Abhishek Bachchan flops & success-why?

Abhishek_Bachchan abhishek bachchan flops success why

Abhishek Bachchan a flops & success-why?

What are some interestings about Abhishek Bachchan?

  • Abhishek Bachchan is a film actor and was born to world famous actor amitabh Bachchan. He is also a play back singer and works for the bollywood or Bombay film industry. His mother Jaya Bachchan ji is also a great actor and now a MP or a member of the parliament.
  • He made his debut in the war film of refugee and then later many of his films failed to perform after the year 2000.He got success after 4 years in year 2004
  • Abhishek Bachchan has got appreciation for his films or movies like sarkar, and Yuva. He also got 3 consecutive filmfare awards. He also acted like dhirubhai ambani in the Mani ratanams film guru and got the best actor award.
  • Abhishek Bachchan had some good money or commercial success in films like Dus(2005), Bluff master and also Bunty or Babli in year 2005.he also did well in the films Happy New year (released in 2014) and also house full 3 in the year 2016.he also got the National film award for the family drama “paa”.

Birth details:

  • Name: Abhishek Bachan
  • Date of Birth: Thursday, February 05, 1976
  • Time of Birth: 12:00:00
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai
  • Longitude: 72 E 50
  • Latitude: 18 N 58
  • Time Zone: 5.5

abhishekb abhishek bachchan flops success why

what planetary combination or Yogas gives Abhishek Bachchan a distinction in personality?

  • The lagna lord of abhishek bachchan is mars are in the second bhava or house.This gives him good and unique status and yes personality.
  • It also hints towards being the son of well known actor amitabh Bachchan and yes having a good and firm speech like his father. Mars here gives a firm speech and venus here as the dispositer gives some sweetness.
  • Also kindly note that he is born on 5th February, that is 5= mercury this gives him good ability to communicate and speak and yes deliver dialogues in films. he is also born on a Wednesday ruled by budha or mercury this gives him very good communication skills.
  • As the malefic ketu is in first house of his , it is in the house of body could create fevers to the person so he or abhishek could be prone to fever especially in child hood.
  • But as ketu also means flag, so this could give a distinction in personality to abhishek bachchan which is there.
  • He is also very TALL around 6 foot 2 inches just like his father amitabh bachchan as mars rules the lagna and is the house of multiplicity or the second house.So along with ketu that functions just like mars.
  • so over all double mars type effect gives him a strong muscular and tall built to body structure.
  • but sure he has to be careful about boils as ketu functions as mars or Mangal that create more heat in the body.
  • he also needs to maintain reputation and mind has to be kept calm with Yoga he has lost reputation in many of his flop films and that is primarily caused by planet ketu. he has to be kept peaceful with Yoga.

what gives abhishek bachchan such a good family lineage?

  • As his Lagna Lord or ascendant is in Dhana bhava or 2nd house means gain and status to self and also luxury and comfort is there this clearly hints towards good enough family background the could have.
  • This combination also makes him gainful, also scholarly so he would be studying a Lot happy, also he may be endowed with good qualities.
  • He may also have more than one relationship as the planet of love Venus gets into the dhana bhava this is just an indication and may not be true for him.
  • As abhishek bachchan’s Lagna Lord or ascendant is in Dhana bhava or 2nd(second) house means gain and status to self.
  • As his venus is the lord of this house and is strong in Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi , so this could give good wealth and status to him .make his  Face  generally attractive
  • he has Mars in second house could make a person a bit prone to quarrel as second house rules speech and yes family as well, so he has to maintain good peace at the home front as well based on the planetary indication.
  • abhishek bachchan may also have to save more money for days when revenues flow is less as mars could impact the wealth and status of abhishek bachchan form time to time also money could be earned well by effort. he Could be good at talking with people of all strata of society.
  • As for abhishek bachchan 2nd(second) bhava is in the ninth bhava  or house, so almost 8 bhava away so ill health in young age possible( which is confirmed seems he had some health issue as a child) . All this is true as second bhava represents young age, one is skilled as eighth bhava also represents hidden skills.
  • he will due to venus or shukra  have a lot of wealth and be happy.
  • As his second lord is well fortified and 9th lord is Jupiter the karaka for money and wealth, he or abhishek bachchan will get good inheritance. which is true as amitabh bachchan has  a good legacy.
  • In general abhishek bachchan will have fair amount of domestic happiness could be there
  • he might get good amount of money but may not be able to save much .
  • abhishek bachchan could be outspoken and truthful .
  • stars clearly say that his family background might be good . also he could come up as good speakers