2018 Libra Money Horoscope


  • Overview of Money Matters Year 2018
  • The year 2018 may be relatively better off for you to earn money or get a higher salary at office- the planet Jupiter would be be4lssing you all over. Yes expenditures to do with family matters and health (Yours and your family members) could crop up especially in the month of January and February so just need to take care of the same. Also august needs some more care
  • Libra Monthly 2018 Money Horoscope Predictions

    • For the month of January 2018 money matters could be average ,also money spending related to office work and health issues could increase. Yes responsibility and discipline would make you win.
    • February 2018 ,the money matters could be better than January month .Also your money expenditures to do with beauty related products and females may increase now. Over all the health matters of family members and females especially take some investments at your end .
    • For March 2018, there could be gains in money. Yes, there could be expenditure of money on your friends. You could spend more on fun and frolic as well. There could also be added influx of money .
    • In April one has to avoid spending in haste or due to matters of passion and also for love matters- it is time to think and then spend money. Yes with proper planned action money could come in.
    • For May 2018 , your health may need some expenditure. Your family demands for money matters could increase .There could be increased outflow of money on beauty and luxury products.
    • In June, one could have more fun and festivity and this could lead to increased expenditure at your end. One may find oneself spending in haste OR spending on family related matters . One has to think and then act on money matters now and not do anything in impulse or haste.
    • In the July month 2018, money or wealth could be spent more on luxury items and also money could be spent on home maintenance . Wealth could be spent on beauty and women more in case of males. As this is a sensitive month for Libra people- take care.
    • For August one has to guard on loss of money or excess expenditures . There could be loss of wealth due to conflicts so take care . Also long terms losses to be guarded due to power conflicts or getting in c conflict with powerful people .
    • September 2018 outflows of money could be there due to travels, friends and the feel good factors like treating a friend or outings etc. Never spend in haste and family matters, all this could need more attention now.
    • In October the health and well being matters could come up and so could beauty or art related matters come up for outflows. Your Family may need more money . Expenditure on luxury products could increase now.
    • November 2018 one has to avoid excess spending, may be due to haste. Expenditure on family matters and females may increase. Your Family matters may need more attention and tabs on outflows.
    • For December 2018 due to Jupiter benefic effects, you may gain in money matters and your inflows could increase. There could be more outings and fun and frolic and spending on the same. One could expect an enhanced flow of money this time.

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