Jupiter Strength in Horoscope , Atal bihari vajpayee

Jupiter  Strength in Horoscope , Atal bihari vajpayee

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About this article on Jupiter(guru) strength Predictions – & sh. Atal bihari Vajpayee

  • This article discusses the strength and weaknesses of planet Guru or Jupiter in any kundli or horoscope based on its placement in the horoscope (sign and longitude of the planet guru or Jupiter in the chart/horoscope) any person.
  • In any horoscope or kundli ,Jupiter or guru is the planet that blesses us with grace/gain/expansion and happiness in life ,great knowledge and yes respect from others/honors for sure.
  • Also in any horoscope or kundli ,A strong Jupiter is for sure to bless the native with good education, may be a good guru and also good money.
  • A live example of respected sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji is taken here. Who had been our tenth (10th) prime minister, first for 13 days in the year 1996 and then from 1998 to 2004.
  • He also got a lot of respect and dignity even across borders in Pakistan- that could be connected to planet Jupiter
  • Sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji is A senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) political party,
  • sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji is also the first non-Indian National Congress Prime Minister to serve a full five year term in Indian politics.
  • He or atal bihari ji is currently of age ninety three  93,
  • What are the various states or avasthas of Jupiter or guru – and the corresponding Predictions?
  • 1) In any horoscope or kundli ,If planet Jupiter or guru is in the sayana avastha or state:
  • Predictions: The person has a just fair enough strength Jupiter. Also he/she may speak mildly in form of whispers. The complexion may be brown and may have cheeks t. Also enemies would trouble the person.
  • 2) Given any horoscope or kundli ,if the planet Jupiter or Guru is in the Upavesan state or avastha –:
  • Predictions: the person  may speak too much or be very proud of him or herself. There could be Jupiter due to the state or the Jupitert and also trouble due to the king. The person may have ulcers in the feet or on the face or hands.
  • The strength of planet Jupiter Guru is more towards weak.
  • 3) In any horoscope or kundli ,If the planet Jupiter is guru is in netrapani state or avastha, :
  • Predictions: the person may be afflicted by diseases, the health or money would be less and would be fond of music and with tawny in color and full of health or love.
  • In this situation the planet Jupiter is of just OK or average strength.
  • 4) In any horoscope or kundli ,if the planet Jupiter is in prakash state or avastha=
  • Predictions: the person would have virtues and also be happy. The person would visits holy places or Jupiter . he will be considered great among the people he stays and would be rich with wealth as per king kubera.
  • The strength of Jupiter is great there in this state.
  • 5) For the horoscope or kundli ,if the planet Jupiter is in the gaman state
  • Predictions: the person could be full of adventure and also would get happiness form Jupiter, also be good scholar. The Vedic learning would be there and also all kinds of health would be there.
  • The strength of Jupiter or guru is very good here.
  • 6) For any horoscope or kundli ,If the planet Jupiter or guru  is in agaman state or avastha,
  • Predictions: the health would serve well, would have good company of great women and also money would always be with the person.
  • The planet Jupiter here is well placed or strong
  • 7) In any horoscope or kundli , if the planet Jupiter or guru is in sabh state or avastha,
  • Predictions: the speech of the person would be great, the person would have great gemstones like coral and also rubies and all kinds of wealth. There  could be elephants/cars  and also horses for the person and would be supremely learned like chanakya.
  • In this state the strength of Jupiter is excellent

atal-d1 jupiter strength horoscope atal bihari vajpayee

What does Jupiter or guru in the horoscope of atal bihari Vajpayee ji say?

  • Now In any horoscope or kundli of sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji , Jupiter is in the in the second bhava of speech and also wealth and status.
  • Also Jupiter being swagrahi or own house is strong
  • His(atal bihari Vajpayee ji’s) capability to speak and attract crowds and also speak about dharma or religion(Jupiter) in  own house is not hidden from anyone.
  • In horoscope or kundli of atal bihari Vajpayee ji , Also Jupiter is combust with sun or surya nearby within  2 degrees orbit, so despite his promise of greatness/wealth and status he had to struggle a lot  to become a prime minister of India  and then work very hard to retain the same.
  • In horoscope or kundli of atal bihari Vajpayee ji ,sun or surya along with Jupiter in the second bhava does promise him greatness in career and status.
  • Mercury the karaka for wealth with Jupiter promises for sure good money and status to sri atal bihari Vajpayee ji.
  • Jupiter also rules the fifth bhava of children and deep thinking with the sign Pisces there. Now Pisces being the 12th sign or the twelfth sign gives him thinking for religion/dharma and yes after life.
  • That’s makes him to dharma or religion deeply. Jupiter or guru in the second bhava makes him talk more about dharma or religion and yes sun there means with authority.
  • In horoscope or kundli of atal bihari Vajpayee ji Mars or Mangal the lagan lord in the fifth bhava  or house gives him the fun loving nature like a child despite of age and also adds passion to his religious thinking.
  • In horoscope or kundli of atal bihari Vajpayee ji ,Sun is the lord of career and connects to the second bhava of dhanu or Sagittarius sign or rashi. This makes him grow by own effort.
  • The Scorpio or vrishchika lagna of his is also moon lagna gives him a nature  of passion and capability to go and dig deep into matters.

Currently being admitted to AIIMS (all India institute of medical sciences) delhi

  • He runs the dasha of Saturn ruling third bhava and fourth bhava and is in 12th house of bad health.
  • So heart and chest needs care and so does arms.
  • Also Saturn or shani in transit or from sade sati comes into his second bhava, that is markesh.
  • So he (sri atal behari Vajpayee ji)needs to be bit careful till July mid 2018 till Jupiter gets direct in running in its orbit.
  • We wish him a long and happy life. May GOD bless him.


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  • APPENDIX: Atal bihari vajpayee State and strength of jupiter  or guru:
  • Name: Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • Date of Birth: Thursday, December 25, 1924
  • Time of Birth: 05:45:00
  • Place of Birth: Gwalior (MP)
  • Time Zone: 5.5
  • Lagna number= vrishchika or scorpio  = 8
  • Jupiter in nakshatra number  & name = is the 19th nakshatra ruled by ketu
  • Birth nakshatra number & name = mula and number = 19
  • Jupiter navamsa  or d9 = Jupiter  is in gemini  or mithuna rashi  navamsa = 3 sign
  • Number of ghatis based on sun rise= from previous day, as day is from sunrise to sun rise=
  • Sun rise on 24 dec 1924. happens in gwalior is  7:02  AM,  so  5:45 almost till next  day sun rise = 24 hours, so around 1hour 17 minutes less than 24 hours , 22 hours and 43 minutes  from previous sun rise
  • 22 x 2.5 ghatis + 17 x 0.66 ghatis = 55+11.22 = 66.22 ghatis
  • So over all is
  • = 22 ghatis is the time of birth of atal bihari   vajpayee ji
  • Let us do this for atal bihari Vajpayee  ji’s   for his planet jupiter
  • His Jupiter  = number 5
  • So the number we have is 3(the d9 rashi number) x5(The value of the planet here= jupiter=5)x 19(nakshatra number where the given planet is) = 285= base number
  • Now add his birth moon nakshatra number to the same=19(hasta birth moon nakshatra) for atal ji 
  • Also the ghatis passed since sun rise for atal bihari vajpayee  ji is 22 ghatis
  • Also atal bihari vapayee ji lagna is scorpio  or vrishchika rashi= 8
  • Sum total for sun of atal bihari vajpayee ji = 285(base number) +18(birth moon nakshatra)+66.22(ghatis) +8(rashi anka)= 377.22/12 = 31 Remainder 5 or this is 5+2 = 7th state

 So This is a sabh state of Jupiter for sri atal behari vajpayee ji

  • It suggests a learned person who will have all good, great in speech and great money and honor.

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