Kundli & Horoscope(Birth Chart) 2017 saturn dhiayya of Sasikala AIADMK leader Tamil Nadu- Career & Job & Political Life Analyzed

sasikala Kundli 2017  saturn dhaiyya Horoscope(Birth Chart)   Sasikala AIADMK leader Tamil Nadu- Career  Job  Political Life Analyzed

Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart)  of Sasikala AIADMK leader Tamil Nadi- Career & Job & Political Life Analyzed


Presently tune in to the impacts or effects , emerging out of lordships of Grahas over Bhavas.

Nature because of Lordships of Grahas or planets.

  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),Benefics(like Jupiter/Venus or mercury OR Guru/Shukra/Budha), owning Kendras(The fourth /seventh or the tenth house), won’t give benefic impacts, while malefic(Like Saturn/mars or shani or mangal), owning Kendras, won’t stay unfavorable. So the ownership of kendras should be by the malefic , else benefics can give some negative results. Though not all.
  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),The Lord of a Kona or angles( the fifth house/ninth house or the first house or bhava) will give propitious outcomes.
  • The Lord of Lagna as it has all the positive energy and is the kona house ( angular house or bhava) is uniquely promising, as Lagn is a Kendra or core house( lagan could be treated as Kendra or Kona is angular house as well), and in addition a Kona(that is angular house).
  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),The Putra( the fifth house or bhava) and Dharma( The ninth house) Bhava are extraordinarily for riches, while the Yuvati bhava or house(seventh house –of love/relationships/job & marriage) and Karma Bhava( the tenth house of career and job) are exceptionally for satisfaction.
  • Any Graha or planet, owning Sahaj(The third house of initiatives ,business, brothers and sisters), Ari bhava(sixth house of obstacles and bad health), or Labh Bhava( of eleventh house of gains), will give underhanded impacts- or problems.
  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),The impacts, because of the Lords of Vyaya bhava( the twelfth house or bhava for expenditure and losses) and Randhr Bhava( the eight house of obstacles and problems), will rely on upon their affiliation or houses or lords.
  • In each gathering the criticalness will be in the climbing request. Randhr’s Lord or eighth house lord is not promising, as he claims the twelfth from Dharma Bhava.
  • In the event that the Lord of Randhr Bhava(The eight house or bhava of obstacles and lands deals) at the same time possesses Sahaj, Yuvati(the seventh house of love/relationships/job & marriage), or Labh Bhava, the house  will demonstrate particularly hurtful, while his concurrent lordship  for Kona or angular house will give favorable impacts. But this could give mixed results.
  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),The Graha or planet, owning a key  Bhava or houses, will slow down the impacts, because of another, owning a less noteworthy Bhava or house and will give his own particular outcomes.
  • Randhr’s or eight house lordship of surya or sun and Chandra or moon is not malevolent.
  • Characteristic Benefics and Malefics.
  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart), Guru or Jupiter and shukra/venus are benefics, while Chandra or moon is fair in benefice and Budha is impartial (a benefic, when related with a benefic and a malefic, when identified with a malefic- it takes the colour of the situation).
  • Malefic planets are surya or sun, shani or Saturn and Mangal/mars. Full Chandra(moon), Budh, Guru and Shukra(venus) are more grounded in the rising request. Powerless Chandra(moon), Surya(sun), Shani(shani) and Mangal are more grounded (in malefic air) in the rising request. In uncovering perniciousness, because of ruler ship of Kendras, Chandra(moon), Budh, Guru and Shukra(venus) are huge in the ascending order.
  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),Lordships of Kendras( central or core houses First/fourth/seventh/tenth) and Konas(angular Houses like first/fifth and ninth).
  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),On the off chance that there be a exchange between a Lord of a Kendra and a Lord of a Kona(angular House), or, if a Lord of a Kendra is in yuti(combination or conjunction)with a Lord of a Kona( angular house –like first/fifth/ninth) in a Kendra, or in a Kona, or, if a Lord of a Kona is in a Kendra(first/fourth/ninth/seventh), or the other way around, or, if there happens to be a full Drishti between a Lord of a Kendra(first/fourth/ninth/seventh) and a Lord of a Kona, they cause a Yoga or a combination. One conceived in such a Yoga or combination of planets will turn into a ruler and be renowned. The kendras are strong in energy and so is the kona or angular houses, the conjunction or aspect helps in creating energy for a kingly life.
  • In the event that one and the same Graha or planet gets the lordships of a Kona(angular houses like first/fifth and ninth), and also a Kendra( central houses like first/fourth and tenth), or, if a Graha or planet is in a Kendra, or in a Kona, it will demonstrate uncommonly a Yog Karak. Two highly benefic energies are coming to forth


  • In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart),Lordship of Kendra. It has been stated, that a malefic, owning a Kendra, will get to be distinctly propitious, which is valid, just when it all the while Lords over a Kona house(angular houses like first/fifth and ninth) and not by simply owning a Kendra. So malefic will remain a malefic mostly.
  • In the event that the Lords of a Kendra, or a Kon possess all the while a negative  Bhava, he doesn’t bring about a Raj Yog by insignificant relations stipulated . Like say for simha lagan(Leo) Saturn rules the sixth and seventh house both so is not a raja yoga karaka.
  • Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu give transcendently the impacts, as due to their yuti or conjunction with a Bhava Lord, or, as due to the Bhava they involve. The absorb the energy of the planet or house they connect to.
  • In the event that Rahu or potentially Ketu are in Kendra(Kendra houses like first/fourth and seventh & tenth), accepting a Drishti or an aspect from, or in relationship with the Lord of a Kona(angular houses like first/fifth and ninth), or of a Kendra, it will get to be Yog Karak. The bare essence  is rahu is absorbing good energy from the angular house or Kendra plus being seated in Kendra it gets benefic energy.

Sasikala-2017  Kundli  Horoscope(Birth Chart)   Sasikala AIADMK leader Tamil Nadu- Career  Job  Political Life Analyzed

Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) 2017 saturn dhaiyaa  of Sasikala AIADMK leader Tamil Nadi- Career & Job & Political Life Analyzed

Sasikala Natarajan

Date of Birth: 29th January, 1956

Place of Birth: Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, India

  • In the Kundli Or Horoscope (birth Chart) of sasikala Ji the chief of AIADMK,Now to evaluate the Career & Job and political success let us check the strength and placement of sun or surya.
  • The strength and placement of the tenth house lord, the seventh house lord and yes the eleventh house lord as it deals with gains and salary or m money flows
  • In the Kundli Or Horoscope (birth Chart) of sasikala Ji Sun is strong in Kendra, gets good but retro gate energy from Jupiter or guru and also moon or Chandra in her eighth house.
  • Sun sits in the first house a Kendra, as per classics is not a malefic, aspect her seventh house of relationships and job. Also sun gives sudden results due to ruler ship of the eight house.
  • We know she had good gains in position(she was a AIADMK chief and a chief minstertrial candidate)- she came into limelight but lost it as well suddenly as sun functions as a malefic as well apart from being lord of eight house a malefic house.
  • In the Kundli Or Horoscope (birth Chart) of sasikala Ji ,Sun gets good energy from the lord of ninth or luck and also absorbs malefic energy from he sixth house lord the mercury or budha- suggesting many enemies to her image.
  • In the Kundli Or Horoscope (birth Chart) of sasikala Ji ,Moon the seventh house lord of relationships is in eight house- rules her husband and also suggest cross connection between her job or Career & Job and her husband- she was infact removed from AIADMK one time due to this.
  • Jupiter the lord of twelfth house could cause more distress to her in Career & Job. So any kind of deviation from the right path could cause issues.
  • In the Kundli Or Horoscope (birth Chart) of sasikala Ji ,The lord of carer or job is venus ins the second house of wealth and also mouth or face. Venus rules beauty & arts – so we know she ran video parlour as well.
  • Aspect of mars or mangal the lord of eight sign on the planet venus/shukra could give her gains by action or government as mangal rules government. But losses also due to government as mars are ruling the eight sign here.
  • In the Kundli Or Horoscope (birth Chart) of sasikala Ji ,A retrogate Jupiter aspects or has a drishti on her venus from the sight house along with moon. So she might have close connections with assets or lands. Infact the case of disproportionate assets has been field on her.
  • In the Kundli Or Horoscope (birth Chart) of sasikala Ji ,Venus sitting on an airy or vayu tatwa sign gives wavering in Career & Job- she changes Career & Job’s many times. Also gives a specialized Career & Job as well- she went into politics is a clear indication of the same from a art and cinema(video parlour).
  • Note in 2017 January Saturn or shani transit(dhaiyya) the twelfth house of losses for her and aspects her career or job lord venus- thus causing her fall in position and loss of job or position.The natal saturn or shani as such is not a malefic as per her surya kundli- but absorbs malefic energy of a an aggressive rahu in Scorpio or vrishchika rashi and an malefic mars or mangal- clear cause of her down fall.Mars rules her mind and public image as well cause more grief to mind and public . Also mars and saturn are natural enemies the number 8 and number 9,image
  • We can see almost 100% accuracy of vedic astrology in ms.sasikalas horoscope.

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