Ravi Shastri Indian Cricket Coach-Uniqueness?

Ravi-Shastri (1)- indian cricket coach uniquenessRavi-Shastri

Ravi Shastri Indian cricket Coach-Uniqueness?

What are some interesting things about ravi shastri the Indian cricket team coach?

  • He was born as Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri on 27th of may 1962 in Mumbai or Bombay that time. He has been an initial cricket player and now is coaching the Indian cricket team with full gusto.
  • Ravi shastri  has played cricket between for  11 years that’s 1981 to 1991. he was basically a left hander and also a spinner and also got into all round roles into cricket.
  • he was generally an opening batsman or a middle order one and yes he is very tall over 6 foot 3 inches.
  • he was awarded champion of the champions for the world championship of cricket in the country Australia in 1985. He was good at hitting sixes in sequence
  • he has a knee injury that made him to retire from the Indian cricket and includes ranji trophy.
  • he has also done commentary for BCCI matches in which India takes part. He is also the director of the Indian cricket team till 2015 world cup was played.
  • In the year and month of July 2017 he was appointed the head coach of our Indian cricket team.

Birth details:

  • Name: Ravi Shastri
  • Date of Birth: Sunday, May 27, 1962
  • Time of Birth: 06:27:00
  • Place of Birth: Bombay
  • Longitude: 72 E 50
  • Latitude: 18 N 58
  • Time Zone: 5.5

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what made ravi shastri so tall and play such distinct Indian cricket? tall & handsome and good looks?

  • The lagan of ravi shastri is in the second bhava of wealth and status. this makes him have good wealth and status. Also as lagna lord is Venus is great for comfort as they say for shukra or Venus- he gets very good wealth and status- so playing for Indian cricket and next becoming the coach is a probable event for ravi shastri for sure.
  • no sun in lagna or ascendant gives ravi shastri a distinct and different personality. also height is a part of personality distinction. As mithuna is the second sign form lagna and it stands for height or tall height, his lagna lord Venus is placed there. so obviously he would have a good height and yes quick intelligence.
  • board shoulders come from. As he Venus ruled lagna that is Taurus and yeas as suggested the good looks and personality due come from shukra and yes surya or sun in his horoscope.
  • Venus gives him all opulence and luxury in life and yes handsome looks.

what made ravi shastri become the distinguished  coach of the Indian team?

  • One has to note that the lord of the 4th bhava sun or surya dev is on his lagna, now sun means position and image for any person and fourth house or bhava also stands for the same- this being in the lagna gives him or ravi shastri great name, fame and honour. so we know now ravi shastri is the head coach of the Indian cricket team- what else do we need in terms of Yogas for such a success in life.
  • His lord of career is blessed by being the ninth bhava or house of past life karma or purva janam punya- this is really great for him. this would take him to skies and help him do the just and ethical coaching.
  • also ravi shastri has budha aditya Yoga as mercury and sun are both in his first house or lagna giving him great distinction.
  • rahu sends energy to his house of action and makes him play rough shots- he played 6 sixes in one go , plus gives him the discipline to be the best coach. he would rebel against set norms and play the game his way.
  • Jupiter the planet of expansion is there in the tenth karma bhava giving him great scoop in career. But also as knee of ravi shastri ruled by tenth bhava and eighth bhava lord is there he or ravi shastri had recurrent knee problems.but sooner or later guru or Jupiter gives great distinction to any person and growth.

Something based on Numerology and western astrology for ravi shastri Indian cricket coach

  • also note by western astrology also ravi shastri is 27 may born so almost cusp of Gemini and Taurus that gives him good enough height plus perseverance and also on 27th = 2=&=9 = mars. people with cricket background or sports are generally born on 9 number, like virat kohli is born in November- that is rules by scorpio or mars or Mangal dev.Number 9 and Venus = number 6 of Taurus gives him great success and luxury in sports.

what are the predictions for performance of ravi shastri in the year 2018 -2019.?

  • the coming year 2019 is karmic and hard for ravi shastri, especially October 2018 onwards and yes 2019.
  • his Jupiter in transit comes into his seventh bhava or house, this could cause strong issues for his job or career matters/ unexpected obstacles and problems could come to him . also excess work and fewer results might be there. this could be more intense in April to July time frame when Jupiter is retrograde( various).
  • July 2019 onwards rahu gets into his second bhava of wealth and speech and send energy to his lagna- this again may impact his current position as an Indian cricket team coach.
  • Saturn or shani would be just OK in ravi shastri’s eighth bhava draining away the energy of his luck and karma.
  • remedies like prayer s to lord Shiva and or donation to poor would help a lot.
  • we wish him all the best and pray that all positive should happen for him.