Saturn strength in horoscope- hardik pandya IPL cricket

saturn strength shani dev hardik pandya IPL cricket

About this article?

  • in this very interesting article the strength and weakness of the key planet in the Cosmos Saturn or shani dev the impact of its strength on losses, gains ;), bad health and other problems or wealth gains and personality of the person is taken up at length.
  • It talks about how Saturn or shani dev strength and weakness that could impact any horoscope and the predictions of the same.
    It analyzes sample horoscope to see how Saturn impacted the happiness & sadness if the person .
  • then it goes to analyse an example or a celebrity who had a short life due to Saturn strength. also he had an afflicted public image due to Saturn strength or shani dev is analyzed.
  • The article also analyzes the hardik pandya’s the cricketer’s horoscope. Looks at the role of Saturn strength on what made a big success ;). also the role of other planets in his hrosocope.It further looks at the role of his father(Saturn the karaka of teacher or preceptor :)) . also what makes a good spinner and a batsman etc at great length
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  • Saturn (shani) strength is evaluated below in the article and effects or predictions given.
  • The role of Saturn or shani dev is also evaluated for the IPL cricket player hardik pandya. We try to see how Saturn discipline helps hardik pandya win.
  • Saturn strength in horoscope- hardik pandya IPL cricket

    Introduction- Saturn’s or shani dev’s role in life

    • We all know Saturn or shani dev is a powerful planet and can make anyone a king or a pauper or beggar in no time.
    • What Makes the dreaded Sade sati for Saturn or shani dev? The dreaded side sati for 5 years(seven and a half years) is noted for the same when Saturn(shani) transits the natal lagan or ascendant by moon or by ascendant.

    Saturn strength and avasthas or states.

    • 1) If the planet Saturn or shani is in sayana avastha or state,
    • Could the Person struggle form Hunger and thirst due to Saturn strength in sayan avastha?Predictions: the person would be troubled with hunger and may not have food for him and also remain thirsty as water may not be freely available.
    • So in sayana avastha planet Saturn is considered weak in strength and yes malefic in the horoscope or kundali.
    • 2) if the planet Saturn is in upavesan avastha or state :
    • Could the Saturn or shani dev strength in the Upavesan avastha cause wounds or ulceration in the body? Predictions 2: there could be lot of trouble by the enemies to the person. There could be wounds or ulceration of the body. The person may have a high self esteem , but could be punished by the king or the government.
    • So in upavesan avastha or state – Saturn is considered very weak and malefic in the kundali or horoscope.
    • 3) if the planet Saturn is in netrapani state or avastha
    • If the Saturn strength in is the Netrapanai avastha could it make you wealth and prosperous ? 😉 Predictions 3 : the person would have great attractive females around and also be wealthy with a lot of money. Could get royal favours or favours from the state or the government. The person is talented and may good knowledge of many arts and could be good at speaking.
    • So in netrapani state Saturn or shani is considered fairly strong in the kundali or horoscope.
    • 4) if planet Saturn is in the prakash state
    • Is the Saturn strength in Prakasha state make you have a lot of wealth and yes good intelligence ? 😉Predictions 4: the person would have good deal of virtues and have a lot of wealth and be intelligent as well. he or she would be supportive and also merciful; and may be devoted to the lord Shiva.
    • Is the Saturn to shani dev strength in Prakash state is positive? In the prakash state Saturn is positive and benefic and yes strong in the kundali or horoscope.
    • saturn strength shani dev  horoscope
      saturn strength shani dev hardik celebrity
      Saturn strength for celebrity Horoscope for short Life and also somewhat affected Public image?

    • we look at the horoscope for Saturn strength below It is a celebrity horoscope that had a very short life. he had to deal with great deal of problems in politics and had a short life :(. al could be traced to strength or weakness of Saturn or shani dev in his horoscope or Kundli.
    • Horoscope analysis based on Saturn strength and weakness ?

    • Saturn rules the lagna or the ascendant that is Capricorn sign or makar rashi. and also the second house of longevity and wealth & status and also it is the markesh Bhava with Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi) ruling the same.
      Once again Saturn is weak in the 7th house in the cancer or moon sign.
    • so we can see Saturn or shani dev is at 15 degrees 40 minutes & retrograde in Cancer sign(karkat rashi) in the horoscope or kundli. so as Saturn rules metal and air and being the cancer sign is fluid as well/.
    • so plane crash and he died very young because first thing is Saturn is weak it rules is both the market hours that are second and seventh
    • so retrograde and weak Saturn in the markesh bhava 7th causes problem with metals and fluids or air. we also note that lord of the 8th bhava is sun and is with Ketu and mercury .
    • mercury is an air sign again with and Ketu(just like mars or mangal a planet for accidents and operations GOD forbid) suggest accidents. see that Saturn is playing a big role in defining kind of exit this person would have an also Saturn weakness lot of issues in the public image for the person.:(
    • also note that Saturn rules the 2nd house of status as well for this person and aspects the Lagna or ascendant form the 7th house of the Horoscope. so he was very strict in implementing discipline and that also in very hard ways. this caused people to rebel and not have a great image about him.
    • so now we can see how much does Saturn strength can impact the person’s image and yes life duration or longevity as well.
      Saturn-image Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl crickethardik-pandya Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl cricket

      Birth details (Horoscope or Kundli) Hardik pandya to study Saturn or shani dev strength effects

      Full name Hardik Himanshu Pandya
      Born 11 October 1993 (age 24)
      Surat, Gujarat, India

      hardik-pandya-d1 Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl cricket

      hardik panya-d9 Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl cricket

      What is Strength of Saturn(shani dev) in hardik Pandya’s Horoscope(chart) and conection to Cricket/IPL?

      • How is Saturn or shani dev placed in the Hardik Pandya’s Horoscope? Given the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya Saturn or shani dev is a bit weak in the 9th bhava at 0.5 degrees, but is on the own sign or is swagrahi or own house in the 9th house or bhava and also ninth bhava is benefic.
      • Does Saturn Make Hardik Pandya Play some non conventinal cricket ? 😉 Saturn or shani dev is also retrograde , so makes him(hardik pandya) a bit no conventional in his way to play cricket.
      • What role does a retrograde Saturn strength play for Hardik pandya;s Horoscope or Kundli? In the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya ,A retrograde Saturn brings in a lot of non conventional energy and yes some basic discipline in hardik pandya.
      • what are the birth details and Horoscope or kundali of Hardik Pandya?

      • is born on 11th October 1993
      • What Makes Hardik Pandya different combination in horoscope or kundali for success in cricket in IPL matches?

      • it is said that the cricketer Hardik Pandya was a leg spinner earlier but then on the suggestion of then-coach Santosh Kumar Ji he shifted to fast bowling.
      • Whiahc planets in the Horoscope of Hardik Pandya Ji Give him great creativity in doing batting or bowling ? 😉 Now Hardik Pandya has Gemini(Mithun Rashi) Lagna ruled by Mercury(Budha) setting 5th house with Mars or Mangal so this gives Hardik Pandya a lot of creativity in his batting and bowling.

      • which planets in the Horoscope of Hardik Pandya Give him lto of action and energy? It is because 5th house is the house of creativity and intelligence and this creativity Hardik Pandya uses for playing cricket . also Hardik Pandya has a Mars or Mangal which is Lord of the 11th house close to lagan in the 5th house. It is sitting close to the lagna or ascendant. so Mercury(Budha) gives him a lot of action and energy in cricket to do with fast bowling . also his Mars or Mangal also is lord of 6th bhava or house.
      • how are Rahu and mars helping Hardik Pandya to grow based on his horoscope or kundali?
        For Hardik Pandya’s horoscope or kundali, Mars or Mangal rash Rahu(dragon’s head ) sitting in the Scorpio (Vrishchika Rashi) sign . so that is (dragon’s head ) is debilitated for Hardik Pandya. Rahu(dragon’s head ) sends rash and aggressive energy that is well and Rahu(dragon’s head ) is a deceptive planet.
        what makes hardik Pandya sushc a good leg spinner ? 🙂 so that’s why he was earlier a leg spinner. Rahu connects to mars and lagna the planet of action and self.
        So helps Hardik Pandya to deceive in the game of cricket. we know a spin ball it doesn’t go normally or direct, it goes straight and then changes direction. so that is the behavior of Rahu(dragon’s head ) .
      • what help does hardik prandya get from Jupiter and sun in his horoscope ?
        Rahu would also be helping him . also the 10th house lord for Hardik Pandya is Pisces or Meena Rashi. The lord of the same is Jupiter( guru ) which setting 4th house of public image for Hardik Pandya. so Hardik Pandya’s image will grow day by day and his sun or Surya is also sitting there . which means there is a lot of action. 3rd house is the house of action for Hardik Pandya ruled by the sun. This is giving Hardik Pandya great expansion and public image these combination great blessings as Jupiter or guru the lord of his career is close by. 🙂
      • why does Hardik Pandya have a distinct style of bowling and batting in the IPL matches cricket?

        What role does neptune play in the Horoscope of Hardik Pandya? Hardik Pandya was born on 11th of October 1993. Now 11th = number 11 give him different intuitive creative ways of solving problems. and all this helps Hardik Pandya to do bowling differently. It also applies to do batting differently and distinctly from others . Plus number 11 = for Neptune and moon brings Hardik Pandya them into Limelight.
        what role does JUpiter or Guru Play in the Horoscope of Hardik pandya Please note

      • Jupiter and sun in the 4th house also give the same or similar effects to Hardik pandya. that is 4th being the house of public image.
        Note Hardik Pandya’s moon or Chandra is strong ion own house giving good thinking and analysis to Hardik Pandya.
      • what roels do numbers or Nuemrology play for Hardik Pandya Horoscope? also note

      • his total of full birth date is 11 + October(10) + 1993(22=2+2=4) = 11(=2=1+1) + 10(=1)+ 4 = 7= Ketu. makes him intense in any area of life. so he could research or get deep into cricket well.
      • how did Hardik pandya’s father ,Himanshu Pandya help him come up in the game of cricket?

      • What do the planets in hooesocpe of hardik Pandya suggest about his father’s wealth statstus? at the same time in Hardik Pandya’s Youth or childhood. he faced monetary issues. his childhood. Hardik Pandya has a weak Saturn(Shani dev) in the 9th house so that suggests that he will get benefits and gains from Saturn(Shani dev) . This also represents his father Himanshu Pandya.
      • does weakness in Saturn or shani dev suggest Issues in wealth and status for Hardik Pandya’s father? But as Saturn is weak so his father’s failure of Finance business and also Saturn(Shani dev) caused him to face financial issues. as Saturn is in own sign so Saturn(Shani dev) that is Aquarius that gives him support from his father. his Himanshu Pandya father shifted to Vadodara. The idea was to get the best cricket training in the Kiran More’s academy.
      • What PLanets in the Horoscope of Hardik pandya sugest that his father wold help in his career fro cricket? also, note that the planet sun representative of the father is sitting in the 4th house. it is the Kendra bhava .also sun is blessed by Jupiter( guru ) which is the lord of his career 10th house. that’s cricket( Hardik Pandya’s career is cricket) so that suggests that his father would help him in cricket matters
      • What planetary combinations in the horoscope that suggest hardik pandya’s brother could also be a cricketer 🙂 ?

      • What is the roel of Jupiter for his brother for Hardik Pandya in His Horoscope or Kundli?as we know that his brother krunal Pandya would also be a good cricketer . note that his younger brother what is represented by the third house . krunal Pandya’s 3rd house lord is sun or Surya. the sun is The Lord of the third house and initiatives is sitting in the 4th house with Jupiter( guru ) . guru is The Lord of 10th so that suggests that as Hardik Pandya’s career or cricket would connect to his brother krunal Pandya. . as 4th house is the house of popularity and public image for Hardik Pandya . so clearly suggests that Krunal Pandya(Brother) & Hardik Pandya both be connected in terms of career and they will do well in the career of cricket. 🙂
      • In June 2019 hardik Pandya has joined the freak show – why? what are the predictions for 2019 and 2020 for hardik pandya based on his horoscope or kundali?

      • How would Hardik Pandya perform in 2020? Hardik Pandya just joined the freak show . Now let us look at the predictions for Hardik Pandya for 2019 and 2020 based on Jupiter( guru ) transit. the planet Jupiter( guru ) rules the 10th house or career of Hardik Pandya is currently retrograde in the Scorpio sign(6th house). so in his career Hardik Pandya of cricket he will perform much better in IPL Cricket matches after July 2019. he will do exceptionally well in 2020 when Jupiter( guru ) is in Sagittarius sign of Dhanu Rashi.
      • when could Hardik Pandya’s brother or krunal Pandya do better in cricket in IPL matches?
        his brother Krunal Pandya will do very good work in cricket when the sun is in Leo or Simha Rashi. that is 15th August to 15 September .basically also Ketu for Hardik Pandya has gotten into the house of relationships of Hardik Pandya . so the relationships people in cricket and otherwise 2019 June ending and July 2019 may not have very good results for Hardik Pandya.
      • Hardik Pandya could get good results in the IPL matches of whatever he plays at also by 2020 Saturn(Shani dev). as Saturn would come into his 8th bhava very good to clear obstacle for Hardik Pandya in his IPL cricket matches. So rise after July 2019 and more after 2019 November .alls this is due to Jupiter( guru )’s presence Sagittarius sign
        plus as Saturn represents his father Himanshu Pandya as well and it comes in the 8th house .he has to be careful about the health of his father .ketu(dragon’s tail) in 7th house can also give him a new kind or different kind of relationships and partnerships. so we know that he joining the freak show. It is obviously the indication of that. 🙂 d

        we wish Hardik Pandya the best in life 🙂

      • who is hardik pandya? the Indian all rounder cricketer?

        • Hardik pandya full name is hardik himanshu pandya and is born on the 11th of october 1993 and has played international cricket . He also is playing for Baroda for the domestic cricket. If it is the match for IPL or Indian premiere league hardik pandya plays for Mumbai Indians.
        • hardik pandya plays as a all rounder and is a right handed batsman and is also a right handed bowler and bowls from the right arm. His brother of krunal pandya .Also plays cricket and yes for sure in the IPl matches.,
        • IN the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya, aspect of atama karaka Venus or shukra on Saturn gives hardik pandya a creative flip.
        • That is his disciplining of hardik pandya is tempered by his creativity. One can clearly see the creativity of this all rounder hardik pandya in his bowling and batting in the IPL cricket matches.
        • In the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya ,Venus or shukra is weak in the house of sun(Leo sign or simha rashi) and is in the house of creativity- so brings in a lot of initiative for hardik pandya to change his style for cricket matches to do with IPL etc.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya the twelfth and fifth lord is Venus or shukra, so again at times he(hardik pandya) may face issues or difficulties due to his experiments in bowling or batting for the IPL cricket matches.
        • But thats OK.

        What are certain interesting facts about cricketer Hardik Pandya ?

      • Hardik Pandya is an all-rounder cricketer and plays from Baroda in domestic cricket (IPL). yes, he is also a part of the Mumbai Indian. he also has a younger brother Krunal Pandya who is also a cricketer. also, Hardik Pandya is in all-rounder batsmen and bowler .he is a fast bowler. he plays for the IPL or Indian Premier League in Mumbai Indians team.
      • Hardik Pandya’s Father used to run a finance business and went into losses and then the family shifted to Vadodara to help Hardik Pandya focus more on cricket . where Hardik Pandya played Kiran MOre’ cricket academy. so Hardik Pandya had a financially had a tough time in his youth .