Jayalalithaa Jayaram Tamil nadu chief minister and former actress-2016 Forecast based on Vedic Astrology


August and November 2016(includes December 2016 starting) could be hard months for her.

Unfortunately this prediction given several months back proved correct and the great lady breathed her last on 6th dec 2016


Jayalalitha jayaram, the honorable chief minister of Tamil nadu and a former actress. What awaits her in political life, in the year 2016? Know through the science Vedic astrology

Name: Jayalalithaa Jayaram

Date of Birth: Tuesday, February 24, 1948

Time of Birth: 14:40:00

Place of Birth: Mysore

Longitude: 76 E 37

Latitude: 12 N 18

Time Zone: 5.5r


Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Jayalalithaa Jayaram :

  • Looking at her solar horoscope as the exact birth time is not available
  • Her ascendant is Aquarius and moon sign is Leo.
  • Aquarius is ruled by planet Saturn , this planet is a planet of discipline, and we know the amount of struggles jayalalitha ji had to face right from childhood to film career and now chief minister ship. This mettle comes from Saturn.
  • Her Saturn/ascendant has a weak sun sitting on the same ruling her 7th So her political rivals or partners could cause her trouble. She has been to jail as well for income Tax related issues(disproportionate assets case) and rest is history on how much she had to face trouble from people within party and external people outside the party.
  • The moon sign/rashi of jayalalitha ji is Leo, which is ruled by planet sun called the surya GOD in Hindu mythology. This gives her the determination and strength, the grit to purse, is a leader despite falling several times and facing her enemies like a lioness.
  • Her birth sign is Pisces and also Aquarius, the numbers are 8 and 3(Jupiter) and her birth number is 6= Venus.
  • Now Venus and Jupiter 3 & 6 give her the growth and grace both. Also note she had to face issues in 2014 in disproportionate assets case , 2014=2+0+1+4= 7=ketu, but got it resolved by 2015 ruled by Saturn number 8( 2015= 2+0+1+5=8). Note her birth number is 8 & 3.
  • As we know that The strength of this sign Leo is more in daytime and it stays in the east direction.Thats is she is a good fit for Tamil nadu as it is on the eastern coast of India

2016 horoscope predictions for Jayalalithaa Jayaram

  • In Year 2016,satunr and mars get into her 10th house and aspect her 4th house,aspect natal sun, mercury, moon and mars.
  • Jupiter and rahu in 7th.
  • So there could be basic turmoil in her partnerships, connections with people within her party and overall political career. There could be more stress and in fights in the party. But overall result could be good. She will try to create more harmony within and outside her  party.
  • August and November 2016(includes December 2016 starting) could be hard months for her.

    Unfortunately this prediction given several months back proved correct and the great lady breathed her last on 6th dec 2016

  • She needs to take care of people working for her, use wisdom and avoid any rash actions, especially after July as Jupiter’s benefic drishtis would not be there on rahu in 7th house.
  • She might connect to un conventional people and take un conventional surprising actions this year 2016.
  • She might connect closely to people in armed forces or police.
  • She has to take special care on people of dubious character.

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