Mars Transits in Capricorn–Retrograde & Ketu Predictions

mars_saturn_conjunction mars transits capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

Mars Transits in Capricorn –Retrogade & Ketu Predictions

What is  Mars for?

  • Mars or mangal is the general of the army of the 9 planets in our solar system.
  • Mars stands  for action and management and yes the sportsman spirit in any person. It motivates  the person to perform better and yes motivates a person  to be angry
  • Mars or mangal as per classical Vedic astrology texts means the planet for gains from the government or getting a position/honours or yes dreaded actions like gang wars or murder or operation/accidents in life.
  • Mars or mangal also stands for illicit love affair and illegal matters or crime – it on the extreme negative side is destructive ,restless, and cruel.
  • But could also give great self confidence, vitality and health  or also  royal honours from the state or the government if it is strong.
  • Good managers/wrestlers or people to do with sports or people who are very healthy with strong bones have a strong mars in their natal horoscope or chart.

120px-Mars_Yantra mars transits Capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

How mars connects to you  astrologically or based on Numerology or anka jyotish-predictions

  • If you are born on 9/18/27 or on Tuesday – you would have a strong influence of mars and mars in your horoscope or kundli might have a strong influence on your lagna or ascendant or be in may also influence you moon or mind some how or some key planet in your horoscope
  • You could be the most affected in this transit.
  • Also if you are born on 2/29/20 or on a Monday- due to moon energy you could be too more susceptible to any such mars transits and you may get angry or stressed or have  stomach trouble.
  • Same applies to people born on rahu periods like birth dates 4/13/22/31 or on a Saturday– as they would find themselves getting more  rash and or driving in a rash manner or into fights.
  • People with birth dates of number 1= 1/19/28 and Number 3 or Jupiter = 3/12/21/30 or on a Thursday may find themselves excessively dominating and aggressive in this transit of mars and may find themselves landing into some fights.
  • People born on number 5= mercury 5/14/23 of any month may find themselves speaking aggressively or without a second thought.
  • People born on number 6= born on 6/15/24 may find themselves becoming more passionate than usual and yes family matters may boil up.
  • People born on 7= 7/16/25 of ketu or Tuesday , may experience unexpected travel and yes fights and may need to guard in accidents.
  • People born on number 8th=8/17/26 or Saturdays , may find some agitations coming in life and also the life could be very eventful now.
  • Your over all effects would depend on your lagna /ascendant and planetary placement in your horoscope

mars-image mars transits capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

Why is Mars behaving like angry mars now?


mars-capricorn-ketu-transit mars transits Capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

  • Mars or mangal dev is ruled by number 9 and is a naturally aggressive and malefic or negative  planet in some sense. Despite  Mangal dev being exalted in the sign of Capricorn(makar rashi) at the moment- but there is  excess of energy generated by mars at this time  makes  agitated or angry and sends the same kind of energy around to the houses it impacts.
  • We know that in transit Mangal dev is exalted in makar rashi or Capricorn sign, but as Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn and has Saturn energies emitted by Capricorn sign- mars and Saturn together in itself cause conflicts and anger and fights.
  • One needs to remember Great wars have been fought at the time of mars and Saturn energy conjunction. Just like the dokhlam standoff India had with china last year 2017.
  • Also we know that ketu or the dragon’s tail is  in transit is in the sign of Capricorn or makar rashi, and as the saying goes “kujvate ketu”,that is like mars ketu is also  equally aggressive, angry  and a sharp planet adding to the aggression of the present Status of planet mars.
  • Given that Saturn or shani is  though as dispositer gives exaltation, Saturn or shani is  a dry and hard planet, so mars or mangal gets  this energy of Saturn or shani dev as well in transit.
  • Also the effects of this conjunction or transit would stay more intense as mars and ketu degrees are conjunct within 5 to 6 degrees of most effective conjunction range till august ending 2018.
  • Also note that the month July =7th is ruled by moon and is not OK with the over all impact of 2018, ruled by Saturn.
  • So the transit and conjunction effects would remain intense till august ending 2018 and would be maximum in the person from June ending and yes July 2018 when there is a maximum of mars and ketu energy exchange at almost the similar degrees of 14 degrees in the zodiac.

How this would mars transit  impact you?

  • We have already discussed some part of it in the first part of the article above with your birth dates FREE.
  • For the rest.
  • We need to judge the help or benefit or loss  of  mars or mangal for you- the things that we need is
  • i) status or health of your natal mars, includes any benefic aspects etc
  • ii)what is the present transit situation of mars or mangal- that is what kind of transit energy mars absorbs now and also how does this transit mars interact or connect with your natal chart or horoscope.
  • So over all marts impact depends on the lordship of your mars in your horoscope and also the planetary placement of mars in your horoscope in natal chart and also in transit.
  • The energy interactions are very complex and need a coordination of the natal planets and transit planets and interaction between the transit- transit planets to get to a conclusion on what would be happening now with you till November December 2018 atleast.

What do you get in the mars or mangal transit in Capricorn 2018  report?

The report covers

  • The impact of mars on your horoscope due to transit in Capricorn or makar rashi – the exaltation effects
  • Mars in Capricorn the retrogression effects
  • Mars is conjunct with ketu in the sign of Capricorn or maker rashi, the impact of the same on your life till almost end of the year 2018.
  • Suggestions on how to get best out of this period.
  • The powerful and effective remedies on how to utilize this powerful energy for your help

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