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Grahas and Mesh Lagna Or Aries sign Ascendant.

aries1 ascendant lagna good bad planets aries taurus gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi

  • In the horoscope or kundli (Birth Chart) For an Aries or mesha rashi lagan, Despite the fact that Mangal (Mars) is the Lord of Randhr Bhava (The eighth house of obstacles and problems and lands), mars will be useful to propitious Grahas or planets or planets for Aries or mesha ascendant as mars is a negative and eight house is malefic so cancels out.
  • Saturn or Shani(shani) rules tenth and eleventh house or bhava of career/luck/money gains/salary and job, Budh(mercury – rules initiatives and also sixth house obstacles and problems and legal matters) and Shukra(venus)( rules second house of wealth flows and relationships and love) are malefics.
  • Propitious or good planets are Guru or Jupiter and Surya(sun). The insignificant Yuti or conjunction of Shani(shani) with Guru won’t deliver promising impacts (despite the fact that they own  a Kon(Succedent houses) and a Kendra(angular)).
  • In the event that Guru or Jupiter is at the location of a malefic, he will most likely give negative
  • Shukra(venus) is an immediate (free) executioner. Shani(shani) and so on will likewise cause passing, if related with an unfriendly Graha or planet (Shukra(venus)).

Aries Or mesha Rashi above Rules explanation
Saturn(shani) is a malefic for Aries(Mesha rashi) ascendant as Saturn(shani) and mars are in natural conflict also Saturn(shani) mooltrikona sign Aquarius(Kumbha rashi) rules the eleventh house, which is considered to be malefic so malefic.
Moon(chandra) becomes a malefic as it rules Kendra the fourth house the karkat rashi or cancer ruling and also venus becomes malefic as it rules the seventh house ruled by Libra sign or Tula rashi, so also gets affected by kandradhipati dosha.
Salman Khan Kundli Or Horoscope Check
Let us look at salman khan’s kundli or horoscope. He is an Aries(Mesha rashi) ascendant his success in action films and muscular body could be ascribed to his Aries(Mesha rashi) ascendant.
In salman khan’s kundli or horoscope, Now moon(chandra) is a malefic for him, so in 1998 chinkara poaching case when he was arrested, he was running Jupiter(guru) moon(chandra). This moon(chandra) is conjunct with malefic Saturn(shani) causing him the problems.
Also venus has been a malefic for him not allowing him to get the Mrs. right be it aishwarya rai(now bacchan), Katrina kaif or any time for that matter.

We can clearly see how classical principles fit in so accurately to salman khan’s horoscope or kundli.

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  • Grahas or planets and Vrishabh Lagna Taurus Sign

taurus1 vriasbha ascendant lagna good bad planets aries taurus gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi

  • Guru Or Jupiter(ruler of eight house(obstacles and problems), Shukra(venus) and Chandra(moon) are malefic(The ruler of third house). Shani(shani) and Surya(sun) are favourable- as both are malefic and rule the Kendra(angular)’s and benefic houses. Shani(shani) will bring about Raj Yog.As it rules the eleventh house of gains and fortune. Also rules the house of career and job.
  • Budh is to some degree foreboding as the mool triKon(Succedent houses)a sign of mercury that is the fifth The Guru aggregate (Guru, Chandra(moon) and Shukra(venus)) and Mangal(Mars) will deliver passing and issues as ruler ship of twelfth house of troubles.
    Taurus Or Vrishabha Rashi above Rules explanation
    Now as the mooltrikona sign of venus is in sixth house that is Libra, so Venus(shukra) is malefic for Taurus (Vrishbha ascendant) ascendant.
    Now mercury(budha) mooltrikona sign rules the fifth house or kona so it’s a benefic.
    Moon or chandra rules the third house(cancer sign) so it’s a malefic and its disposition depends on the planet it is in influence of.
    As sun or surya is a natural malefic ruling the fourth house or Kendra is ruled by sign Leo or simha makes it a benefic by the kendradhipati rule.
    Mars(mangal) a natural malefic and its mool trikona sign aries in twelfth house makes it a malefic.
    Jupiter(guru) is a malefic as its mool trikona sign Sagittarius or dhanu is ruling the eight houses.
    Saturn(shani) the natural malefic rules the tenth house (Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi) of Kendra- so by kendradhipati rule becomes a benefic .

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    gemini1 mithuna ascendant lagna good bad planets aries taurus gemini mesha vrishabha mithuna rashi

  • Grahas or planets and Mithun Lagna or Gemini sign  Ascendant. Mangal(Mars)(rules the sixth house of vighna, or obstacles , Guru and Surya(sun) are malefics, while Shukra(venus) is the main propitious Grah. The Yuti  or conjunction of Guru with Shani(shani) is like that for Mesh Lagna or Aries ascendant. Chandra(moon) is the prime executioner, yet it is dependent on her affiliation as moon gives results based on affliction  with the planet.

Gemini Or Mithuna Rashi above Rules explanation
Moon(Chandra) is just OK as cancer sign or karkat rashi ruling the second House(Bhava).
Sun or surya ruling the third House(Bhava) becomes a malefic as third House(Bhava) is a malefic and Leo(simha rashi) is the mool trikona sign for Leo.
In the horoscope or kundli, Mercury(budha) is malefic as the mool trikona sign of Virgo(kanya) is ruling he forth House(Bhava). But there is a balancing effect as Gemini(mithuna rashi) is the lord of ascendant or lagna.
In the horoscope or kundli, Venus(shukra) or Libra(tula rashi) rules the kona or the fifth House(Bhava) so is a benefic and being natural benefic is very good.
Jupiter(guru) would give malefic effects as guru rules the seventh and the twelfth House(Bhava). With mooltrikona sign Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) ruling the seventh House(Bhava).
In the horoscope or kundli, As Saturn(shani) Capricorn(makar rashi) rules the eighth House(Bhava) and Aquarius(kumbha rashi) the mool trikona sign the benefic and luck creating ninth House(Bhava), Saturn is a benefic for Gemini ascendants.
akhilesh-oath-taking-H gemini horoscope kundli
Akhilesh_Yadav gemini horoscope kundli
Do the Rules above work for Kundli Or Horoscope of Akhilesh yadavs oath taking chart or kundli
We can clearly see that when Saturn is in the sixth house of transit in 2016, there is an energy exchange of malefic bad energy of the sixth house of obstacles, enmity and other legal issues with the ninth house of father(mulayam singh yadav ji) as mars or mangal was also there- which caused serious strife between akhilesh yadav and his father figures like his father and Mr. shiva pal singh yadav.

Now as Saturn the lord of ninth house or gains is in seventh house in 2017, and seventh house deals with relationships- he formed a benefic relationship with rahul Gandhi/congress in the elections.
So Saturn is a luck generating planet for akhilesh yadav.

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