroys her enemies and diseases.
      • she or Sonali bendre has to be careful about debt not accumulating .
      • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house have to avoid past life vices and get best help from the good karma of her past .
      • sonali bendre has to avoid any extremes in terms of sexuality or cruelty this is just an indications and given the strong ruler ship of Venus for Sonali bendre would always bless her with the best.
      • sonali bendre longevity horoscope
        What is the longevity horoscope or kundali of Sonali bendre

        • The eight house in the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre is a house that basically covers matters related to longevity and also unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, property and luck.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre As moon is a good planet and moon in 8th could cause mental disturbances or stress to her as moon represents our mind.
        • she is strong due to sun there and also avoids being apprehensive or having nay psychological complexes.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre One has to avoid pride. Also mother that is represented by moon needs good care.
        • Given the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Health and eyesight could be affected. There is a possibility of gain through legacies for her and inheritance as 8th house also rules your legacies and inheritance and moon is the self.
        • In general based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali she One has to avoid fighting attitude and yes your heart would be very open and good. One may have excess sweat or perspiration.

        For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre As Randhr Bhava Lord or the 8th house lord is in Randhr Bhava, the she could be long lived based on her surya kundali . That is long life and happiness is there for Sonali bendre.

        • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre It also suggests that the person or Sonali bendre would acquire land/conveyance and power & position though merit of the past life as 8th house deals with all this.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre form moon lagna moon is strong for her in her own sign and also the lord of Saturn the 8th or the eighth house is a bit weak, but Jupiter the blessing is fairs enough there. Jupiter is fair and is also markesh so liver/spleen etc needs good care for her.
        • In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre . Indicates a long life generally . Stay careful of accidents . There could be tremendous changes taking place in the psyche all over life

        What is the Pindayu calculation for Sonali bendre kundali or horoscope?

        • sun longevity arc value is = 246.8661 in degrees. contribution due to sun to longevity is = 13.029044166667 in years.
        • Moon longevity arc value is = 277.2784 in degrees. contribution due to Moon to longevity is = 19.255444444444 in years.
        • mars longevity arc value is = 293.8663 in degrees. contribution due to Mars to longevity is = 12.244429166667 in years.
        • Mercury longevity arc value is = 260.9703 in degrees. contribution due to Mercury to longevity is = 8.69901 in years.
        • Jupiter longevity arc value is = 225.031 in degrees. contribution due to Jupiter to longevity is = 9.3762916666667 in years.
        • Venus longevity arc value is = 273.3366 in degrees. contribution due to Venus to longevity is = 15.944635 in years.
        • Saturn longevity arc value is = 243.0916 in degrees. contribution due to Saturn to longevity is = 13.505088888889 in years. contribution due to ALL planets to longevity is = 92.053943333333 in years. Overall Effective Longevity after deductions from a)Chakrapathiharana b) swakshetriharana c)aShtanga harana d) krurodaya harna PLUS addition due to lagna == around 60 years atleast or even more.
        • sonali bendre cancer longevity lifespan health horoscope 2019 predictions 2020
          Why is Sonali Bendre news in May 2019?
          What is happening now with Sonali Bendre ?Post-cancer treatment

        • Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with Cancer in the month of July 2018 . But she has shown exceptional courage and patience. suggesting that nothing can break her:). she has gracefully adapted to the cosmetic changes. That includes her recent hair cut. Note Ketu is transiting her head or hair based on Kaal purusha.
        • She is coming up well after the cancer treatment .sonali bendre said that no matter what happens in her life , she is strong enough to face it. she also creates regular Instagram Diaries to various people and smiles genuinely. she gives the credit to her parents for being her greatest strength .
        • When a much better time for healing for sonali bendre from cancer ?

        • Now sonali bendre has Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi as lord at the moment transiting in the 12th house or bhava of hers. transit Jupiter or guru in 12th bhava or house has Rahu or dragon’s head that is very weak and debilitated in Scorpio sign(vrishchika rashi) along with aggressive mars(Mangal dev).which is in 12th house obviously presence of Jupiter(or Guru) into Scorpio with Rahu or dragon’s head and Mars or Mangal that creates bad health for sonali bendre.
        • Possible causes of cancer happening to sonali bendre
          plus aggressive Rahu or dragon’s head + mars(Mangal) creates the situation of Cancer for sonali bendre .as Rahu or dragon’s head and Mars(Mangal) in Scorpio sign generate very aggressive and rebellious energy mix of 9+4 .
        • Mars + Weak & Angry Rahu + XII house ==
        • some improvements after November 19, 2019, Jupiter comes into lagna bhava. so healthy improvements for her Sonali Bendre .secondly Rahu is at the moment in transit 7th house of Sonali Bendre some bad health for her lower region or the stomach is possible.
        • In the Surya Kundali of Sonali Bendre, we can see Rahu or dragon’s head that is conjunct with mars or Mangal in the 12th house or hers -so it can bring in the heat a lot of energy in the stomach and sex organ region/kidneys as well. so yoga and meditation are highly recommended for Sonali Bendre an aspect.
        • she also needs to take care of the Shin(kidneys and liver) and arms( Gemini sign(Mithuna Rashi) and Libra sign(Tula Rashi) and 11th bhava) . also Sonali Bendre needs to keep the mind more stable now .looking at the retrograde Saturn(shani) situation. Saturn rules her markesh bhava of 2.also in transit Saturn(Shani) is retrograde and is in her lagna. so it is a kind of Sade Sati for her from Surya Lagna. It is also retrograde and weak, so till September 2019 or October health needs some more care.
        • Yes, some improvements in health after July 2019 when Jupiter gets direct are possible. Much more for sure after Nov 2019 and in 2020 when Jupiter(guru) is direct and in lagna. In 2020 the health matters of Sonali Bendre need proper re-strategizing for sure.
          That is a new set of treatment and new kind of doctors or medicine would help her come out of the same. as from her Chandra lagan or Rashi(cancer or karkat), Saturn gets into her markesh bhava the 7th house and also Jupiter the lord of 6th bhava gets stronger. so along with good treatments health would need proper care.2021 needs much and more care. In 2020 she might use mantra and chants as well for success. yes, she has to handle the risk well.
        • From Surya Lagna or kundali we can see that Saturn or Shani dev would come in her 2nd bhava. she will have a much more beautiful face :). yes, she already is very beautiful .she will be able to fight her problems and come out stronger. we wish her all the best in life.
        • How would Sonali bendre do in 2018 2019 based on transits of Jupiter and Saturn and rahu?

          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Saturn or shani dev is currently transiting her 6th bhava or house and is markesh plus lord of longevity. so Saturn in 6th bhava gives health issues or long term ones as she is undergoing cancer treatment.
          • But this was true when Saturn or shani was retrograde till September 6th, now shani is direct till April 2019 atleast and her or Sonali bendre would respond to her treatment much better
          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre rahu would come in 12th by June July 2019 , till then it is in 11th(eleventh) bhava or house.
          • but as Jupiter comes in the 5th house of hers, this is a good transit and would help a for sure.
          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre So as the Jupiter transit here is beneficial Sonali benefit has good and benefic thinking this time. all the efforts of Sonali bendre would be crowned with success. You may gain in position or business. Some steady gain would be there for you. The person develops more of good thoughts.
          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre so guru or Jupiter would bless her or Sonali bendre for sure after October 2019

          What are some interesting facts about sonali bendre?

          • The film actress Sonali Bendre was born on 1st January 1975 how is also, model, a distinct television personality and also an author.
          • She is well known for Hindi films, she has also worked for in Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, & Telegu films.
          • Sonali bendre has also got several always that include the Film fare Award.
          • Sonali Bendre as a teenager did a some of modelling assignments and appeared in several television commercials for advertisement.
          • Her one of the key films or movies was Sarfarosh (1999) and also Hum Saath Saath Hain (1999) and Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai (2000)
          • Sonali bendre was off the film screen for a while till 2013 and then came back in the action gangster thriller “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara”.
          • In addition to acting in films, Bendre was in to the reality shows Indian Idol 4, India’s Got Talent, Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz and India’s Best Dramebaaz.
          • She has married to director Goldie Behl since 2002, with whom she has a child / son.
          • Sonali Bendre has authored a book, “The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments with Parenting”, sharing her three principles of parenting that find a balance between traditional and modern values. The book “highlights the need for a return to our roots to raise a healthy, curious and, most i
          • Sonali bendre’s Height is 167 cm (5 ft 6 in), that’s what is expected of guru or Jupiter lagna and dhanu rashi.

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