Cancer Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets-karkat rashi priyanka chopra forecast

cancer1 cancer ascendant lagna good bad planets karkat rashi priyanka chopra forecast

Grahas or planets and Karaka Lagna or cancer sign  Ascendant.

  • Shukra(Venus)(This is due to kendra(angular)dhipati dosha) and Budh  or mercury are malefic(rules twelfth house stress and travels and hospitals and also third house not considered to be great), Mangal(Mars), Guru and Chandra(moon) are propitious. Mangal(Mars) is fit for giving an undeniable Yoga and giving favorable impacts as it rules the fifth house of Kon(Succedent houses)a and gains and also the lord of tenth the Kendra(angular)’s so becomes benefic. Shani(shani) and Surya(sun) are executioners and give impacts, as per their affiliations with other planets and houses.
    Cancer Or Karkat Rashi above Rules explanation

  • Moon(chandra) in itself is a benefic as it rules the ascendant, Sun(surya) is ruling the second house(bhava) the royal sign of Leo(simha) so is OK as a planet. Infact would confer good luck and status. But for  some reason classics has ascribed it negative role as it rules the second house(bhava) and Sun(surya) itself is a malefic.
  • As mercury(budha) a benefic rules the third house(bhava) or its mooltrikona sign Virgo(kanya rashi), also the third house(bhava) is negative so ruler of a benefic mercury of the third house(bhava) makes it a malefic.
  • Libra(tula rashi) rules the fourth house(bhava), so Venus(shukra) the ruler of Libra becomes negative or malefic due to ridership of the Kendra or angular house(bhava).
  • Regarding mars(mangal), Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) rules the fifth house(bhava) and also the tenth house(bhava)- so mars or mangal is a benefic as mars is a malefic  and ruling Kendra or angular house(bhava)s.
  • Jupiter(guru) the mool trikona sign lies in the sixth house(bhava) a malefic house(bhava) and hence it is a malefic for cancer ascendants, but at the same time being ruler to the benefic ninth house(bhava) makes it benefic as well.
  • Aquarius(kumbha) is the mool-trikona sign of Saturn is it is in the eight house(bhava) ruler ship – makes it very malefic. So Saturn(shani) becomes a killer.
  • The eleventh house(bhava) is ruled by Venus(shukra) sign Taurus(vrishabha rashi)- so Venus is probe to give some basic gains as well.
  • Gemini(mithuna rashi) rules the twelfth house(bhava), though it is a non mool trikona sign- ridership of twelfth causes it to become malefic.
  • Priyanka_Chopra_at_Dil_Dhadakne_Do_promotions cancer ascendant lagna good bad planets karkat rashi priyanka chopra forecast
    priyanka-H cancer ascendant lagna good bad planets karkat rashi priyanka chopra forecast
    Do the Rules above work for  Kundli Or Horoscope of Priyanka Chopra?

    Priyanka Chopra :-

    Date of Birth :-  18th July, 1982

    We are creating surya Kundli

    Place of Birth :- Jamshedpur, Bihar(Now Jharkhand), India

  • One can clearly see the venus rules her family and gains. So she has got good gains as venus is OK. But yes she will spend a lot as well as venus is in twelfth house(bhava). Venus is a malefic as well- so is not very beneficial for her family life.
  • The lord of relationships is Saturn, it rules the eight house(bhava) as well- so this could cause breakups in her relationships and issues in married life. She broke up with actor herman baweja and also akshay kumar.
  • Her lord of career is mars and is a benefic, so as it sits in third house(bhava). So it would give her great gains by action in any profession she chooses. Also the seventh lord of marriage and partnerships connects to her so she would get engaged with someone either in her circles or someone who is from the same profession or film industry.
  • As the dispositer is mercury and sits in twelfth house(bhava) with rahu, the person could be from foreign lands or a different religion or region.
  • Also venus the lord of fourth house(bhava) of image and yes ruling film industry is there in twelfth- so it could be person from film industry very much- but a hidden affair converting to a marriage.
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