Saturn strength in horoscope-Vijay mallya

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Saturn strength in horoscope- Vijay mallya

About the strength of Saturn or shani dev &  Vijay mallya:

  • Saturn or shani as we know is a natural malefic and yes is ruling mishaps or accidents/divorce/separations/losses and yes last but not the least it is planet for  discipline and justice all the major industries & to some extent money is  ruled  by this planet.
  • A weak Saturn or shani in any kundaali or horoscope or chart makes the person  to suffer a lot of hardships
  • Apsrt from exlattion or debility of Saturn, the strength of Saturn is judged by the shadabalas and yes dgeres and sign/house in which satunr is.
  • Also strength of Saturn is judged based on the 12 states or avsathas some of them discussed below.
  • and also ruler ship of the houses of sixth(vighna) , eighth(losses accidents- randhr bhava) and also twelfth of expenditure and bad health especially for Saturn. It  makes Saturn or shani  very bad for  the native. It depends on where exactly Saturn is situation in the birth chart or horoscope(kundaali)
  • Below the basic analysis of horoscope(kundaali) of Vijay mallya has been done- based on his Saturn his occupation/profession and present status to some extent has been analyzed.

What is Strength and avasthas(state) of Planet Saturn or shani in any Horoscope?

  • 1) If the planet Saturn or shani is in the gaman avastha or state :
  • Predictions 1:
  • the person may be very rich and wealthy also take away land of other people or his or her enemies. He or she may be a scholar in the royal courts.
  • In the gaman state or avastha Saturn is essentially strong in the horoscope or kundaali.
  • 2)If the planet Saturn or shani is in the agaman state or avastha ,
  • Predictions 2:
  • He might have a very low IQ and may not have happiness form his or her spouse . He or she would be roaming without anyone  taking care of the same.
  • In this avastha Saturn or shani is weak and debilitated in the horoscope or kundaali.
  • 3) If the planet Saturn or shani dev is in the sabh state or avastha  –
  • Predictions 3:
  • the person  may have many possessions and also precious stones and jewelleries and also gold in hand. He or she may have great judicial or political knowledge and would be very sharp.
  • In the sabh state or avastha Saturn si strong enough in the horoscope or kundaali.
  • 4) If the planet Saturn is in agam state or avastha ,
  • Predictions 4:
  • then the person may have diseases and may not be qualified enough to get patronage of king or the government.
  • In the agam avastha or state Saturn or shani is weak in kundaali or the horoscope
  • 5) if the planet Saturn or shani is in Bhojan avastha or state – :
  • Predictions 5:
  • the person would enjoy good food and eyesight would be affected and also be very fickle in mind and have mental aberrations.
  • In this state or avastha Saturn is average or below average in the kundaali or hororoscope.


Vijay Mallya Birth details

Name: Vijay Mallya

Date of Birth: Sunday, December 18, 1955

Time of Birth: 11:30:00

Place of Birth: Bantwal

Longitude: 75 E 0

Latitude: 12 N 54

Time Zone: 5.5

why is Vijay Mallya in News Now?

  • The news says that the Fugitive & the business tycoon Vijay Mallya today sent a two-year-old letter to Prime Minister sri Narendra Modi and said in a statement he was “making every effort” to settle his dues towards the banks but he had been made the “Poster Boy” of bank default and a lightning rod fell on him of public anger for public anger.

what is the Strength of Saturn in Vijay Mallya’s horoscope or kundaali?

  • for Vijay mallya in his kundaali or horoscope, Saturn 4:12 degrees and is weak in the sign of Scorpio or vrishchika rashi.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya, now here in mars sign(scorpio), Saturn/shani or the industry related matters are in a agitated state – as mars and Saturn are not friends but enemies and create trouble for each other.
  • so what is says that he may be involved in liquor industry( as Saturn or shani dev along with Rahu deals with tamas) and Scorpio deals with hidden matters and passion.
  • so an industry dealing with passion-liquor is to do with passion and yes closely conncted to rahu. That is the liquor industry also anything to do with hidden things that are the tendency of the sign Scorpio or vrishchika rashi.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya ,There is also a very weak and debilitated rahu sitting near Saturn, so indicating that he may face issues or closedowns in business as Saturn(shani) deal with business or professional rahu is close to the same.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya , as rahu and Saturn are comfortable- together the number 4 and number 8= 4×2, there is good harmony as connected in terms of basic mathematics. so this helps him to setup large industries like aviation or airline industry.
  • For the  kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya note that mars or Mangal dev the dispositer of satrun  is in the sign of Libra or tula rashi ruled by Venus and the 7th bhava(seventh house) from Saturn is venus,venus is the planet of luxury so he was into airline industry and yes hiring beautiful models etc.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya ,the 10th lord(Tenth lord) from Saturn(Saturn)  is Leo or simha rashi with Jupiter(guru) and Saturn has Scorpio- so sometime he may leave matters and do some dharma or religion related activities. also his natal sun gets blessings of dev guru Jupiter to make him a success in life and aviation cum liquor industry.


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