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planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant

About this Article?

  • This article in detail discusses the :
    (i) How to identify Naturally Good or Bad planets for any Horoscope or Kundli.
    (ii) Functionally or based on ascendant and Lordship- good Or bad planets of any Horoscope or kundli.
  • It also discussed Good or Bad Planets for 3 Ascendants or lagna :
    (i) Aries(Mesha rashi).
    (ii)Taurus(Vrishabha Rashi)
    (iii) and Gemini or Mithuna rashi .

  • It additionally discusses how Good or Bad planets impact various aspects of Life of Career, self, Name, Fame, Money, Children, Family.
  • Also Love relationships of all the above 3 descendants or rashi signs Aries(mesha rashi), Taurus(virshabha rashi) and Gemini(Mithuna rashi) in details.
  • Also all 12 houses are discussed at length for each lagna or ascendant above
  • There are various example horoscope as well discussed, like
    For the Taurus lagan or vrishabha rashi as a sample example it covers India as well as a country and studying each house of the horoscope(kundli) same as a sample example. πŸ™‚
  • The other sample examples to connect the real effects of say Aries Sign or Mesh Rashi is discussed for Salman Khan the Bollywood hero.
  • and also for Akhilesh Singh Yadav the politician is taken to show how the basic principles work 100% in Vedic astrology :).
  • A Highly interesting article that you would Love to read!!!
  • identify planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    How to identify good or bad planets in any Horoscope?
    planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    What are natural malefic or BAD planets in any Kundli or Horoscope?

  • We need to identify the natural malefic first- they are Mars or mangal, Saturn or shani dev or rahu(dragon’s head) and ketu is dragon’s tail.
  • They are natural malefic and hence negatively impact as per their energy in the house they are present or the planets they are close to.
  • Like say if mars or mangal is in 4th bhava, so even if it is otherwise good family life and health of respected mother gets affected.
  • so does it make one prone to accidents due to inner nature of Saturn.
  • Or say if mars is close to moon or Chandra, it could make the person more than normal aggressive in nature and give more haste.
  • natural benefics planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    What are natural benefics or GOOD planets in any Kundli or horoscope ?

  • but the same time the good planets or natural benefics are Moon, Mercury(budha) , Jupiter( Guru) and also Venus or shukra in any kundli or horoscope.
  • functional malefic planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    What are functional Malefics or BAD planets for any Horoscope?

  • The other set of malefic are by lordship. like lord of 3rd, 6th,8th, and 12th bhava are functional malefic for any lagna or ascendant in any horoscope.
  • so say for Aries lagna, Virgo or Kanya rashi the 6th lord naturally makes mercury malefic or the cause for diseases or court cases.
  • otherwise mercury is a benefic as said earlier. but due to lordship of 6th bhava it gets malefic energies.
  • also if say the 6th bhava lord mercury sits in 4th bhava, so again it gives similar effect of mars as discussed above that is court cases, family problems and accidents etc.
  • Or if say in the Aries lagna or mesha rashi, the above mercury or budha is close to Jupiter the 9th lord. so luck gets blocked and affected for that person.:(
  • functional benefics planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    What are Natural Functional benefics or GOOD planets for any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • The natural functional benefics for any Horoscope or kundli are Mercury or Budha( if string and un afflicted).
  • Moon or Chandra when it is strong and un afflicted, Jupiter and Venus or shukra are functional benefics.
  • whichever house they sit or the planet they are close to , they bless it with their good energies.
  • like say if Venus or shukra is in the 4th bhava would mean great comfort at home and vehicles and also a big house πŸ™‚ generally to live in.:)
  • planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    More about this article

  • Below we discuss 3 lagna – namely Aries(mesha rashi), taurus(vrishabha rashi) and Gemini(mithuna rashi) and how benefics and malefics impact all areas of life.
  • also for readers interest the horoscope or kundli of India and also Salman khan is discussed in detail.
  • aries1 ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    Grahas and Mesha Lagna Or Aries sign Ascendant.
    mars mangal ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    Is mars or Mangal dev malefic or benefic for Aries Sun Sign or Mesha rashi i any Kundli Or Horoscope?

  • In the horoscope or kundli (Birth Chart) For an Aries or Mesha rashi lagan, even though Mangal (Mars) is the Lord of Randhr Bhava .
  • (The eighth house of obstacles and problems and lands).
  • Also mars will be useful to propitious Grahas or planets or planets for Aries or mesha ascendant as mars is a negative and eight house is malefic so cancels out.
  • Saturn shani ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    Is Saturn or Shani dev Malefic or benefic for Aries Sun Sign or Mesha rashi in any Kundli Or Horoscope?

  • Saturn or Shani(shani) rules tenth and eleventh house or bhava of career/luck/money gains/salary and job, Budh(mercury .
  • It rules initiatives and sixth house obstacles and problems and legal matters) and Shukra(Venus)( rules second house of wealth flows and relationships and love) are malefics.
  • Jupiter guru ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    How is Jupiter or sun for Aries Sun Sign or Mesha rashi i any Kundli Or Horoscope?

  • Propitious or good planets are Guru or Jupiter and Surya(sun). The insignificant Yuti or conjunction of Shani(Shani) with Guru will not deliver promising impacts (even though they own a Kon(Succedent houses) and a Kendra(angular)).
  • If Guru or Jupiter is at the location of a malefic, he will most likely give negative
  • Shukra(Venus) is an immediate (free) executioner. Shani(Shani) and so on will likewise cause passing, if related with an unfriendly Graha or planet (Shukra(Venus)).
  • Aries mesha ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    Aries or mesha Rashi above Rules explanation

  • Saturn(Shani) is a malefic for Aries(Mesha rashi) ascendant as Saturn(shani) and mars are in natural conflict.
  • also Saturn(shani) mooltrikona sign Aquarius(Kumbha rashi) rules the eleventh house, which is considered to be malefic so malefic.
  • Moon(Chandra) becomes a malefic as it rules Kendra the fourth house the karkat rashi or cancer ruling.
  • and also Venus becomes malefic as it rules the seventh house ruled by Libra sign or Tula rashi, so also gets affected by kandradhipati dosha.
  • Aries mesha horoscope ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    what are the effects of Aries lagna or Mesha rashi first House in any Horoscope(kundli)?
    Saturn shani ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    what is the role of Saturn based on rules for Aries Sun Sign or Mesha rashi i any Kundli Or Horoscope?

  • Now Aries Lagna is ruled by Mars or Mangal. this is an aggressive sign or action oriented at least ;).
  • Saturn or Shani dev rules the 11th House(Aquarius sign or Kumbha rashi) of the Aries lagan people in their horoscope or Kundli.
  • The 3rd aspect of Aquarius sign aspects the lagna.
  • Now Saturn and Mars are not friendly πŸ™ so this creates lot of changes and stress in life of Aries Lagna or mesha Rashi people in life.
  • But still due to their will power and strength they can handle matters easily.
  • Venus shukra ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    what is the role of Venus for Aries Sun Sign or Mesha rashi i any Kundli Or Horoscope?

  • we also note that Venus or Shukra is a Lord of the 7th house with Libra sign ruling there .
  • This sign aspects the lagna or ascendant so that gives good body to this mesha rashi people.
  • Yes, due to Saturn energies as well there some bad health in youth is also there for them.
  • aries 2nd house planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    what are the effects of Aries lagna or Mesha rashi on 2nd House in any Horoscope(kundli)?

  • The Aries Lagna people or mesha rashi have Venus or Shukra that rules the second and seventh house in their horoscope or kundli.
  • we know that second house is between the Mars is that is Aries sign, and the 3rd house is Gemini sign(mithuna rashi) in any Aries Horoscope. so, Gemini we know is ruled by Mercury .
  • also, this 2nd bhava or house has an aspect Mars or Scorpio sign(vrishchika rashi) ruling the 8th house .
  • Its aspects this 2nd house from the seventh aspect . Now we know that mars are a natural malefic. also, mercury and Venus are friends
  • so over all for Aries Lagna people overall there is good domestic happiness . as the number 6 of Venus and number 9 of Mars is harmonious.
  • this placement is good financially as well because Venus is ruling the second house of wealth .
  • as mars in the 8th House aspects it.
  • 2nd house also rules speech so they may be outspoken in certain matters and very truthful generally.
  • The family status for Aries people is good and respectable. They can be good in speech .
  • 3 house horoscope planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    what are the effects of Aries lagna or Mesha Rashi 3rd House in any Horoscope(kundli)?

  • now the third house in any Aries or mesha rashi horoscope is ruled by Gemini sign.
  • it is held between Venus the lord of Taurus the 2nd bhava and also the cancer sign lord of 4th house.
  • we know that Venus and moon both are friendly to Mercury the lord of 3rd bhava. this Bhava or the house.
  • That is the third one also has aspects from Jupiter ruling the 9th house of these people in seventh aspect .
  • So the Aries person or mesha rashi person would have brothers and sisters but he or she may have better position than his brothers or sisters .
  • as here Jupiter shares the energy of 12th house as well so slightly malefic.
  • In this horoscope we see that Mercury represents the brothers and sisters and the person himself or herself is represented by mars or Mangal.
  • so he may not have very good relationship with brothers and sisters. as Mars and mercury are not friendly planets.
  • also, as Mercury(lord of 3rd bhava) is a thoughtful planet and mars are aggressive so one May find Aries people alternatively very rash and thoughtful as well.
  • 3rd house rules initiative or action also in some sense so this behaviour.
  • they also have very frequent short Journeys through land and even Overseas or even foreign Travels.
  • what are the effects of Aries lagna or Mesha rashi 4th House in any Horoscope(kundli)?

  • Now let us look at the 4th house . It is between two signs that is Gemini and Leo sign. the Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the 5th bhava lord Leo is ruled by sun.
  • this 4th house has an aspect of Mars . so due to aspect of mars and also Saturn that is the seventh aspect of Saturn as Saturn rules Capricorn tenth sign and house.
  • aspect of Jupiter xII sign Pisces aspects this house shows the mother would be a great lady :).
  • as there is a Jupiter or Guru aspect they have a very respectable good lady as their mother .
  • But due to Shani dev or Saturn and Mars aspect , the health of their mother may not be great . Issues in education are also there.
  • Their education could be interrupted.
  • despite of their status in society, they may not be able to help their friends.
  • what are the effects of Aries lagna or Mesha rashi 5th House in any Horoscope(kundli)?

  • now we look at the 5th house hemmed between Moon and mercury the 4th house lord and the 6th house lord.
  • we see Leo or Simha ruling the 5th house sun is the Lord of the 5th house .
  • sun and mercury may not be great friends.
  • 5th house also has an aspect of Jupiter that is the 9th house . so, Jupiter or Sagittarius aspects this house in the ninth aspect.
  • we know that 11th house is ruled by Saturn .Saturn is not a great friend of sun
  • this house 5th house indicates the children and also the purva Punya and authority of the person and the creative ability of the person .
  • so Jupiter does make them lucky but due to aspect of Saturn there will be fluctuations in the fortune in the life of Aries lagan or mesha rashi people.

  • They will have good children and be intelligent.
  • The 6th house predictions for an Aries ascendant or Mesha rashi Horoscope(kundli) ?

  • Now let us look at the 6th house or bhava for Aries’ Lagna people. It is ruled by mercury or Virgo sign.
  • We have Leo or sun ruling the adjacent 5th bhava and Venus or the Libra sign (Tula rashi) ruling the seventh house.
  • This 6th house has an aspect of from the Pisces sign as well. As the twelfth house lord Pisces sign or Meena rashi has 7th aspect to this house.
  • so malefic Jupiter here and the 6th house mercury combined suggest that they would make enemies for the people more than an average.
  • also lagna Lord of Aries people mars is enemy with the Mercury the 6th house lords.
  • But mars being strong the Enemies will not get Upper Hand .
  • as 6th house has the impact of the twelfth house of overseas travel by Jupiter so these people have travel to have Overseas (travel)and have good life.
  • The 7th house predictions for an Aries ascendant or Mesha rashi Horoscope(kundli) ?

  • here Libra (Tula rashi) or Venus rules the 7th house. also, the 6th bhava planet mercury ruling the 6th house is there.
  • There is also a seventh aspect of Mars or Mangal on the 7th house and Saturn.
  • the Saturn ruling 10th House or Capricorn aspects the 7th bhava others.
  • Saturn aspect or Shani dev is not good for them. There is no benefic aspect on these houses but still as Mars(number 9) and Venus(number 6) are friendly planets so the Aries people would at least get a life partner of their choice.
  • The negative aspect of Saturn or Shani dev gives and more than one life partner. we know that 7th house rules the public life.
  • But because of Saturn aspect they are not able to enter public life or be a success there. unless they are compelled to do so .
  • wealth & health of the wife and family is ok . as Mars(The lord of lagan) and Venus the lord of 7th are good friends.
  • The 8th house predictions for an Aries ascendant or Mesha rashi Horoscope(kundli) ?

  • Mars the lord of lagna or ascendant in the Aries horoscope has the 8th aspect of Mangal on the 8th house/.
  • the planet Venus or second Bhava(Taurus sign) has the seventh aspect . this good.
  • also, just before this house the 7th house has Libra sign(Tula rashi) and it also rules another second house.
  • the 9th aspects from Pisces or the 12th house lord Jupiter also there.
  • The 10th aspects from the Aquarius sign or the 11th house lord Saturn is also there on the 8th bhava.
  • Now the 8th house lord Mars and Saturn(10th & 11th house lord) are inimical planets or planets in a position.
  • but still the aspects of good benefits like Venus and Jupiter gives them a good long life. this house is sandwiched between the lordship of Venus that rule the Libra sign the 7th & the Jupiter that rules the 9th house or Sagittarius sign .
  • so over all get very good benefits . they have a long life . But still due to malefic influence they also have lot of suffering and hardship of happiness in life.
  • The 9th house predictions for an Aries ascendant or Mesha rashi Horoscope ?

  • Now for the Aries people the 9th house is Rules By Sagittarius sign or Jupiter planet.
  • but this house 9th is between mars ruling the eighth house(Scorpio) and also Saturn ruling the 10th House the Capricorn sign .
  • natural benefics like 9th house has an aspect of mercury from 3rd house or the horoscope of Gemini sign.
  • but we know that the 9th house lord Jupiter is indicator of father are friends .
  • we note that mars or Mangal the lagan & Jupiter are also friends . so, the person’s father would have good money .
  • as it has benefic influences as well.
  • But it also must be noted that the Lord of the 2nd house that is Taurus(vrishabha rashi) or Venus aspects this 9th house.
  • Venus and Jupiter are number 6 and 3 and are not friendly .
  • so the advantage of their father cannot go to them.
  • The 10th house predictions for an Aries ascendant or Mesha rashi Horoscope ?

  • now looking at the 10th house in the Aries Horoscope or mesha rashi. it is ruled by the Capricorn sign on Makar Rashi.
  • There is the only aspect of moon ruling the 4th house. That is the seventh aspect from the fourth house .
  • The lordship house is between the 9th house that is Rule By Jupiter(guru) and also Saturn the 9th House Lord Jupiter or Guru or 11th house lord Saturn .
  • Saturn rules the 10th house and we also know that Mars(Mangal) the lagna or ascendant and Saturn are great enemies . πŸ™
  • so, this can cause many obstacles to achieve the success in career for Aries Horoscope or mesha lagna people. for they must fight every inch of success for the same.
  • as for the religion aspect or dharma. Their religion would be less orthodox in nature due to Saturn .

  • also being the 10th sign of zodiac they go to very high position .
  • But because of Aries ascendant there is a lot of struggle & conflict in life.
  • Aries Horoscope (kundli) or Mesha Rashi people, what does the 11th house predict?

  • now 11th house of Aries lagna people (mesha rashi) is Ruled by Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi) .
  • This sign in turn is ruled by Saturn or Shani Dev. Now sun which rules the 5th house has a seventh aspect on this house.
  • also note that mars or Mangal dev that is in the eighth house having Scorpio Sign has 4th aspect on this house.
  • this 11th house ruled by Saturn is sandwiched between 12th sign that is Jupiter(Pisces or Meena rashi) and the sign that is Saturn again(Capricorn or Makar rashi).
  • so, there is an aspect of malefic s like sun also marks due to Jupiter being adjacent to it(11th house) and Saturn being adjacent ruling eleventh house(Aquarius).
  • They still do not get the commensurate rewards of the hard work they put in. so Aries Lagna people must work very hard and less help from friends is there.
  • Aries Horoscope(kundli) or Mesha Rashi people, what does the 12th house predict?

  • Now looking at the twelfth house of Aries’ Lagna people . It is Ruled by the Pisces sign.
  • This in turn is ruled by Jupiter and d as lagna is mars or Mangal and 11th bhava lord is Saturn or Shani dev.
  • so it is between to Saturn and Mars . there is a 3rd aspect of Saturn that is a Capricorn sign(makar rashi).
  • also, from the Virgo sign or kanya rashi the seventh aspect of mercury is there .
  • which rules the very malefic house because 6th house. so due it these people are not able to enjoy life as well as the position or their income would warrant.
  • so, they may get the desired things, but enjoyment is not there for them .
  • just like the case of Salman Khan as it is given below. Money is there but no family or children etc.
  • Salman_Khan_filmfare-capricorn

    Salman Khan Kundli Or Horoscope Check for Aries Lagna

  • Let us look at Salman khan’s kundli or horoscope. He is an Aries(Mesha rashi) ascendant his success in action films and muscular body could be ascribed to his Aries(Mesha rashi) ascendant.
  • In Salman khan’s kundli or horoscope, Now moon(Chandra) is a malefic for him, so in 1998 chinkara poaching case when he was arrested, he was running Jupiter(guru) moon(Chandra).
  • This moon(Chandra) is conjunct with malefic Saturn(Shani) causing him the problems.
    Also, Venus has been a malefic for him not allowing him to get the Mrs. right be it Aishwarya rai(now Bachchan), Katrina kaif or any time for that matter.
  • We can clearly see how classical principles fit in so accurately to Salman khan’s horoscope or kundli.
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    Taurus vrishabha horoscope kundli
    Grahas or planets and Vrishabh Lagna Taurus Sign

  • Guru or Jupiter(ruler of eight house(obstacles and problems), Shukra(Venus) and Chandra(moon) are malefic(The ruler of third house).
  • Shani(shani) and Surya(sun) are favourable- as both are malefic and rule the Kendra(angular)’s and benefic houses.
  • Shani(Saturn) will bring about Raj it rules the eleventh house of gains and fortune. Also rules the house of career and job.
  • Budh is to some degree foreboding as the mool triKon(Succedent houses)a sign of mercury that is the fifth The Guru aggregate (Guru, Chandra(moon).
  • and Shukra(Venus)) and Mangal(Mars) will deliver passing and issues as ruler ship of twelfth house of troubles.
  • rules planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    Taurus Or Vrishabha Rashi above Rules explanation

  • Now as the mooltrikona sign of Venus is in sixth house that is Libra, so Venus(shukra) is malefic for Taurus (Vrishabha ascendant) ascendant.
  • Now mercury(budha) mooltrikona sign rules the fifth house or Kona so it is a benefic.
  • Moon or Chandra rules the third house(cancer sign) so it is a malefic and its disposition depends on the planet it is in influence of.
  • As sun or surya is a natural malefic ruling the fourth house or Kendra is ruled by sign Leo or simha makes it a benefic by the kendradhipati rule.
  • Mars(Mangal) a natural malefic and its mool trikona sign Aries in twelfth house makes it malefic.
  • Jupiter(guru) is a malefic as its mool trikona sign Sagittarius or dhanu is ruling the eight houses.
  • Saturn(Shani) the natural malefic rules the tenth house (Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi) of Kendra- so by kendradhipati rule becomes a benefic .
  • taurus houses horoscope planets good and bad horoscope kundli lagna ascendant
    Taurus Horoscope(kundli) or Vrishabha rashi people- each houses prediction for life :)?
    Taurus Horoscope or Vrishabha Rashi people, what does the 1st house predict?

  • Now let us look at the Taurus ascendant on Lagna .
  • This lagna or Taurus is ruled by Venus and it is between Mars(the 12th bhava lord Aries) & Gemini ruling him 2nd bhava and ruled by mercury.
  • Now Scorpio rules the 7th house, so 7th aspect of mars is there. you also know that Venus( number 6) and mars(number 9) are friends together .
  • Venus is the core planet responsible for all worldly pleasures and fun in life. πŸ™‚
  • so overall the Taurus ascendant people would be lucky, and they will have fun in life. πŸ™‚
  • we also know that that Venus, Sun, and mercury easily very close to each other. so over all Taurus people is good looking .
  • especially due to aspect of mars or Mangal. Their body shows good symmetry and have good physique.
  • we know that sun and mercury are generally close and their Lord of 4th and 5th house in the horoscope or kundli people brings in good luck for the Taurus Lagna people
  • Taurus Horoscope(kundli) or Vrishabha Rashi people, what does the 2nd(second) house predict?

  • Now the second house of the Taurus Lagna people is ruled by Gemini sign or the Mercury sign .
  • it is observed that it is hemmed between the two benefic planets that is moon the 3rd house lord and Venus that is the Lord of the 1st house lord .
  • this house has an aspect of Sagittarius sign or Jupiter . that is the 5th aspect. Sagittarius which is the 8th house .
    so, they are truthful and yes honest and earn well due to Jupiter and moon energies here. πŸ˜‰
  • Taurus Horoscope(kundli) or Vrishabha Rashi people, what does the 3rd house predict?

  • The 3d house is ruled by cancer sign or karkat rashi or moon as its lord. also, and it is between the second house that is ruled by Gemini or Mercury and sun .
  • that is ruling the Leo sign or the 4th bhava for Taurus lagna people.
  • There is an aspect of Saturn or Shani dev or the 7th aspect of the Capricorn sign the .
  • There is also Mars or Mangal 4th aspect from Aries sign or mesha rashi.
  • we also note that Jupiter or guru has the 5th aspect from the Pisces sign . Now Venus is a friend of both .
  • That is number 3 of Jupiter and number 6 of Venus.
  • so, they will have brothers and sisters for sure .
  • yes, aspect of Saturn or Shani might produce less harmony within. but due to aspect of Mars sometimes they become revengeful and get excited as well.
  • Taurus Or Vrishbha Lagna (ascendant) 4th house in Horoscope (kundli) predictions ?

  • Now let us look at the Taurus Lagna horoscope and the 4th house that is ruled by Leo or simha rashi.
  • This house is between the 3rd house and 5th house.
  • The 3rd house is ruled by moon or karkat Rashi(cancer sign) and the fifth house is ruled by Mercury or Virgo sign.
  • this 4th house also has an aspect of Jupiter(guru) ruling the 8th house of the Taurus horoscope .
  • The ninth aspect of Jupiter falls on this house .
  • we also know that the sun and moon are good friends as such as they represent the basic natural force planets .
    so, as 4th house rules mother so these people would have a very good mother :).
  • she should be good lady,0.
  • but due to aspect of Saturn that is ruling the 10th House that is Aquarius sign for Taurus Horoscope.
  • cases especially when moon is not so greatly placed in the horoscope.
  • the longevity of the mother is questionable or some sort of trouble for the mother could be there unfortunately.
  • property and assets are in harmony with Taurus lagna people as Venus the lord of luxury rules the same.
  • also, as sun and mercury also friend the 5th house lord is Virgo or mercury.
  • so, they have fair education , but interruptions & setbacks at times due to Saturn or Shani dev aspect.
  • For Taurus Lagna people that third house talks about the lower instincts and 4th bhava of the higher instincts.
  • The aspect of Jupiter or Guru is there(Pisces sign 5th aspects).
  • so these people get high energy to subconscious and conscious mind .
  • so, though they are very excitable, but they may not be very revengeful. πŸ™‚
  • and fourth house with land and property so they people Taurus people having Venus Lagna have a lot of properties lands and vehicles as well ascendant Venus is favourable for properties mars and sun also friends.
  • but sun and Venus are not because of the aspect of Saturn they may get into already created property residential flats and or improve or renovate the property
  • Taurus Or Vrishbha Lagna(ascendant) 5th house in Horoscope(kundli) predictions ?

  • For Taurus Lagna people 5th house is ruled by Virgo sign or kanya rashi. It has an aspect of that is the ninth aspect of the Sagittarius sign
  • .
    The 5th house deals with intelligence of the person and thinking and children plus purva punya .
  • that is the deeds of the previous birth or incarnation .therefore when the 5th House Lord is not badly affected or 5thhouse is fair.
  • these people are found quite lucky :).
  • That is due to purva punya or good Karma of the past lives .
  • They are great souls and children take care of them their old age . also due to of the blessings of the Jupiter(Pisces sign 7th aspect) these people are intelligent and have good understanding,. It is situated between Libra sign and Leo sign.
  • Taurus Or Vrishabha Lagna(ascendant) 6th house in Horoscope(kundli) predictions ?

  • Now let us look at the 6th house of the Taurus or vrishabha Lagna people .the sixth house is ruled by Venus itself(Libra sign) and this house as an aspect of Mars or Mangal Dev the 7th Aries(mesha rashi) aspect of Mars or Mangal dev.
  • Also, this house comes here under Saturn influence that is the 10th aspect of Saturn from the Capricorn sign .
  • The malefic planets aspect of the same on the 6th house of the Taurus Lagna people so there. so as negative cancels negative.
  • so Saturn here has removed their debts and diseases .
  • It is between the Virgo or mercury lordship and Scorpio or mars lordship.
    so over all makes the 6th house or bhava a bit weak.
  • The 7th house of relationships /love and Life partner for Taurus lagna or Vrishabha rashi people Horoscope (Kundli) predictions

  • The seventh house of Taurus horoscope(Kundli) people or Vrishabha rashi people is ruled by Scorpio sign or vrishchika rashis that is mars or Mangal.
  • The 7th house of Taurus people has an aspect of Saturn or Shani dev the Aquarius sign or Kumbha rashis.
  • There is also an aspect of Jupiter(guru) from the ninth aspect or from the Pisces sign .
  • we need to note that there is also an aspect of mars the Aries sign 8th aspect ;). .
  • The sign Taurus also aspects the same in 7th aspect of.
  • Now mars and Venus are good friends as mars equals number 9 and Venus number 6.
  • also, we know that this house is between two powerful benefics that is the Venus ruling the 6th house for the Vrishabha lagna(Taurus people) and Jupiter or Guru ruling the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.
  • so, Taurus people have a very good environment and their luck in terms of marital happiness πŸ™‚ is great.
  • the qualities of the spouse or life partner they get is good.:)
    But the aspect of Saturn on the 7th house and Mars and mercury .The Lord of 2nd house(Gemini sign or Mithuna rashi).
  • so, this indicates that there could be issues in happiness and adversaries in job and partnerships are there.
  • it shows some hindrances are there .so spouse may be spouse is not able to contribute towards family wealth or may have bad health or some other reason .
  • but the native will have a very good, nice, charming partner or husband or wife .
  • There is no doubt about the same because other two benefics surrounding the same. πŸ™‚
  • The 8th house of accidents, occult, astrology, and problems for Taurus lagna or Vrishabha rashi people Horoscope(Kundli) predictions

  • the eighth house of Taurus lagna people(Vrishabha rashi people) has the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi ruling it .
  • this house is between two negative or malefic planets.
  • That is Mars or Mangal dev that is ruling the seventh house of this Taurus Horoscope people.
  • and Saturn or Shani dev that is ruling the 9th House by the Capricorn sign.
  • But this is Good in the sense πŸ™‚ as – x – = + or negative x negative is == positive :).
  • so, this happening in the 8th house helps to reduce poverty or loss of wealth etc.
    if the lord is weak so that is even better.
  • It gives good richness .this house has aspect Gemini sign or Mithuna rashi(7th aspects).
  • that is mercury or budha does a seventh aspect so these Taurus lagan or vrishabha rashi people .
  • as mercury is benefic so these people have good enough longevity.
  • The 9th house of father, luck, and fortune for Taurus lagna or Vrishabha rashi people Horoscope(Kundli) predictions

  • The 9th house lord of Taurus Lagna people has the lordship of Capricorn sign or Saturn .
  • we know that Saturn or Shani & Taurus Lagna ruled by Venus are friendly planets.
    the fourth house Lord or the 4th sign Lord cancer on moon aspecting this house(7th aspects).
  • we also know that sun or surya the karaka for father and yes Saturn which is ruling this house are enemies and the lagan Venus or shukra are enemies.
  • so, these people may have issues with father and in regard to property .they may have some misunderstanding with their father .
  • now this house is between the planets benefic Jupiter ruling the eighth house of theirs and Saturn that is Aquarius ruling the 10th House .
  • now Saturn is in natural harmony with the lord of 9th. so not much problem overall .it gives good benefits to the people
  • The 10th house of job, career, and karma for Taurus lagna or Vrishabha rashi people Horoscope(Kundli) predictions

  • now look at the 10th House of Taurus Lagna (vrishabha rashi) people.
  • There is the lordship of Aquarius for Kumbha Rashi and Saturn ruling the 10th house of career for them in their horoscope(Kundli).
  • also, we know that Capricorn or makar rashi is ruling the 9th house and Jupiter ruling the 11th house of the Pisces sign or Meena rashi.
  • this tenth house in the horoscope(Kundli) house has an aspect of sun or Leo as it is just opposite to the 4th house ruled by Sun.
  • There is also an aspect of Mars that is the is ruling the Scorpio sign the 7th bhava for them in the horoscope(Kundli).
  • due to aspect of raja Yoga karaka mars in their services they can rise to high positions .
  • they also become good surgeons due to mars or Mangal. Many good surgeons and medical specialist are born with this ascendant or Lagna Taurus Lagna.
  • The 11th house or bhava lord for Taurus lagna or ascendant people(vrishabha rashi) predictions(gains, friends, and overall influence) ?

  • Taurus Lagna people have the lordship of Pisces(Meena rashi) for the 11th house.
  • that has Jupiter(Guru) as the ruler of this house.
  • The 11th house is sandwich between twelfth houses that is ruled by Aries(mesha rashi) that is Mars .
  • also, at the other end is the tenth house ruled by Saturn that is the Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi).
  • this 11th house also has an aspect of Saturn that is the 7th aspect of Capricorn sign .
  • and Mercury that rules the Virgo sign or Kanya rashi . That is the seventh aspect of the same .
  • as this house is ruled by Jupiter(Guru) . and due to Saturn or Shanidev and mars or Mangal Dev energies here, both being malefic.
  • The income & inputs or revenues will not be commensurate with the labour for the Taurus lagna people.
  • also, one May look at the second house is Gemini(Mithuna rashi) for Taurus lagna people. which is not an enemy of the lagna which is a good thing.
  • The 12th house or bhava lord for Taurus lagna or ascendant people(vrishabha rashi) enjoyment, confinement, sex etc & predictions?

  • Now let us look at the twelfth house of Taurus Lagna people .this is ruled by Mars(Aries or mesha rashi).
  • this house has an aspect of Jupiter(Guru) that is the 9th sign Sagittarius sign.
  • this 12th house of Taurus people also has a Saturn third aspect of the Aquarius sign( Kumbha rashi).
  • The Libra sign(Tula rashi) ruled by Venus has the seventh aspect. πŸ™‚ .
  • it is sandwiched between Jupiter(Guru) the lord of Pisces ruling 11th house and the lagna(ascendant) which is ruled by Venus or Taurus sign (vrishabha rashi).
  • so, they spend well and have good fun in life . πŸ™‚ but due to Shani dev or Saturn their discretion may be less regarding Charity and expenditure of matters.
  • India Taurus lagna horoscope
    Taurus Lagna or ascendant Horoscope(kundli) India predictions example
    Taurus lagna vrishabha rashi horoscope kundli

  • now we look at the chart of India. now as India has the Taurus Lagna at various houses examples of the same .
  • Taurus lagna for India example first 1st house self/image etc predictions

  • so, for example first house deals with body or map of India. πŸ™‚ so, it says the body has good symmetry and good physical ability.
  • so, as a country India has good symmetry at west we have protruding Rajasthan and on the east we have West Bengal and the seven sisters like Arunachal Pradesh ,Assam Meghalaya etc protruding.:)
  • and, on the north we have Kashmir πŸ˜‰ and in the south we have Kanyakumari .mostly it is very symmetrical body which India .
  • also Taurus lagan or Vrishabha lagna brings in good luck :).
  • The dreams come true and good luck for this country . Plus, also the comforts are there.
  • It also gives good confidence to the country ;). we are at the top in software as well
  • Taurus lagna India example first 2nd house wealth,GDP,inflation etc predictions

  • now we look at example of 2nd Bhava for India .so it says that the person is truthful and honest, and which is 100% true . πŸ™‚
  • for India it has tried its best to fight corruption in everything. so as the governments evolve within India the focus is more towards a better democracy .
  • That also means more transparency and less black money ;)(gstin etc is a move toward it, and so was notebandi).
  • as we can see initiative by Narendra Modi ji. also, the focus is more towards better learning and earning within India. πŸ˜‰
  • This house also deals with Money position, GDP, inflation and parliamentary speech etc.
  • so, GDP would slowly and surely grow and so would inflation get in control. over all fair and fine parliamentary speech.
  • Taurus lagna India example first 3rd house of neighbours, initiative, IT or computers ,Infrastructure and travel predictions

  • Now looking at the house number 3 for India . That is the brothers and sisters for India or the Taurus people .
  • Yes we know that India has Pakistan and Afghanistan (was Gandhar desha earlier) and Bangladesh as neighbours.
    so was Burma or Myanmar a part of India.
  • This clearly suggest that as there is an aspect of Saturn on this house so yes harmony with the brother’s sisters may not be very high.
  • yes we know that India has been in conflict with Pakistan and also with China. it has had a tiff so mars as the karaka, could help it in responding to aggression against India .
  • aspect of Saturn and cancer being the 4th signs helps India to build infrastructure well as Saturn is number 8( 4x 2).
  • also this helps to build up a much better IT industry here. we know we also have the Google CEO from India.
  • Taurus lagna India example 4th house of rains, agriculture products, vehicles,, housing and construction etc predictions

  • For Taurus people 4th bhava talks about the higher instincts also revenge fullness , But due to positive impact of Jupiter(Guru) or Guru good in general for properties & lands and vehicles in India.
  • so property business would do well and so could car industry in India.
  • but sure, due to aspect of Saturn whenever Saturn is weak in transit one must take care. the same applies to agricultural products.
  • Taurus lagna (vrishabha rashi) India example of 5th house educational policy, religious institutions, and children of the country like India πŸ™‚ etc predictions

  • Now looking at the India’s fifth house or bhava. it says that it would have great children or souls and who take care of them :).
  • which is very true for India’s? as India has got some very great people as her children like sri Narendra Modi ji.
  • Or Mahatma Gandhi Ji OR sri Subhash sri Chandra Bose or even sri Jadish Chandra Bose ji.
  • Over all the people have given good intelligence being a part of India.
  • It also spells well for the educational policy of India.
  • we know had it not been the educational Policy we would not have so many IT professionally in USA and Europe and may be Australia.;) even the Microsoft head is an Indian.
  • It also talks about the religious institutions or paramaparas. that would for sure come up well.
  • Taurus lagna(vrishabha rashi) India example sixth 6th house sickness or epidemic /country debts/war related deaths/also medical and hospital industry predictions

  • no, we look at the 6th house of debts .
  • so negative negative cancels here for India :). as we had observed earlier in this article.
  • so lesser debts and diseases her;)>
  • we know that for India based on her horoscope is in less debt as compared to countries like Pakistan etc.
  • we clearly see this bhava at work for India.
    also, there is better protection for sickness and medical health coverage as compared to other countries with similar economies.
  • also protection in the matters of war is there.
  • Taurus lagna(vrishabha rashi) India example 8th house death of people, mass tensions in country, leaders as 8th house ruled by mars as a karaka, and mass deaths GOD forbid πŸ™ predictions

  • now the seventh house for India deals with the overall trade of the country and the world trade organisation and bilateral trade.
  • it also includes the relationship with neighbours .
  • the entire gamut comes under the seventh house in the horoscope and partners .
  • we have seen that show the relationship would be good but people that could be there happiness could be affected .
  • so, this is very clear That India Was in conflict with the neighbours like China and Pakistan . we did have China war and Pakistan war as well .
  • But the overall the relationship should be strong for India.
  • we know we have Pakistan as the most favoured nations and also form china we have tons of Chinese good now in Indian markets and improving day by day.
  • but there could be issues in the overall health of the relationship with neighbours which is 100% true for India.
  • Taurus lagna(vrishabha rashi) India mass deaths GOD forbid :(,mass tensions in country, leaders etc predictions

  • 8th house rules the mass deaths of people and represents the leaders of the country . It also connects to the overall tension in the country.
  • For India having Taurus ascendant as India is between two malefic.
  • It is a positive thing . so, the negative factor gets reduced for India .
  • It has good protection from God to India.
  • so is it good for wealth and status for India . πŸ™‚ also, progressively we would get better leaders in Politics .;)
  • Taurus lagna(vrishabha rashi) India example 9th house or ninth house judiciary & politicians, corruption, higher education policies and corruption predictions

  • The ninth house of India’s Horoscope(kundli) rules judiciary of India & also the politicians .
  • It also rules the overall corruption rules and Higher Education Policy. The 9th h house is very beneficial for India .
  • at the same time, we know that a slight misunderstanding within the Judiciary could be there.
  • but overall Judiciary would do well for India . πŸ™‚ so would do the end of corruption. It would but slowly get reduced.
  • as the 9th bhava for India is overall good . It is also very good for higher education.
  • we see that lot Of Higher Education institutions in India have come up like Amity University in NOIDA.
  • also Sharda university and we also have lovely Professional University like Institutions in Punjab. They give education for lacs of students.
  • Taurus lagna(vrishabha rashi) India example 10th house the economic growth, the rulership or state of the country, and stock market predictions

  • Now the tenth house of India deals with the how the country India is ruled by the state. or the governance of the country.
  • it also talks about the economic growth of the country and the stock market’s performance !
  • we know that there is a Mars or Mangal aspect as well.
    so overall it is great for India and the stock market :).
  • it will generally be positive for India. also, day by day the governance or rulership and the quality of politicians would for sure improve. πŸ˜‰
  • Now looking at the 11th house in Horoscope for India(Taurus lagna) now we see that Mars or Mangal energy is aspecting this house. 11th house is ruled by Pisces sign or Jupiter.
  • Jupiter(guru) ruling the this very clearly suggest that India good have good income and revenues, but again due to because of aspect of Mars or Mangal it may not be commensurate with the efforts done by India .
  • so given the Taurus lagna, the 12th house or bhava of India in the horoscope(kundli) this house is ruled by Aries sign so there is good action and fun in life.
  • all these things are good for India .
  • we also know that India has a rich culture πŸ™‚ so people enjoy this culture as well.
  • but due to aspect of Saturn the discretion is suggested for fun or frolic related spending for India.
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    gemini1 mithuna ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi

  • Grahas or planets and Mithuna Lagna or Gemini sign Ascendant. Mangal(Mars)(rules the sixth house of vighna, or obstacles , Guru and Surya(sun) are malefics, while Shukra(Venus) is the main propitious Grah. The Yuti or conjunction of Guru with Shani(shani) is like that for Mesh Lagna or Aries ascendant. Chandra(moon) is the prime executioner, yet it is dependent on her affiliation as moon gives results based on affliction with the planet.
  • Gemini Or Mithuna Rashi above Rules explanation

  • Moon(Chandra) is just OK as cancer sign or karkat rashi ruling the second House(Bhava).
  • Sun or surya ruling the third House(Bhava) becomes a malefic as third House(Bhava) is a malefic and Leo(simha rashi) is the mool trikona sign for Leo.
  • In the horoscope or kundli, Mercury(budha) is malefic as the mool trikona sign of Virgo(kanya) is ruling he forth House(Bhava).
  • But there is a balancing effect as Gemini(mithuna rashi) is the lord of ascendant or lagna.
  • In the horoscope or kundli, Venus(shukra) or Libra(Tula rashi) rules the kona or the fifth House(Bhava) so is a benefic and being natural benefic is very good.
  • Jupiter(guru) would give malefic effects as guru rules the seventh and the twelfth House(Bhava). With mooltrikona sign Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) ruling the seventh House(Bhava).
  • In the horoscope or kundli, As Saturn(shani) Capricorn(makar rashi) rules the eighth House(Bhava) and Aquarius(kumbha rashi) the mool trikona sign the benefic and luck creating ninth House(Bhava), Saturn is a benefic for Gemini ascendants.
  • gemini ascendant lagna good bad planets Aries Taurus Gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi
    The Gemini Lagna ascendant or Mithuna rashi predictions for each house
    First house(1st House) predictions for Gemini Lagna(ascendant) Or Mithuna Rashi people?

  • as the first house has the lordship of Mercury and mercury is a mutable planet . that is absorbs the energy of the planet wherever it is sits in the horoscope(Kundli).
    also, mercury rules the fourth was well for Gemini lagan(ascendant) or Mithuna rashi people.
  • we know that the fourth house is of education .so only these people are generally well educated .
  • Plus they do good karma as Sagittarius or Jupiter(guru) that rules justice and good deeds is lord of the 10th house.
  • so, these people generally do perform good deeds. also, we know that mercury is generally conjunct with sun . so, as sun is lord of 3 =malefic and mercury is the lagna.
  • lagna = ascendant=body so this 1x 3 house conjunction lord is not good for Gemini lagna people.
  • second house(2nd House) predictions for Gemini Lagna(ascendant) Or Mithuna Rashi people?

  • the second house has the lord ship of cancer or moon what is between the first house at ruled by mercury and the third house ruled by sun or surya.
  • this is second house ruled by moon also the aspect of Saturn from the Capricorn sign and mars to Mangal from Scorpio sign is there.
  • we see the aspect of mars and Jupiter(guru) also aspects this from Pisces sign.
  • so these people can make a negative thing positive or even false thing look like true. :)Moon gives them imagination to mix things.
  • able to change the truth and different meanings and variation .they can be good diplomats.
  • if the birth is during the waning of the moon especially during the last week. when the moon is weak .
  • It may not be good for domestic happiness as send second house rules domestic happiness. πŸ™‚
  • also Saturn and Mars are aspecting as indicated above .overall due to various planets there is a need for domestic happiness for them analysis.
  • for money matters there able to save money but only lose it more .
  • also we know that Jupiter friendly and moon are friendly planets and not against each other .
  • Third house(3rd House) predictions for Gemini Lagna(ascendant) Or Mithuna Rashi people?

  • the third house of Gemini lagna or Mithuna ascendant is ruled by the planet sun or Leo sign(simha rashi).
  • It is between the third house which is ruled by moon or cancer sign and also Mercury sign or Virgo sign or kanya rashi.
  • Moon is friends with mercury in some sense and so is also Sun. mars has a good aspect and of Jupiter form Sagittarius sign or the ninth aspect is there on this cancer sign.
  • and also we have an aspect from Saturn . but overall, the blessing of Jupiter is there.
  • sun is there so these people generally have good number of sisters but are also assertive . due to Saturn or shani aspect they may better than their brothers or sisters .
  • also this aspect could make them a bit revengeful as well .3rd house deals with small and frequent Journeys.
  • What does the 4th house of Gemini Ascendant or Mithuna Lagan people say?

  • Now we look at the 4th house of Gemini ascendant people this is Ruled by Virgo sign that in turn is ruled by Mercury and is friendly with the Gemini sign or Lagan.
  • There is an 7th aspect of Jupiter from the Pisces sign which blesses this house .
  • house is between the Leo sign ruled by Sun and seventh sign Libra .
  • Now lord of libra is Venus and is a benefic. Sun and Venus both are friends of Mercury sign the lagna.
  • so overall this could give good and respectable mother as 4th bhava is for mother.
    Also, education is blessed by Jupiter and may have a large circle of friends as well .
  • What does the 5th house for Gemini Ascendant or Mithuna Lagan people say?

  • so now we look at 5th house of the Gemini ascendant horoscope. So, this is a the libra a sign or Tula rashi. There is an78th aspect of this house the Aries sign and the Virgo sign is just ahead of it ruling the 4th house.
  • also, Saturn that rules Capricorn sign has the tenth aspect on this house. so overall Libra or Tula is friendly with Saturn or shani.
  • But Libra lord Venus is not that ok with mars for them. so, Gemini people need care for children as mars aspect Gemini people’s 5th bhava.
  • also mars being a raja karaka so they may love authority and power .Saturn or shani dev could give them lucky breaks in life ;).
  • What does the 6th house for Gemini Ascendant or Mithuna Lagan people say?

  • The 7th house is ruled by Scorpio sign . This sign is sandwiched between planet Venus(Lord of Tula) that is a benefic .also 10th aspects of Saturn for the Aquarius sign is there.
  • Plus, ninth aspect from the Pisces sign that is Jupiter or dev Guru. Also 8th aspect from Mars ruling Scorpio sign is there. 7th aspect from Taurus or Venus is there.
  • so due to Scorpio and having energies of mars and Saturn though with some blessing of Jupiter they may make a lot of enemies and have hidden Enemies.
  • The enemies can give a lot of trouble . also, mars could affect their health and they may run into debts as well.
  • be continued
    Akhilesh-oath-taking-H Gemini horoscope kundli
    Akhilesh Yadav Gemini horoscope kundli
    Do the Rules above work for Kundli Or Horoscope of Akhilesh Yadav’s oath taking chart or kundli

  • We can clearly see that when Saturn is in the sixth house of transit in 2016, there is an energy exchange of malefic bad energy of the sixth house of obstacles, enmity, and other legal issues .
  • That is with the ninth house of father(Mulayam Singh Yadav ji) as mars or Mangal was also there- which caused serious strife between Akhilesh Yadav and his father figures like his father and Mr. shiv pal Singh Yadav.
  • Now as Saturn the lord of ninth house or gains is in seventh house in 2017, and seventh house deals with relationships.
  • he formed a benefic relationship with Rahul Gandhi/congress in the elections.
    So, Saturn is a luck generating planet for Akhilesh Yadav.