IPL-2017 MS Dhoni removed Captain as Rising Pune Supergiants-steve smith replaces-saturn shani sade sati & dhaiya?

220px-Dhoni_at_Reebok_event ipl 2017 ms dhoni removed captain rising pune supergiants steve smith replaces saturn shani sade sati dhaiya

IPL-2017 MS Dhoni removed Captain as Rising Pune Supergiants-steve smith replaces-saturn  shani sade sati & dhaiya?

Mahendra singh dhoni was removed on 19 Feb. 2017 as a captain of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise of rising pune super against league (IPL).

It is said that he has been replaced by the  younger Australian stave smith. So his being a captain fro Indian and franchise matches has ended.

We here  in this article want to explore the astrological causes for the same & predict how it would be for him in the year 2017

dhoniH ipl 2017 ms dhoni removed captain rising pune supergiants steve smith replaces saturn shani sade sati dhaiya

What is the role of Saturn(shani) or shani dhaiya(sade sati) in removal of dhoni as captaincy for franchise cricket?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

7th July, 1981


Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

  • Now Saturn(shani) has transited into his fourth house(bhava) of public image and aspects his house(bhava) of career one can clearly see.
  • In his natal chart Saturn(shani) rules the sixth house(bhava) of obstacles with its mool trikona sign there and also the fifth house(bhava) of gains and luck in speculations to do with cricket itself.
  • Saturn(shani) is in the ascendant or the first house(bhava) of the natal horoscope of mahendra singh dhoni aspect his secondary house(bhava) of profession and career and relationships that is the seventh house(bhava).
  • Saturn(shani) gives malefic energy to moon or mind and also the lord of gains and money ruling the eleventh house(bhava).
  • Saturn(shani) is also very close to Jupiter(guru) that is close to Saturn(shani) Jupiter(guru) rules the fourth hsouse of family and image and yes conveyance for him.
  • The planet Pluto the planet of suddenness is very near Saturn(shani) in the natal chart. Jupiter(guru) is not very strong in the Virgo sign or kanya rashi.
  • Jupiter(guru) is in Libra or tula infact and about to be retrograde . It’s not a healthy Jupiter(guru) that would help his image.
  • Rahu is transting the Leo sign or simha rashi and aspecting the fourth house(bhava) of image form the twelfth house(bhava).
  • So one can clearly see multiple afflictions affecting the fourth house(bhava) of image and yes Pluto there resulting in sudden down fall or loss of position for dhoni.
  • Saturn(shani)’s mooltrikona rashi kumbha rashi rules the sixth house(bhava) and also rules Capricorn or the makar rashi. So over all in 2017 he will retain his positions.
  • One can clearly see that the transit of Saturn(shani) in January 2017 has a clear impact on career and money flows and over all image of ms dhoni ji.
  • When Saturn(shani) or shani improves a bit in strength by march onwards he would gain more in stability in 2017.Some over all relief would come after September 2017 when Jupiter(guru) is in Virgo sign or kanya rashi.
  • 2018 he would gain in money and status somehow- something could happen.

what does satrun do when in fourth house or bhava?

  • The planet Saturn or Shani brings a mix of both positive and negative shades as Saturn is a natural malefic and fourth hsoue or bhava ruels mother,conveyance home family and public image. The lives of these locals will be both troublesome and also with some gains as Saturn gains some strength in kendra bhava.
  • The locals of this arrangement of Saturn(shani) in fourth house would be especially dedicated towards their public,home,family as Saturn gains some strength in the kendra bhava giving some discipline and good effects. In genuine words, but at the same time the malefic nature of shani or Saturn would bring in trouble to mother, more dryness in family and also issues to the conveyances and public image.
  • We wish him all the best in his life. He has been a valuable gem to the Indian cricket.
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