Rahul Gandhi 2019 elections

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Rahul Gandhi 2019 elections

 About general elections in 2019 in India

  • The general elections for India are to be held in the month of April or may in 2019. In this all the parties include the left, UPA and BJP would take part. It may also include small and regional parties like AAP aam aadmi party.

Birth details Rahul gandhi

  • Date Of Birth: 19th June, 1970
  • Gemini sign= ruled by mercury western astrology
  • Time of Birth: 14: 28 ( not confirmed)
  • Place of Birth: New Delhi, India

rahul-gandhiH rahul gandhi 2019 elections

What would be the  Outcome for rahul gandhi based on Saturn or shani transit in 2019?

  • Saturn or shani dev would get retrograde(vakri) by may 2019 but would be weak at almost 27 degrees by April 2019 in the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.
  • now if Saturn is weak and rules the fourth house for rahul gandhi  it could impact his public image  as fourth bhava or house rules the same. It affects his moon in transit  so he needs to be positive and deal with situations in a constructive manner.
  • Moon rules his actions or karma bhava or the tenth house, so over all this weakness of Saturn and retrogression may not work great for rahul gandhi this time. so his party or congress coming to power or his name coming into prominence is less now.
  • for the moon sign or rashi Saturn  is ruling the second bhava and is markesh for rahul gandhi. so over all he needs to take basic good care and yes he may get some recognition as the second bhava or house lord sits in the first house based on rahul Gandhi’s moon sign or rashi.


What is the outcome for rahul gandhi based on Jupiter transit in 2019?

  • Jupiter or guru would be weak and retrograde(vakri) in April 2019 at the Sagittarius sign .It would be at almost 1 degree so very weak and devoid of strength.
  • a weak Jupiter would impact his actions and yes he may resort to some alternative methods not appreciated by BJP to defeat the BJP in the verbal campaign against the same.
  • as Jupiter rules the inititievs and opposition, he or rahul gandhi may feel not so better control over his party at this time.
  • from the moon sign or rashi fro rahul gandhi, the planet Jupiter or guru would be ruling the lagan and is in twelfth bhava. so again health needs care and he may have stressful travels in the nation or India in various states.
  • Once again Jupiter rules the fourth house or bhava of rahul gandhi so image needs care this time.
  • so over all planets may not support greatly rahul Gandhi’ at this time of April or may 2019.

what does rahu transit in July 2019  Hint for him?

  • Rahu around mid of 2019 would get into the Gemini sign or the ninth house of rahul gandhi this could impact his purva janma punya or grace and luck may not be very favourable for him.
  • also form moon the 7th bhava or house gets rahu energy   this could impact a bit on his old on the party and ye4 making  him travel a lot across the country may be campaigning more.

a look of numbers or numerology for rahul Gandhi for 2019

  • 2019 is  2+0+1+9 = 12 = 1+2=3 = Jupiter and he is Gemini or mithuna sun sign and 19 born just like his grandmother smt. indira gandhi ji( she was born 19 November.
  • he is born in Friday that is number 6
  • his birth date number =19= 1+9=10=1+0 =1 = sun. so so19 over all could give him above average results, as Venus is in harmony with Jupiter and is sun. April is a month ruled by mars and is friend of his sun and mars both, so he may get some tangible gains as per numerology.


  • so it could be a mixed situation of rahul gandhi.
  • Rahu gandhi may not be comfortable with the overall outcome of congress party in the 2019 general elections. but may be individually he may be fairly placed in the situation.
  • We wish all the party’s all the best


  • The article is written purely for research and education. Any other use of this article or interpretation or In appropriate use of the article would be the individual’s responsibility
  • We are assuming the birth data is accurate