Flipkart Forecast for -2016 –why did two key stake holders sell their stakes?



Helion Venture Partners and IDG Ventures India, two stakeholders in Flipkart – India’s E-commerce bellwether have sold their majority of stakes in the firm


Name: Flipkart

5 September 2007, Wednesday
07:00:00 (Surya Kundali)
Place – Bangalore City

Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Flipkart :

  • As the exact birth time is not known, we simply use the name FLIPKART
  • The total number of flipchart = 29= Moon. This number in the long run based on numerology gives issues with partnerships, litigation, and possible loss of money.
  • At the moment the company is running under the influence of planet Jupiter, but now its ending and as year 2016 = 2+0+1+6= 9= Mars.
  • Mars is not comfortable with basic flipchart number =moon. So the months of April, November and December 2016 could be a bit cautious time for flipchart in regard to perception by its investors and other people.
  • Moon + Mars does not give great results
  • Also destiny number of flipkart = 5+9(September) +2007(9) =23=5 = Mercury, birth date= mercury! So flipkart was born for business and communications. Number 5
  • The mercury gives good results in youth, so that’s what we are seeing with initial growth of flipkart.
  • But year 2016 could be bit full of surprises. The management & leadership has to be careful on what to commit and what not to commit to the employees .That is be careful on what they say and project.
  • Sudden business decisions in April, June, September time frame also needs special care.Finances need a strict control at this time.
  • July could be great and august could be average.
  • March ruled by Pisces could give mixed results, instability and yes phases of stability.





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