Jupiter strength in horoscope – nirav modi example

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About this article ?

  • It is a highly comprehensive and interesting article on Jupiter strength. It first discusses the scientific perspective of Jupiter strength in general.
  • Also additionally this article also discusses various factors that determine the strength of planet Jupiter or Guru in any horoscope. Based on principles of classical astrology
  • In the article in the latter section we discuss and alternative way to measure the impact of the strength or avastha( state or condition) of Jupiter or Guru.
  • It tells how various states or avasthas of Jupiter or Guru impact Money matters, partnerships , relationships and Job etc
  • The details of this calculations on how to astrologically calculate Jupiter or Guru strength could be looked as well in article.
  • It also later discusses about the strength of Jupiter and in connection to fugitive Nirav Modi based on Jupiter or Guru and other Vedic astrology and nadi considerations .
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    How does Jupiter get its strength ?

  • Jupiter’s magnetic field is stronger than that of earth at least 10 times.
  • The field extends almost 7 million kilometres in the direction of sun for Jupiter.
  • The field of Jupiter is almost to the orbit of Saturn in the solar system.
  • the aura of Jupiter has almost all colors of the VIBGYOR.
  • Jupiter’s internal is mostly hydrogen. The rotation of the magnetic field for Jupiter is in the same direction of Jupiter rotation.
  • The Jupiter’s magnetosphere traps and also attracts or accelerates particles.
  • There is an interaction of these particles with the largest moons of Jupiter which strongly affects their physical or chemical properties.
  • jupiter strength magnetic field
    what is the Structure of the Magnetic Field of Jupiter?

  • The magnetosphere of Jupiter is very complex.
  • there are multiple components to the magnetic field of Jupiter.
  • i) due to fluid circulation in the core of the planet as in earth we have.
  • ii)There are electrical currents in the plasma that is around planet Jupiter.
  • The magnetosphere is within the plasma of solar winds. where there is interaction with the other planets.
  • also in earth we have north pole and south pole, but for Jupiter the magnetic energies are multiple.

  • Introduction to Jupiter or Guru effects in your horoscope or kundali:
    Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli
    How is Jupiter or Guru strength calculated any horoscope or Kundli?

  • IN Vedic astrology there are many ways to measure the strength of the planet Jupiter Or Guru in the horoscope(kundli).
  • Like say if Jupiter is direct, stationery, moving fast or slow in the zodiac.
  • That determines overall strength and impact of Jupiter or Guru for any horoscope or Kundli.
  • jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Now Jupiter or Guru is strong when it is between 5 degrees to 25 degrees in any horoscope.
  • or in a friendly sign of Pisces or exalted in the cancer sign.
  • Jupiter or Guru is generally said to be not strong in the signs of Venus as of opposite quality of sattva.
  • venus jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • That is the Taurus(vrishabha rashi) and Libra(Tula rashi) .
  • Tut it is still OK as Venus(shukra) is number 6 and Jupiter = number 3 and 6=3×2 as friendly as there is a clear mathematical relationship. 🙂
  • mercury budha jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • But sure for Mercury(budha) number 5 it is ruled by Gemini(Mithuna rashi) and Virgo(Kanya rashi) here Jupiter or Guru weakened bit.
  • mars mangal jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Jupiter is also OK with mars signs as Mars(Mangal) number=9, that is 3×3 = 9 so in harmony with Aries sign & also Scorpio(Vrishchika rashi). so Jupiter would gain some strength here.
  • retrograde jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Article on how avastha of Jupiter is calculated or the calculations? Check here

  • What happens when Jupiter or Guru is retrograde?

  • Jupiter or guru in any horoscope or kundli is a master benefic planet and whenever it is retrograde.
  • This could be causing much of grief to all of us in some form or the other.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli happiness
    What are the blessings Jupiter could bring in

  • The benefic rays of Jupiter or guru could bless anyone with growth and prosperity in a specific area of life.
  • jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Jupiter strength in Horoscope Predictions
    Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli agam state

  • In any kundli or horoscope, if the planet Jupiter(guru) is in Agam state or Avastha
  • car jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    how Jupiter or Guru could give you cars, following, money and prosperity if in agama state?

  • the person may have big cars or conveyances, he or she may get honours or respect and may have a long retinue of people following him or her.
  • love jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Does the Agam state bless you with better life partner, learning’s and status?

  • Good for having wife or husband and friends and also learning’s in life as Jupiter or Guru deals with learning.

  • Could the Agam state of Jupiter or Guru make you like a high ranking official?

  • The status of the person would be like a king or a minister of the state and he or she would be fond of literature and would follow the virtuous path.
  • In the above state or avastha Jupiter or guru is said to be exceptionally strong or benefic.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli wealth money prosperity

  • If In any kundli or horoscope, the planet Jupiter or guru is in the Bhojan avastha or state
  • money wealth jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Could Bhajan avastha of Jupiter or Guru bless you with great money or well of a billionaire? 🙂

  • The person would always have good food in good hotels and restaurants also have horses or elephants .
  • and also chariots and cars or Mercedes Benz or any costly car or vehicle .
  • The goddess of wealth Lakshmi ji would always stay with the person.
  • In the above state Jupiter or guru is said to be strong enough especially for wealth matters.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli tantra

  • if In any kundli or horoscope, the planet Jupiter or guru is in the Nritya Lips state or avastha,
  • Could Nritya Lips Avastha of Jupiter mean that a person get Great respect from the state or Government and be a Tantric ?

  • The person would get royal honors and also would be wealthy and have great knowledge of dharma .
  • or the moral conduct and also Tantric practices.
  • He or she may be supreme among the learned people and be a great master of grammar.
  • In the above state Jupiter or guru is said to be strong and manifesting the learning aspects of the same.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli money wealth

  • If In any kundli or horoscope, planet Jupiter or Guru is in the kautuk state or avastha
  • How could Kautuk avastha make a person curious and also Famous as well?

  • the person may be curious by nature, there could be a lot of wealth or he may be very rich.
  • The person would have a great name and would shine like sun or surya GOD in his or her circles.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli learning degree education
    How could Kautuk avastha make a person a scholar?

  • The person is kind and happy and will have sons and good wealth and also would do good justice.
  • the person would be scholar and have great strength and also could be scholar at the king’s court.
  • education jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Could kautuk avastha of Jupiter or Guru give the person good learning’s ?

  • In the above state or avastha Jupiter or Guru is said to be strong and manifesting the learning and administrative aspect of the same
  • Jupiter strength guru horoscope kundli losses finances money wealth

  • If In any kundli or horoscope, the planet Jupiter(guru) is in the Nidra state or avastha
  • Could Nritya Lips avastha of Jupiter in any Horoscope cause one to lose wealth?

  • The person could be foolish in all his or her undertakings and may have loss of wealth or penury that cannot be cured or redeemed.
  • He or she may also not of good acts.
  • In the above state Jupiter or guru may not be in good state in fact is weak here.
  • Nirav Jupiter strength horoscope Nirav Modi
    What is the status of Jupiter or Guru in Nirav Modi Horoscope?

  • As his birth date is not available- we will use the principles of nadi Jyotish and also anka jyotish for the same. This knowledge also yields great results.
  • Chaldean system values are:
  • Numbers
    A I J Q Y = 1
    B K R = 2
    C G L S =3
    D M T=4
    H E N X=5
    U V W=6
    O Z= 7
    P F=8
    Nine Has
    No Alphabet = 9

  • The overall numbers of Nirav Modi are
  • N I R A V M O D I
  • 5 1 2 1 6=15 4 7 4 1 = 16
  • Some Numerology for Nirav Modi
  • So over all we get the number or Uranus or rahu = 15+16 = 31= 3+1 =4 rahu, this makes one get involved in under the table or dubious activities .
  • There could be unexpected and sudden problems due to money as 4= number for money.
  • His getting involved in a financial scam and getting Interpol notice is a clear indication of the rahu taking over for him and causing harm to him.
  • Also note his first name = Nirav= 15= 1+5= Venus, this promises luxury/money and comfort he or Nirav Modi had all!
  • Clearly now Jupiter is retrograde in 2018 and yes Saturn a planet close to rahu Nirav modi’s core number is also retrograde and yes rahu is in the cancer sign or karkat rashi. So over all a bad scene for Nirav modi
  • Nirav-Modi-based on-name Jupiter strength horoscope Nirav modi
    Horoscope or kundli based Jupiter evaluation for Nirav Modi

  • We could take Leo or sun as his core lagan based on his name number = 4= rahu.
  • The planet Jupiter is retrograde, so this makes his fifth bhava or Jupiter also very weak and impacts his ability to take risks. So his efforts to get political asylum may not great at least till July 2018.
  • Ketu is in lagna and has a discreet impact in his name as well- ketu making him choosy and daring in life.
  • He could not have reached this situation in life had he not been daring or in certain sense indiscreet at times.
  • By august 2018 Nirav modi .
  • whence the effects of Jupiter have come he may get some relief.
  • Slightly More relief would be there for him October 2018 onward and in the year 2019.
  • But still over all rahu effects could make him face the hard side of law and his financial troubles may continue .
  • We pray to GOD to best sense to prevail to everyone.
  • What made Nirav Modi choose diamond or jewelry as his career or profession?
    career horoscope Nirav modi

  • Now let us look at the horoscope of Mr. Nirav Modi .
  • he has a Leo or simcha lagna, Venus is ruling his 10th House(Taurus sign or vrishabha rashi). Venus or shukra dev rules diamond and jewellery.
  • Now as 10th house is the house of action for Nirav Modi ,so very clearly he would be working for diamond jewellery or some luxury related work.
  • also note that Venus is sitting in the Scorpio sign in horoscope of Nirav Modi.
  • This suggests that Venus or Diamond would make him popular .plus because Venus is sitting on the Mars sign and mars or Mangal deals with machinery.
  • Scorpio or Vrishchika rashi(ruled by mars) that means that Nirav Modi could be into cutting or some kind of industries related to luxury items or diamond .
  • so we can very clearly see that what kind of energy is there in the career or job house of Nirav Modi .
  • also the Libra sign(Tula rashi) that is the third house for Nirav Modi we have very good Jupiter energies there.
  • Jupiter rules the 5th house for Nirav Modi so that very clearly suggest that he would gain a lot of money in luxury related business.
  • he had huge money that is many millions of dollars for diamond and jewelry business.
  • planets jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    now what planetary conditions could create a Fraud case and conflict with law case for Nirav Modi ?
    legal courts law horoscope Nirav modi

  • we know that Ketu(dragon’s Tail) is sitting in the lagan or ascendant for Nirav Modi to create a secretive nature.
  • now secret connects to illegal things as well.
  • also kindly note that that Saturn which rules the relationships and partnerships for Nirav Modi (6th and 7th house) is sitting in the 9th house and is very weak and debilitated.
  • 9th house jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • as we know 9th bhava or house is for Karma and Dharma.
  • Saturn or Shani dev is very weak and debilitated in Aries sign or Mesha Rashi.
  • so this overall impact the dharma or the righteous path for Nirav Modi
  • saturn jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Saturn or Shani also creates unexpected issues in the relationships for Nirav Modi .
  • Moon the mind of Nirav Modi is sitting in the Capricorn sign(makar rashi) which is not a great sign, and it makes connection to the negative people or negative events in life.
  • the lagna lord sun or surya dev is in the 2nd house.
  • so he or Nirav Modi always wants to appear to be the best in the world in wealth and status.
  • This could also motivate him to do wrong things.
  • mars mangal jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Mars or Mangal dev is sitting close to Sun or lagna of Nirav Modi.
  • so as mars are for action, he may want to do anything to gain wealth and status .
  • Plus mars gets bad energy from Saturn in the 9th house of Nirav Modi. this could give contracting in wealth and status for which is true is Lord of Modi .
  • so over all the planets gives great status and wealth to Nirav Modi and also poverty.
  • All this we can very clearly see how horoscope is collaborates with reality.

  • Appendix
    Who is Nirav Modi?

  • Nirav Modi is the founder for global diamond jeweller house
  • He is at the moment a fugitive as per CBI or central bureau of investigation of India- which is investigating a $2 billion fraud case against him in regard to banks of India.
  • The Interpol a kind if international police has issues a diffusion notice against him or Nirav Modi in the month of February 2018.
  • The main bank that has been de-frauded allegedly by Nirav Modi is Punjab national bank
  • In March of the year 2018, Nirav Modi applied for bankruptcy protection in Manhattan, New York.
  • In the year 2018 June month, is to have been seen in UK and seems has also applied for Britain’s Home Office
  • jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Also basic strength of Jupiter(guru) is tested for the alleged fugitive Mr. Nirav Modi.
  • The horoscope is uniquely evaluated based only on the name of Nirav Modi and approximate year of birth of 1970 for the first time!
  • Just based on the name a horoscope is erected and predictions are made for his personality and coming events.
  • Also based on his Numbers and Planets he or Nirav modi may find himself on the wrong side of the law or excessive trouble in coming time.
  • Including his financial and Money matters.