Rio Olympics 2016 Indian athletes Predictions- august : manika-batra ,apurvi chandela-praveen rana- Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish


Rio Olympics 2016 Indian athletes august : manika-batra ,apurvi chandela-praveen rana- Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish


The rio Olympics games starts on 5th of august and ends on 21st of august 2016. India has fielded athletes for events like archery,gymansatics,atheletics,Boxing,Badminton,Golf,Hockey,judo, rowing, shooting, swimming, table tennis & weight lifting.

The participants that could make India proud are :

  • Jitu Rai(shooting)
  • Praveen rana(wrestling)
  • Khushbir kaur -20 KM race walk
  • Apurvi Chandela – air rifle
  • Sandeep tomar 57 KG Free style
  • Laxmirani manjhi – archery
  • Prakash nanjappa 50 meter air pistol
  • Nitendar singh rawat- marathon
  • Manika Batra- table tennis
  • Kyanan chenai – shooting,Mens trap
  • Prarthana Thombare- women’s double tennis

Rio Olympic Games 2016 begins on

Friday, August 5

and ends on

Sunday, August 21

rio Olympics games- what does India(Bharat) to get out of it ? Based On Vedic Astrology or Jyotish :

Now let us look at what vimshottari dasha period India runs  now?

It runs moon-mars till start of 2017.

Mars rules 12th house( of losses plus foreign lands) and also 7th house( of relationships)  it sits in 2nd house of wealth and status. The dhana bhava.

A malefic transit of mars and Saturn in 7th house of India –upon natal ketu, could give issues in relationships with foreign lands( we recently had Chinese incursions and also conflict  with Pakistan in regard to the Kashmir issue in the news).

But at the same time Ketu could give significant gains in image as well which one may not be able to imagine.

So one might have unexpected happening in India’s Image- that is either it could become a shooting start and win more than expected medal or simply go down GOD forbid. But mars ruling 12th house strongly suggest gains through foreign lands(Olympic event is in foreign lands) so this gain could come in.

In D09( Navamsa of India), Mars rules gains and fortune and aspects the 4th house of publics image and send s energy to action house. So  macho  events like wrestling, judo & boxing could give great results.

rio Olympics games- India(bharat) – the Impact of Transits and sub-sub periods

  •   India  runs Moon-mars-rahu  , this could give surprises to India in terms of results. un expected results could happen.The recent overturn un narsingh yadav the prime wrestling contestant is a living proof of rahu’s involvement here in the games.
  • Venus the lord of ascendant is weak in transit in 4th house of public image, Sun the planet that rules public image for India is weak almost the entire games barring the last week when it could give some good results.
  • The Only protector is mercury- that is in Leo and could be a bit supportive- but not as much.
  • Jupiter that might create obstacles or unexpectedness the lord of house of 8th is already weak in transit- so it infact affects the house of image of India
  • So India’s performance as per present expectations may be just slightly  below average- I would put it at 4.0 out of 10.Also there would be bunch of surprises & unexpected events results due to rahu-ketu(like in case of wrestler narsingh yadav). Player expected to perform better may not perform that well, but players with lesser expectations may perform better.The over all comfort with the results would be less (The loss of match in 59th minute in hockey and abhinav bindra a gold medalist not even getting bronze is a confirmation of the planetary effects of rahu & ketu) India would do well on dates like 6,12,11,24 and also to a lesser extent on 9,18 August
  • We at personal level Pray to GOD for India to perform its best.
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