Leo Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets –Simha akshay Kumar forecast

leo1 Leo Ascendant Lagna Good  Bad Planets Simha akshay Kumar forecast

what is this article about?

  • this article at length discusses the Leo lagna or ascendant or the Simha Lagna that it is called in vedic astrology. Leo’s full traits and characteristics are discussed. also the various benefic and malefic houses of Leo Lagna people are discussed Like for example 6th house is a definite malefic for leo sign or simha rashi people or mars the 9th house lord is Yoga Karaka, so over all effects and predictions of the same are given below for all 12 houses of simha Lagna OR leo ascendant .
  • Later in this article the case of the film actress Akshay Kumar of an analysis his horoscope Leo lagna by surya lagna.

  • Basic Profile of the Leo or simha Lagna people ?

  • all Leo people are ruled by number 1 and have high ambition . They are innovative and they want to do things their own way like a lion. 🙂 Leo people could be very warm at heart and also like literature and Music.
  • They could be fun loving & optimistic and also positive . The number 1 of Leo could make them impulsive as well . they are also adaptive in the jungle of the world 🙂 like a Lion.
  • How the Leo’s may look like?

  • The look likes a lion :). That is they have good appearance and a magnetic appearance . The Shoulders are very good for the game or shikar 🙂 as the jungle lion needs. The height is again average for them. The face is oval and are the king of the Jungle. they have very good adapting ability to people. This ability is similar to people ruled like Jupiter . Yes they also follow orthodox religion like the Jupiter people. being the 5th sign and Leo they may love music and literature.
  • the lord Sun of Leo being the child of Saturn they could be like a philosopher as well. Leo would also like to read a lot .Saturn rules the house of obstacles the 6th house. It means they struggle a lot.
  • Yes they could very ambitious and with more than average problems struggling the entire life . They follow the jungles natural policy and face difficulties just like the king of the Jungle Lion does.
  • they are really very forgiving and do not hold any grudges for a long. Could be due to the independent nature misunderstood their bosses & managers
  • For Leo people overall planetary energies similar moon, Saturn is a malefic.
  • leo sun sign simha rashi people
    Various houses of Leo sign discussed
    let us discuss various houses of Leo lagna.
    The first House Leo sign or Simha Rashi predictions

  • first House Lord of Leo is ruled by sun or surya. so the willpower these people is good. Simha Lagna people will rise to very good position in life .As the Leo lord and is between the 12th house and mercury .
  • The Lord of 2nd house both benefics. also for the Leo people aspect of Jupiter energies from the 5th house lordship to lagna is there. w Saturn that rules 7th house aspects the lagna. the Simha Lagna people are self made people because Saturn being lord of 6th bhava as well creates obstacle for them and Leo tries solving them by will power. so they could have fluctuating fortunes
  • The second House Leo sign or Simha Rashi predictions

  • the second house of Simha Lagna people Lord is mercury the lagna that is sun and the third house is ruled by venus sign or Libra.
    so these people are very friendly and Leo people are generally very truthful. they are able to earn by honest means and because mercury a benefic is the Lord of 11th as well. But sure they are given to flattery as Leo has ego problems .
  • also note the 2nd Bhava rules the home and 11 is a malefic lord , also Saturn is the Lord of the 7th house so generally due to Saturn is the opposition . also their spouses may be great but due to conflict of sun x Saturn the relationships may dry up.
  • The third House Leo sign or Simha Rashi predictions

  • now third house of the people is ruled by Venus or shukra this house as the aspect of Mars or Mangal that is the 7th aspect from the 9th house where Aries(mesha rashi) or mar rules.
  • so this could cause difference of opinion between the person and his or her brothers & sisters . but the person is very agitated at times because of Mars and Saturn also aspects 3rd house the tenth aspect the Capricorn sign or Makar rashi(6th house lord) for simha Lagna people. These people may have too much of travel as well.
  • The Fourth House or 4th house Leo sign or Simha Rashi predictions

  • looking at the fourth house mars is a lord of the fourth house .that is Scorpio sign is ruling the fourth house and this house is sandwiched between Venus that was the 3rd house lord and Jupiter which is the fifth house lord.
  • There is an aspect of Mars form the ninth house, that is the 8th aspect of mars or Mangal is here. there is aspect of Venus ruling the 10th house of Taurus sign or Vrishabha rashi for Leo people. Jupiter the lord of Pisces sign or meena rashi gives the 9th aspect as well.
  • we also note that Saturn ruling the 7th house(Aquarius or kumbha rashi) 10th aspect of Saturn also aspects the 4th house. so mother generally would be very good respectable .as Mars is friend of Sun. They should have really had good education . Generally better conveyances.
  • The 5th house (fifth ) predictions for Leo or simha Lagna people ?

  • and Jupiter is ruling this house ruled by Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.It has an aspect of Mercury or budha .because 11th house for Leo people is ruled by the Gemini sign so seventh aspect of mercury is there.
  • This 5th house of Leo people is sandwiched between energies of Mars and Saturn houses because. as 4th house is ruled Scorpio or vrishchika rashi ruled by mars. The next that is Capricorn ruled by Saturn.
  • so over all due to Guru or Jupiter these people have children also Sun and Jupiter are good friends . so they are in harmony . The lord of long-term thinking gives a good Intelligence and intellect to these people.
  • also there is an absence of malefic aspect. The planet mercury or budha is a benefic would also give good luck . as Jupiter or Guru could have food authority to eh person. they would love children. that but because of Mars and Saturn are malefic between which Jupiter is there. so the children may have health issues OR one may not gain much happiness .
  • The 6th house(sixth) predictions for Leo or simha Lagna people ?

  • Now looking at the sixth house of Leo or simha rashi people. The sixth house is ruled by a Capricorn sign or Saturn for them. It is between Jupiter which is ruling the fifth house and Saturn that is ruling the 7th house of Aquarius sign or Kumbha rashi.
    so does it have an aspect of malefic moon from the 12th house .so it very clearly means that Leo people or simha rashi people have susceptibility to women and they could get cheated by them.
  • so these people have to be careful in their conduct with women and flirt with care. Lagna or Leo(simha) is ruled by sun so they could get into deep matters.
  • The 7th(seventh) house predictions for Leo or simha Lagna people ?

  • 7th house of Leo or simha people has Saturn or shani again ruling that is Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi. The previous sign lordship is Saturn(shani) that is ruling Capricorn sign or makar rashi.
  • Jupiter is ruling the Pisces sign the eighth house lord. It is friendly with the sun the lord of Leo ruling the lagna.
    But note aspect of sun the 7th aspect is there. so sun is malefic as Saturn is opposed by it.
  • venus the karaka for 7th house which is indicator of spouse is friendly with Saturn or shani dev. so this friendliness with Venus of the seventh house generally good wife or husband to these people. but due to Saturn and sun conflict there could be lack of understanding between the husband and the wife ,
  • The 8th house(eighth ) predictions for Leo or simha Lagna people ?

  • the eighth house is ruled by Pisces or meena rashi.
    and that is the Jupiter or Guru. and it has the third aspect of Saturn ruling the Capricorn sign the rules sixth house . mercury or budha that is the lord of the second house has seventh aspect on 8th house.
  • because of Saturn is the previous house lord of 6th and aspects this in 3rd aspect and mercury the 2nd house lord for Leo people.saturn being ayushkaraka could give them good longevity.
  • also note that Jupiter(guru) and Saturn(shani) are friends as this 8th house is placed between Aries sign (mesha rashi) ruled by Mars and Saturn(shani) ruling Aquarius the 7th house lord.
  • Being the 8th house rules troubles, unexpected problems and un happiness. But as now because too malefic ( mars(9) and Saturn(7)) are sandwiching this. there is reduction in misery and un happiness for these people.
  • also Jupiter or Guru is a planet of gains. so they are blessed that way as well.
  • 9th house or Bhava lord for Leo lagna or simha Lagna people

  • Now for simha lagna or Leo sign people let us look at the 9th house. It is ruled by the Mesha Rashi, It is sandwiched between Pisces sign ruled by Jupiter ruling the 8th house and the 10th house lord Taurus or By venus.
    these both planets are friends mars (Jupiter and venus, the numbers are 3 and 6 and mars is number 9, 9=3×3 and 6=2×3 so mathematical relationships so works great).
  • and lord mars or Mangal and Sun surya both are friends. this works on fine .There is an aspect of 5th house lord Jupiter on this house that is a 5th aspect. The third aspect of Aquarius sign or Kumbha rashi is also there. Aquarius or Kumbha rules the seventh house and the in the 3rd aspect does this. The Libra sign the lord of 3rd house aspects house so good chances of getting parental property is there for them. : )
  • 10th house or Bhava lord for Leo lagna or simha Lagna people

  • now looking at the tenth house it is ruled By Taurus or vrishabha rashi or Venus and the lord is Shukra. so as we know mars in the seventh aspect ruling 4th house as scorpio and ruling family and public image would aspect this house. and also aspect of Mercury the second Bhava lord in Leo lagna ruled by number 1 is there. so Leo people may go for independent profession so religious levels. yes they are innovative as well.
  • 11th house or Bhava lord for Leo lagna or simha Lagna people

  • 11th house of Leo sign or simha lagna people is ruled by Gemini sign or mithuna rashi. that is good and mercury or budha is the ruler. This 11th bhava is between the 10th House Lord Taurus (vrishabha) that is good planet Venus and the 12th house lord moon. 8th house lord guru or Jupiter would have an aspect of Jupiter ruling the fifth house.
  • that is the seventh aspect is there from Mars on Mangal ruling the fourth house of home.
    Jupiter aspect gives good action and money.
  • 12th house or Bhava lord for Leo lagna or simha Lagna people

  • the twelfth House Lord is moon & is ruled by cancer. This karkat rashi gets aspect of Saturn or the Capricorn sign (6th house lord) 7th aspect .
    There is also an aspect of mars or Mangal ruling the ninth house . This cancer sign or karkat rashi is between two good planets which are friendly to moon. that is mercury ruling the 11th house of Leo people and sun or surya ruling the lagna.
    The tendency to live beyond means or show off has to be handled well. 🙂
  • simha lagna leo sign good and bad planets
    Leo Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets –Simha akshay Kumar forecast

    Grahas or planets and Simha Lagna or Leo Sign  Ascendant.

  • Budha or mercury, Shukra(Venus) and Shani(shani) are malefic. Propitious impacts will be given by Mangal(Mars), Guru and Surya(sun). Guru’s or Jupiter’s  Yuti  or conjunction with Shukra(Venus) (however, separately, Kon(Succedent house(bhava)s)a( 1/5/9) and Kendra(angular) Lords- 2/4/7/10) won’t create favorable outcomes. Shani(shani) and Chandra(moon) are executioners, who will give impacts, as indicated by their affiliations.
  • Leo  Or Simha  Rashi above Rules explanation

  • As in Leo(simha) sign sun(surya) rules the ascendant (lagna)and is a benefic here functionally.
  • In the kundli or Horoscope.The second house(bhava) and eleventh house(bhava) is ruled by Virgo(kanya arshi) and Gemini(mithuna rashi). The ruler ship of second house(bhava) by a mooltrikona sign of a benefic makes it a malefic.
  • Though over all mercury or budha should give good results as the ruler of house(bhava)s of wealth.
  • Libra(tula rashi) rules the third house(bhava) and Taurus(vrishabha rashi) sign rules the tenth house(bhava) – as Venus or shukra is a benefic so ruler ship of tenth house(bhava) makes it a malefic.
  • The fourth house(bhava) and the ninth house(bhava) is ruled by malefic mars or mangal- this makes it a benefic by ruling a Kendra or angle and being a malefic.
  • Jupiter or guru mool trikona sign rules the fifth house(bhava) and also it rules the malefic house(bhava) eighth.
  • In the kundli or Horoscope.So Jupiter(guru) a natural benefic becomes more of benefic.
  • Saturn(shani) mool trikona sign rules the seventh house(bhava) and Saturn(shani) is a natural malefic ruling the sixth house(bhava) that is malefic. So over all more malefic effects.
  • In the kundli or Horoscope.Cancer(karkat) rules the twelfth house(bhava) and is a malefic. So moon(Chandra) ruling cancer becomes a malefic.
  • Akshay_Kumar_VIRGO Leo Ascendant Lagna Good  Bad Planets Simha akshay Kumar forecast

    akshayH Leo Ascendant Lagna Good  Bad Planets Simha akshay Kumar forecast

    Do the Rules above work for  Kundli Or Horoscope of Akshay Kumar

    Akshay Kumar

    Date of birth:- 9th September, 1967

    Place of birth:- Amritsar, Punjab, India

    • In the kundli or Horoscope.In case of akshay Kumar as he is a Leo lagna or ascendant- mars becomes an Yoga karaka for him. This means any mars related activity could bring him good luck. Now we know akshay Kumar got a break in films due to his martial arts skills and grow initially as khiladi kumars( sports man). All this is ruled by planet mars.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope of akshay kumar.The lord of career or job the tenth house(bhava) is Venus and Venus also rules the fifth house(bhava). Now Venus rules movies, dance and art- so one can clearly see that the Leo kundli clearly fits in this picture.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope of Akshay kumar.Venus is a bit weakened in ascendant- but OK being in Kendra in the first house(bhava) or ascendant /lagna.
    • Mercury has proven to be benefic for askhay kumar and is very strong in the second house(bhava) of wealth and status. Also giving Him good communication skills.
    • He succeeded well in comedy films as Jupiter ruling the fifth house(bhava) rules children/fun and comedy as well. He did very well in “hera pheri” a comedy film and other films. Jupiter is also exalted in his horoscope in the twelfth house(bhava)- giving him good balance and spirituality inclination as well.