Venus strength in Horoscope – Arvind kejriwal

venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwalvenus venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

Venus strength in Horoscope – arvind kejriwal

Introduction about strength of Venus:

  • Venus the planet of opulence/luxury and comfort and also vehicles/cars is the core planet to define comfort in any one’s life.
  • Venus or shukra dev is represented by number 6 and comes in conflict with planet  sun and yes malefic Saturn and mars also impact the same.
  • In the article below we elaborate various states of planet Venus or shukra and also connect and analyze the state or status of Venus for chief minister of Delhi- arvind kejriwal.
  • It tries also to make predictions for him for the year 2018

arvind kejriwal nakshatra
What does the Nakshatra of the Planet Venus(Shukra) say for Arvind Kejriwal?

  • Now for Arvind Kejriwal, the Lagna is Venus and it sits in the fourth bhava in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. It is the 11th Nakshatra that gives him different inspiration and way of thinking and doing things . also we have to note that Phalguni Nakshatra is ruled by planet Venus as the nakshatra lord.
  • So this Venus in Venus nakshatra gives comfort & luxury to Arvind Kejriwal. so it is a form of raj yoga which Kejriwal enjoys and it is also one of the causative factors of his seat in Delhi. Now note that Venus or Shukra also rules the sixth bhava of enemies and opposition as well for him.
  • Now the sixth bhava connects to lagan as Venus rules two bhava fist ruled by Taurus or vrishabha Rashi and the sixth bhava Libra or Tula Rashi. This energy connects to his Lagna or Arvind Kejriwal Ji for lifelong. so due to his actions, he may face enmity and yes litigation as well. so also his health needs care for life with Yoga. His diabetes also needs care. as this nakshatra is ruled By Simha Rashi or Leo. his desire to do things differently and dominate people as well could be there.
  • We see most of these things are reflected a good extent in the behavior of Sri Arvind Kejriwal Ji. The nakshatra is the 11th nakshatra of inspirational and action motivates the person to plunge into action without thinking and get things done. It could also make him think too much about self or become a narcissist.
  • arvind kejriwal venus and leo lionarvind kejriwal venus and is a lionmiddle path it is there by any chance .and it is not necessary that the significations would all manifest but just indication. being 11th nakshatra makes him inspired and at a different thought plane altogether than other policies. he has also manifested very good symptoms of being intelligent and caring about India and very inquisitive about situations. also, his 1+1 double Leo in 11 and the lagna being in Leo sign help him in putting up resistance like a lion for certain things and especially corruption.
  • Venus strength and weaknesses in any horoscope or kundli  and predictions for the same

    • 1) If the planet Venus is in the sayan avastha or state in any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) .
    • Predictions : despite of strength of Venus or shukra- it could give dental diseases or tooth The person may have a short temper(be angry) and may not have much wealth. Also the person may be of loose character and may have sex with prostitutes/courtesans and also would  be of a  lustful behaviour.
    • The overall strength of Venus or shukra here in this state is weak and not
    • 2) If the planet Venus is in the Upavesan avastha or state in any kundli or horoscope(birth chart)  
    • Predictions: the person could be very rich and may have golden ornament or a lot of gold and also many gemstones or other riches with him or her. Her span could generally be happy ands would destroy his or her enemies easily. The person would get good respect from the state or the government and this trend could be ever increase sing for the person.
    • 3) if the planet Venus is in the netrapani state or avastha and is in the lagna bhava or ascendant or in the seventh house( yuvati bhava) and or in the career or job house the tenth house  in any kundli or horoscope  (birth chart) –
    • Predictions: there could be loss of wealth  or expenditure due to afflictions of the sense of sight or eyes could be impacted . So one may have many or heavy medical expenses due to this state of Venus or shukra in the birth horoscope of the person.
    • The overall strength of Venus is weak here in this state.
    • 4) If the planet Venus or shukra is in the netrapani state or avastha and is in other bhava or houses other than 1/7/10(first/seventh and tenth house) in any kundli or horoscope (birth chart) –
    • Predictions: the person may have large house.
    • The overall strength of Venus is strong here.
    • 5) if the planet Venus is in prakasha state or avastha and is in own rashi or sign , or in its exaltation sign or rashi or may be a friendly rashi in any kundli or horoscope (birth chart) –
    • Predictions : the person would have great interest in sports or be a sportsman, will be almost like the king or very rich and powerful and could be good at poetry and music.
    • The overall strength of Venus or shukra is strong here
    • 6) if the planet Venus or shukra is in the gaman state or avastha   in any kundli or horoscope  (birth chart) –
    • Predictions: the person may not have a long lived mother or the longevity of his or her  mother may be impacted. He or she may get separated from his own people and may cry for the same. Also the person may have fear from enemies.
    • The overall strength of Venus or shukra is weak here.
    • 7) if the planet Venus is in the agaman state or avastha in any kundli or horoscope (birth chart) .
    • Predictions: the person would command or have lot of money or great wealth. He or she may visit big shrines and be very positive and optimistic. he or she could contract diseases of hand and foot.
    • The over strength of Venus or shukra is average.

    arvind-d1-chart venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

    Arvind Kejriwal – the AAP leader- what role does Venus or shukra play in horoscope for  success?

    • Arvind Kejriwal is the chief minister of Delhi currently in the year 2018.
    • In the kundali or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, His Venus (Shukra) is a bit weakened in the sign of Leo or Simha Rashi in his house of public image and family the fourth house or fourth bhava.
    • Given the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal , whenever Venus or Shukra is weak in transit- he or Arvind Kejriwal may face issues in maintaining his image and law and order
    • Also Venus or Shukra In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal is at around 16 degrees, so is in the prime of youth and in Kendra house. So or the fourth house to that way it is strong. But still being in Simha Rashi or Leo sign makes it weak.
    • Venus the planet of comforts being weak impacts Arvind Kejriwal’s overall comforts and life. Yes he has had strenuous life and that’s the reason why he needs some relaxation with Yoga and naturopathy.

    What are the other planets associated with Venus or Shukra for Arvind Kejriwal? How do they impact his life?

    • In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, The other planets that sit there in the fourth bhava or house are the sun. This impacts Venus a bit but mostly makes him (Arvind Kejriwal) prone to heart and blood pressure diseases and also as sun or Surya is at 0.30 degrees- it could impact his image in public time to time.
    • Also In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, the dev guru Jupiter or guru is there close to planet Venus in the fourth bhava. That is the blessings of planets Jupiter is there, blessing and balances many of the negativities for Arvind Kejriwal as discussed above.
    • So In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal Jupiter send its  benefic energies or rays  to

           {Jupiter}  =è {sun} + {Venus} 

    jupiter-new-2017  venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal EQUALS sunset-sun-ascendant venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

    PLUS venus venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

    • Also note Jupiter is the lord of the eighth house of opposition but being benefic overall this combination gives Arvind Kejriwal a benefit, but a rebellious way of looking at matters and shares energy with Venus or Shukra.
    • Given the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal , Mercury or Budha the lord of thinking and creativity being lord of the fifth bhava helps him to become strategist of things much better than others.
    • Mercury or Budha is combust, so he may take some indiscreet actions and impact his overall comfort and public image. We know he resigned very soon the first time he became the chief minister of Delhi.
    • For the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal Mercury being in the fourth bhava and lord of the fifth bhava gives him creative intelligence to project his image in the public.
    • Given the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, As his Jupiter and mercury or Budha are in the same bhava or house, so dharma (ethics) and also mercury (quick material intelligence) helps him to do the best.

    Arvind Kejriwal 2018 predictions

    • This year could be hard for him in terms of work deliveries for Delhi.
    • He may also have health issues that he needs to be careful as Venus(Shukra) is in conflict with Saturn or Shani dev.
    • This transit of Saturn or Shani dev in his (Arvind Kejriwal’s) eighth house from his   moon or lagna is not an auspicious transit and could cause loss of wealth or position.
    • He may  need to take good care of the health of his  wife or husband and also his  kids as there is an aspect to the fifth bhava or house as well.
    • His image has to be proper and you may be indicted by the government or state. Just a possibility.
    • So overall 2018 may mean a lot of proving and delivery time for Sri Arvind Kejriwal ji and could also be hard for his heart/image and yes family.
    • He(Arvind Kejriwal) simply needs to take care and especially best care in driving and his heart at least till Jupiter or dev guru is retrograde.
    • We wish him all the best in his life and for Delhi