Rahul Gandhi-horoscope status of planets predictions 1

Rahul_Gandhi_1-gemini rahul gandhi horoscope status of planets predictions 1

Rahul Gandhi-horoscope status of planets predictions 

Sloka 1 from vedic astrology  or jyotish

  • If the planets or grahas are weak in the horoscope or kundli due to any account there is decline in the good effects of the planet. By common sense one could derive – strong planets give much better effects.
  • A planet is weak if in regard to degrees  it is less than 5 degrees( 0 to 5 degrees) or greater than 25 degrees( 25 to 30 degrees) or say in enemy sign or debilitated rashi or sign or say combust due to sun(That is near sun or surya dev) or retrograde.
  • For easy reference kshuditavastha = if a planet is in enemy sign of rashi or gets energy from malefic Saturn or shani.
  • Kshobhjitavastha = if a planet is on conjunction with sun or any malefic like mars(mangal)/Saturn(shani) and rahu & ketu, then in that case the bhaavs or houses of the same get destroyed.
  • Say if in the 10th house of career or job a graha or planet is placed in lajjita avastha or kshuditavastha or kshobhjitavastha– it is obvious it could cause miseries or issues in the career of the person. The progeny or the kids could have issues as in that case the seventh aspects would be on the fourth bhava or house of the person. Or atleast only one child that survives.

d1-rahul-gandhi rahul gandhi horoscope status of planets predictions 1

Application of sloka 1 to Sri Rahul Gandhi Horoscope predictions based on his horoscope or kundli  and planetary predictions

  • Mars or mangal is combust in his horoscope and  sun  surya is in the 6th bhava(sixth house)  so is in Kshobhjitavastha
  • Saturn or shani stays alone in the 4th bhava(fourth house) so is not in Kshobhjitavastha. Though causes home to remain a bachelor for life or most of the life time.
  • As Saturn(shani) is lord of 2nd or second bhava of family/status/wealth flows it could cause one to tie the nuptial know for rahu Gandhi ji in that time frame or dasa or strong transits.
  • Mars(mangal) is in enemy sign or Gemini sign or mithuna rashi in the sixth bhava so is in kshuditavastha.
  • Mars from lagan rules his gains and image so we know why he despite of the push from congress party and his own effort is not able to make it big. He has the honesty and humility- but may be not luck.
  • From moon mars(Mangal) is lagna and also rules the sixth bhava of enemies and health. So his enemies in general would be heavier on him.
  • Though some protection from the lagna as sixth bhava lord Gemini is fair enough with mercury in Venus or shukra sign
  • Moon is in debility or enemy sign of Scorpio or vrishchika rashi so forms a strong kshuditavastha state for Chandra graha.
  • Moon or chandra rules the seventh bhava or house of relationships for rahul Gandhi ji and is weak so one knows why he is not able to get married so easily.
  • From moon chart or rashi moon rules the 9th bhava of dharma and father as this is weak so no much gains from father( late sri rajiv Gandhi ji our honourable x-prime minister passed out at a very young age) and also he(rahul Gandhi ji) may not connect very deeply with dharma or religion.
  • Through lagan or ascendant mercury or budha the lord of ninth bhava from lagna (Virgo or kanya rashi) is strong so would give him good inclination to study dharma.
  • Saturn or shani dev is also in kshuditavastha or state.
  • Saturn rules the first and second bhava or houses- as it is weak it impacts the speech and yes family/status whenever the Saturn (shani) period runs.
  • From moon or rashi Saturn is the third and fourth house and sits in the sixth bhava of vighna.
  • So Vighna or opposition to his(rahul Gandhi’s) actions and also to his family is there the 4th house lord being in the sixth house.
  • Also his public image needs care in Saturn periods.

Sloka set 2 from vedic astrology or jyotish

  • Also as per classical astrology if there a planet or graha in the seventh house of marriage or love in kshobhita avastha or tushita vastha- then life partner (husband or wife) may die young.

Application of sloka 2 to Rahul Gandhi ji horoscope – planets in the seventh house of marriage or love predictions:

  • Venus(shukra) the planet of love is there in the seventh bhava or house of rahu Gandhi ji.
  • So whenever he gets married- may be in strong Venus period when Venus is strong in transit- he would get a very beautiful and fair wife or lover.
  • As moon the dispositer sits in the eleventh bhava or house though weak- so the lover or life partner would be from a good enough background
  • As Venus rule’s fifth and tenth house or bhava, the lady would be in love and the love could convert to marriage. Though obstacles would be high .
  • Also the lady love would be working or a working professional and not a house lady
  • From moon Taurus or vrishabha  rashi rules the seventh bhava or house and is in the ninth bhava of dharma ion moon sign. so again moon here introduces instability relationships- but mercury and Venus could give him a very beautiful and young/bubbly wife in strong periods or transitions of Venus or mercury
  • Also the lady or the lover girl would be from a good enough sanskars(cultural background)/fair and beautiful.

Sloka 3 classical vedic astrology  or jyotish

  • The following are the effects of planets in gravit/Mudit/lajjit/kshobhit/kshudit and trushit avasthas.
  • if a graha or planet is in gravitavastha – then due to honour of the planet it could cause happiness due to house /gardens/ due to gains from government or kinds/financial gain almost all times and yes improvement in business
  • If a planet is in mudit avastha- then one gets residence /clothes/ornaments/happiness and happiness from lands and also wife. One could get happiness from relatives; one may live in royal or regal places. One could also vanquish ones enemies.

Applications of sloka 3 on Rahul Gandhi planets in horoscope in gravitavastha and mudit avastha predictions

  • mudit avastha = if a planet is in a friendly sign but does not get good energy from Jupiter or guru or benefic
  • gravitavastha = if a planet is in exaltation or mool trikona sign or rashi.
  • Mercury(budha) in the fifth bhava of rahul gandhi’s horoscope could be said in muditavastha for rahul Gandhi ji.
  • Also Venus in the second bhava or house could be said in muditavastha
  • Sun (surya) in the sixth house or bhava is in some degree in muditavastha
  • There is NO planet in his horoscope of rahul Gandhi ji in exaltation or mooltrikona sign so no gravitavastha for him(rahu Gandhi ji).
  • So as discussed- mercury rules ninth bhava and sixth bhava for him, so he got some gains(inheritance form Rajiv Gandhi ji).
  • Mercury(budha) in fifth bhava gives him some quickness and intelligence to respond to matters.
  • Venus(shukra) could make him master or art and also great love affair that could convert to marriage
  • If planets are in lajjitavastha one could develop aversion to GOD or agnosticism, one may face loss of ones intelligence and depressed and all good things in life.

Sloka 4 from classical vedic astrology or jyotish

  • if a planet in kshobhit avastha – the person may face penury or loss of money, could develop an evil disposition , may face miseries in life, financial debacles and issues , there could be extreme distress and obstructions to one’s money flows salary or income due to royal curse or issue from the state or the government.

Applications of sloka 4 to Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope planets in kshobhit avastha and lajjitavastha and predictions  for  his life?

  • Lajjitavastha=if the planet in 5th bhava or house and associated with rahu/ketu/mars(Mangal) /sun(surya)or Saturn(shani)
  • kshobhit avastha= if in conjunction with sun or surya or aspects from malefic
  • None of the grahas or planets for  rahul Gandhi ji  horoscope are  in lajjitavastha
  • Yes mars or mangal is in kshobhitavastha for rahu Gandhi ji, and also so is Jupiter or guru in the tenth bhava.
  • Weakness of mars in rahul gandhi’s horoscope impacts the image in public/initiative and also gains and also brothers. So he(rahul Gandhi) does not have brother but a sister.mars/mangal dev  is a planet for brothers.
  • Jupiter(guru) weakness again reflects into fewer gains from foreign lands and travel to foreign lands and also initiatives as such.
  • Mars or mangal rules the sixth bhava from moon and is in eighth bhava.
  • So malefic energy from sixth bhava goes to eighth bhava and makes a person prone to scandals-God forbid. Note sun also is in the sixth bhava so enemies eyeing on this person.
  • Jupiter or guru rules second and fifth bhava from moon and in twelfth so not great for family life ( second bhava) or having kids .
  • Note dharma karaka Jupiter in the twelfth house of dharma means it could turn him towards dharma later in life also note he is born on 18th= 1+8=9= mars and also a compassionate planet

Sloka 5 from classical vedic astrology or jyotish

  • A graha is kshudit avastha could cause downfall of the person, which is caused due to grief and passion caused by relatives , there could be health issues , trouble by enemies , also financial problems or issues and also loss of vitality or physical strength. Also a mind that does not work well due to problems he or she faces.
  • a graha in trushitavastha could cause diseases due to contact with females, one may do wicked deeds, there could also be loss of wealth, there could be issues and miseries, all caused by people and there could be decline in honour.

Applications of sloka 5 Rahul Gandhi ji horoscope grahas or planets in trushitavastha or kshudit avastha? predictions

  • kshudit avastha= if planet in enemy rashi or sign or gets energy from Saturn.
  • Like his planet Jupiter is in the sign of Libra (tula rashi) ruled by Venus(shukra) and enemy of Jupiter and gets energy from malefic Saturn in the fourth bhave or house.
  • trushitavastha= planet in watery sign and gets energy from malefic and not benefic
  • For rahul ji Venus(shukra) and moon(Chandra) are in watery signs cancer/karkat rashi and also Scorpio- but none get a malefic aspect so could not be said in the trushitavastha


  • The article is written purely for research and education. Any other use of this article or interpretation or In appropriate use of the article would be the individual’s responsibility
  • We are assuming the birth data is accurate

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