Planetary Aspects or Drishtis of Grahas & Signs(rashis)

What is Planetary Aspect or Drishti or a Sign Aspect?

Planetary aspects or sign aspects deal with exchange of energy between one planet and other planet or one sign and other sign even if they are far away in the horoscope. Like we know 7th aspect is very powerful, so say any plant in your 1st house would have an aspect or drishiti/impact on your house of marriage and relationships – that is 7th house.

The following articles throw light on how planets and signs exchange energies.


The Aspects of drishti of Signs:

The aspect of movable signs like Aries,cancer,Libra or Capricorn  aspects the Fixed  sign, leaving   the fixed sign adjacent to it.

So Aries would aspect , not Taurus(fixed sign), but Leo( again a fixed sign), Scorpio(Fixed Sign) & Aquarius Fixed Sign.


Planetary Aspects Or Drishtis

A planet in movable sign or rashi gives  aspect or drishti to 3 other fixed signs.Also this planet does not give energy or drishti to just adjacent movable sign- like a planet in Aries Or mesha (movable sign) will not Give its energy to any planet in Taurus or Vrishabha.
The planet in common sign Like Gemini, Virgo,Sagittarius or Pisces- Gives drishti  or aspect to remaining 3 common signs or rashis.
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