Planet Strength Avastha- Salman khan Sun Predictions

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About this Article

  • This article is unique and deeply investigates the Avastha or State(situation) and strength and weakness of Any planet in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • It especially looks at sun or surya in any kundli or Horoscope to see how it could impact luck, fortune, Job, relationships, and family etc .
  • The first section evaluates the basic Avastha(state or situation) strength or weakness of any planet .
  • and then sun or surya in any Horoscope of Kundli based on longitude, or malefic aspect or say placement in enemy sign or house.
  • Then this article looks at a unique and new way of looking at sun or surya strength in any Kundli or Horoscope.
  • This also gives mor subjective and detailed information regarding the results for sun in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • This is the sun or surya States or also called avasthas or condition.
  • This method goes much beyond the conventional Vedic astrology methods to measure strength of sun in any horoscope.
  • But this method goes much beyond to measure the strength of sun or surya only by longitude, placement in sign or house, aspects or exaltation and debility .
  • So this gives you a very accurate measure to know how strong sun is or surya or any planet is in Your horoscope or Kundli. You will be startled by the accuracy of the results. 🙂
  • A brief on various avasthas or states is also give as a n overview to help you measure strength by alternative methods.
  • How to calculate the avasthas has been given so that anyone could calculate the same for any kundli or horoscope and know the avastha sun is in.
  • As a sample example the various avastha of sun or surya of the Bollywood king and hero Salman Khan is given to illustrate the concept.
  • List of contents In Summary

  • 1) What are Avasthas( states or situation) or even sub avasthas or sub states of planets in any Horoscope or Kundli ?
  • 2) What are the effects of any Avasthas and sub avasthas of any planet in the horoscope or kundli for Health, wealth, Job, family, relationships etc matters?
  • 3) How to calculate the Avasthas or sates(situation) of the planets in any Horoscope or kundli
  • 4) As a PRACTICAL EXAMPLE How does the avastha or state of planet sun in Horoscope or Kundli of Salman Khan Give Him such a strong Physique and Name and fame in Bollywood?
  • avastha  state planet strength kundli horoscope sunplanet strength avastha horoscope kundli
    what are the basic 5 avasthas or States or situation(includes strength) of any planet in any Kundli or Horoscope?

    1. Baalaadhi – maturity
    2. Jagradadi – alertness
    3. Deeptaadi – status
    4. Lajjitaadi – mood (such as proud, shy etc.)
    5. Shayanaadi – condition of activity

    old maturity planet strength kundli horoscope sun
    1. Baaladhi Avastha or maturity state in any Horoscope or Kundli

  • the maturity of the planet is tested. this state exists till 6 degrees of an odd sign.
  • so, if a planet is in that range it becomes like a child and holds only 25% of the effects.
  • as Sun and Mars are action-oriented planets they give good results in this state as it is in harmony with their nature) .
  • Planet Venus and Jupiter in Youth or even middle age and Saturn is considered old age planet and a is moon. Mercury is a kind of all-rounder.
  • jagratadi wakefulness planet strength kundli horoscope sun
    2. Jagratadi Avastha or state of Planet in any Horoscope or Kundli

  • This is a state of wakefulness for the planet. If a planet is in exaltation or may be the own sign it is said to be Jagrit or in the waking state.
  • The planet is practical and has all physical, mental ,emotional and spiritual factors developed.
  • There are planets that are in sleep.
  • that is deep sleep which we call “shushupti” state or called ignorance to the practical world.
  • so int his situation as practical aspect is missing the person cannot acquire material riches.
  • deeptadi avastha planet strength kundli horoscope sun
    3. Deeptaadi Avasthas or state of planet in any Horoscope or Kundli

  • This avastha tells us about the overall dignity of the planet.
  • a planet with respect to house position is seen.
  • the 4 states that correspond to this state are exaltation/planet in own house/mooltrikona and or nay friend’s house
  • e). so naturally the results ae good in dasha or also transit.
  • The highest element of sattva or purity is high as having own energy there is less of mixture,
  • But if a planet is in between like exalted but afflicted or say in a negative house or bhava. it could have a mixture of energies.
  • lajjitaadi planet strength kundli horoscope sun
    4. Lajjitaadi Avastha or satte of any PLanet in any Horoscope or Kundli

  • This is a state or avastha when planet become shy due to their placements.
  • Whenever a planet in Kundali or horoscope is conjunct with a malefic planet in the 5th house then this planet said to be in the Lajjit Avastha.
  • being in 5th bhava the planet gives good results but being with a malefic gives bad results as well.
  • predictions for Lajjit Avastha as 5th bhava deals with dharma so dharma feelings get reduced.
  • the counselling ability gets reduced.
  • as 5th house deals with children so sickness to children could be there.
  • The deep-thinking ability of the person gets impacted.
  • The focus on life is less as 5th bhava deals with longer and deeper thinking.
  • shayanaadi planet strength kundli horoscope sun
    5. Shayanaadi
    The 12 states we have been discussing in this article

    1 Shayana or sleeping Resting
    2 Upaveshana sitting on the ground
    3 Netrapani lead roles
    4 Prakashana light or illumination
    5 Gamana going or coming
    6 Agamana Coming and going
    7 Sabha means group of people who connect to think
    8 Aagama that is freely flowing
    9 Bhojana food o
    10 Nrityalipsa nritya means dance so seep into the same
    11 Kautuka curious about this in
    12 Nidra sleep

    Brief on these avasthas ?

  • These avasthas deals with our mind which changes states right from sleep to wake up to again sleep. ;).various energy levels are marked.
  • a) when in own sign
  • b) when in moola Trikona or action
  • c) when in exaltation that is fun or party.
  • avasthas planets happy avastha planets horoscope kundli sun
    The various avasthas or states of any planet are from shayan or sleeping to Nidra.

    • The set of states or avasthas are ranging from
  • Shayan
  • Upavesan
  • Netrapani
  • Prakash
  • Gaman
  • Agaman
  • Sabh
  • Agam
  • Bhojan
  • Nritya Lips
  • Kautuk
  • and Nidr
  • and cheshthas or the intent of these avasthas or states of planets.
  • planet strength kundli horoscope sun nadi planet strength kundli horoscope sun
    How is strength of sun or surya measured in any Kundli in normal Vedic astrology methods ?

  • What are the points of excess strength of weakness for Sun or Surya in any Kundli or Horoscope ?
    say we know that sun or surya is exalted in Aries sign or Mesha Rashi and is debilitated in Libra sign or vrishabha rashi.
  • calculations planet strength kundli horoscope sun What is role of longitude of Sun or Surya in any Kundli or Horoscope for suggest strength of weakness of the same ?

  • also, sun or surya is weak in degrees between 0 to 5 in any kundli or horoscope and is called the balyavastha.
  • from 5 degrees to 25 degrees it is said to be in youth :).
  • so it is generally strong if sun is found in the range of the 5 degrees to 25 degrees longitude.
  • old planet strength kundli horoscope sun
    when is e Sun or Surya called OLD 😉 in any Kundli or Horoscope ?

  • But if it is from 25 degrees to 30 degrees. It is said to be old.;) . so, it is weak in this situation.
  • avastha state planet strength kundli horoscope sun What is the avastha or state concept for Sun or Surya in any Kundli or Horoscope, which goes beyond normal strength and definitions ?

  • but Vedic astrology goes much beyond it . so, there is a concept of state or avastha
  • of sun or surya. Here in calculations based on the d9 on navamsha chart.
  • the Nakshatra and birth time in terms of Ghati calculation the avastha is found for planet sun.
  • All detailed calculations along with example of Bollywood star Salman khan with predictions based on his horoscope are given below.
  • How many avasthas or states are possible for Sun or Surya in any Kundli or Horoscope ?

  • Sun or Surya or any planet is supposed to have 12 states or avastha’s of existence. all given below.
  • Could there be sub states or sub avasthas of Sun or Surya in any Kundli or Horoscope ?

  • the Next step is to calculate the sub states or sub avasthas of sun. so, this article also gives how to calculate the sub states or avasthas for planet sun.
  • calculations avastha planets horoscope kundli sunplanets avastha planets horoscope kundli sun
    The Sub-state within the said avastha calculations

  • The sub-state in the said Avastha can be found out in the following way.
  • Multiply the figure (Sayan 1 to Nidr 12), denoted by the Avastha concerned, by the same figure
  • and increase it by the figure, denoted by the Anka value for the first syllable of the native’s personal name. Divide the product so obtained by 12.
  • The total sum that you get is divided by 12 and the remainder that you get is the avastha of the graha or planet.
  • to calculate the sub state by multiplying the number(sayan 1 to Nidra =12) , denoted by the avasthas we talk about by the same number for like sayan 1×1 and increase it by the figure denoted by anka value of first syllable of the person’s name. divide this product by 12.
  • the remainder you get must be increased by constant factor as per the planet.
  • Surya or sun 5, Chandra or moon 2, Mangal or mars 2, Budh or mercury 3, Guru or Jupiter 5, Shukra or Venus 3, Shani or Saturn 3, Rahu & (Ketu) 4.
  • The product so arrived at should be divided by 3.
  • In the process of calculation, if it happens, that the remainder is 1, it is Drishti, if 2, it is Chesht and, if 0, it is Vichesht.
  • the shayan adi are of supreme importance.
  • sun or surya is in the 7th navamsha of simha rashi or Leo sign.
  • Formulas is ={ (avastha number)X(avastha number) + (natives first personal name value)}/12 =d1 remainder
  • The remainder that you get increase by constant factor of planet = (d1 + planet factor)/3
  • The remainder gives the value
  • Agaman Avastha is known, as Gamanechch by some exponents.
  • Anka value is :
  • 1 for a, ka, cha, ? a, dha, bha and va,
  • 2 for i, kha, ja, ?ha, na, ma and sha,
  • 3 for u, ga, jha, ta, pa, ya and sa,
  • 4 for e, gha, ? a, tha, pha, ra and sa,
  • 5 for o, ca, ?ha, da, ba, la and ha.
  • Example value for Salman khan:
  • He is in the kautuk state or avastha=11, so value =11×11 + sa value for Salman=4 = 125/12 = 10 remainder 5
  • Now for 5 we have added 5= 10/3 , we get 1 remaining
  • So his sun or Salman khan’s sun or surya is in drishti sub state in his horoscope or kundli.
  • horoscope calculation avastha state planets kundli
    How to calculate the Avastha or state of the planet?

  • Also one must take note of the star or the nakshatra the planet or graha is placed in for which the avastha must be calculated.
  • The star number or the nakshatra number where the planet is located is Multiplied by the planet number – the planet number is calculated based on the sequence from Sunday to Saturday ( sun/mon/..Saturday).
  • The number thus obtained must be again multiplied by the number of navamsha or the d9 chart sign the planet is placed in.
  • Now the above number is added to the birth asterism or the ruling star or nakshatra– one occupied by moon or the
  • also add the number of ghatis of birth and number of number of rashis of lagan like simha rashi or Leo is 5
  • This figure should be divided by 12 and the remainder will indicate the corresponding Avastha of the Graha or planet.
  • So the formula for avastha = (star number where is place) X( planet number ) x( navamsha number or d9) = N1
  • So Avastha = (N1 + ghatis+ lagna count ruling star at birth count)/12, the remainder we get from 0 to 11, where 0= sayan the starting one and 11= Nidra the last in sequence
  • Salman_Khan_filmfare-capricorn horoscope kundli birth chart planetary states avasthas Salman khan sun predictions
    Salman khan horoscope kundli planetary states avasthas Salman khan sun predictions
    Example of planetary states or avasthas Salman Khan horoscope or kundli
    Salman khan birth details:
    Name: Salman Khan
    Date of Birth: Monday, December 27, 1965
    Time of Birth: 14:30:00
    Place of Birth: Indore
    Longitude: 75 E 54
    Latitude: 22 N 42
    Time Zone: 5.5

  • Let us do this for Salman khan- for his planet sun
  • His sun or surya is in mula nakshatra which is 19 number, sun as a planet number =1
  • Sun is in the cancer sign or karkat rashi in the d9 or navamsha chart- so this value =4
  • So the number we have is 4x1x 19 = 38×2 = 76
  • Now add his birth moon nakshatra number to the same=23 for Salman khan
  • Also the ghatis passed since sun rise for Salman khan till 14:30 noon is = ( 14:30 afternoon – sun rise time = 7.10 am ), so we get = 7 hours 20 minutes of difference time from sun rise and birth time for Salman khan
  • Now 24 hours = 60 ghati, so 1 hour = 60/24 = 5/2=2.5 ghati , so for Salman khan is born in terms of ghatis = 7 x 2.5 + 0.3×2.5 ghati= 17.5 +.75 = 18.25 or say ~ 18 ghatis
  • Also Salman khan’s lagna is Aries or mesha rashi= 1
  • Sum for sun of Salman khan = 76+23+18 +1= 118/12 = 9 Remainder 10 or this is 10+1 = 11th state
  • So This is a KAUTUK state of sun
  • Predictions for Salman khan for kautuk state of sun
  • As the planet sun or surya in Kautuk state or avastha, Salman khan will always be happy go lucky person- which he is indeed .
  • Sun or surya in kautak avastha or state says that- He (Salman khan) will be having with Vedic Knowledge and will perform Yagyas or oblations
  • one must realize that Salman khan has Hindu mother and two of his sisters are married to Hindus also he does follow Hindu rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi etc
  • Sun or surya in kautak avastha or state says that- Also it is said he(Salman khan) will move with the kings-
  • Salman khan is in close touch with politicians – especially he happens to know prime minster Sri narendra modi ji,
  • Sun or surya in kautak avastha or state says that- He will be afraid from enemies
  • we know he was afraid of life in jodhpur jail as well in black buck poaching case judgement in 2018.
  • Sun or surya in kautak avastha or state says that- He will be charming-faced and be endowed with knowledge of poetry-
  • there is no doubt that Mr. Salman khan is handsome, yes poetry etc we do not know. He may learn later
  • awards horoscope calculation avastha state planets kundli
    What does drishti sub state for Salman khan mean?

    • If the sub-state of the planet is of :
    • Drishti in an Avastha, the results, would be of average nature as sate in the main state
    • the effects will be full in Chesht
    • and the effects negligible in Vichesht.
    • The good and bad effects of planets can be deciphered, based on the strength and weakness of the planets or grahas.
    • In the state of exaltation the Grahas or planets give effects in an extra or significant manner, due to Avasthas or states of planets.
    • so Salman khan’s good effects would be of fair or average nature of the state of kautuk for the planet sun or surya.
    • what is the impact of Salman Khan’s sun in the 9th house of the Horoscope?

    • now we look at Salman Khan’s sun Placement in the 9th house in his Kundli or horoscope.
    • so, sun is in the ninth horoscope for Salman khan and sun is a planet of fame and so gives fame to his father Sri Nadeem khan:).
    • The great writer in the Bollywood film industry.
    • Also, Sun there in the 9th house makes a Salman khan a bit religious minded because it gives distinction in thinking Salman Khan .
    • also, Salman khan may have some basic differences with his father sri. Nadeem khan.
    • we know many times Salman khan has open comments on BJP or modi were not equally relished by sri Nadeem khan.
    • Sun the vitality and prana planet here in the 9th bhava suggest that Salman khan’s father sri Salim Khan would be long lived. 🙂 yes, we know he is already above 80 years of age:)
    • Sun in the sign of strength Sagittarius or dhanu makes Salman Khan wealthy as well.
    • sun in the house of dharma and dharma sign Sagittarius there makes salman khan have big heart and helps him making donations .
    • Plus gives a great image life and good Dharma tendencies .
    • sun or surya is a planet of sattva and being in the 9th house makes a person well behaved.
    • it also suggests that some time salman khan may get married 😉 and with kids 🙂
    • More details On Sun Or Surya states or Avasthas could be looked here.Click here