Serena Williams Career Horoscope

Serena Williams Career Horoscope
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About this article for Serena Williams
The article below talks at length about the causes of the success of Serena Williams.It also tells why she is able to do so well in tennis.
Also, it talks about the incident June 2019 French opens player Dominic Thiem.
What are Some interesting facts about world calls tennis player serena Williams?

  • She has not been stopping the 23-times Grand Slam singles title winner,
  • The full name of serena Williams is serena Jameka Williams. she is born on 26th of September 1981 and is a high ranking American professional tennis player. she has been ranked as 1 by the women’s tennis association.
  • The ranking of serena Williams went up or number 1 from July 8th 2002 . she has been beating the record set up by Steffi graf and Martina Navratilova.
  • serena Williams holds the maximum grand slam titles for all like double or mixed doubles .
  • serena Williams has proven herself and won on all kinds of surfaces like hard, clay and also grass in one year itself.
  • her sister Venus is also a recent player with her or serena Williams.
  • serena Williams is a unique tennis player who has won grand slams singles and titles in two different decades.
  • serena Williams has won with chris evert and won single matches at majors with 331 matches
  • she plays great with her sister Venus and has beaten the grand slam doubles. Just like martina Navratilova and pam shiver.
  • serena Williams is on the Forbes list of 100 highest paid athletes with around 27 million in money for prize and yes endorsements or advertisements of products

How unique is the Playing style of Serena Williams?

  • serena Williams is a baseline player she controls the game by her rallies and very powerful and also smooth serve and also responds to serves well. she also has forceful ground strokes from both backhand and forehand.
  • serena Williams uses open stance in backhand stroke and also her fore hand shots is powerful
  • The service speed for serena Williams is 128.6 mph or 207.0 kmph and is the third fastest in the world.

birth details serena Williams

  • Name: Serena Williams
  • Date of Birth: Saturday, September 26, 1981, trayodashi, destiny number =9= mars & Jupiter to help the masses and connect to the masses
  • Time of BirtAh: 20:28:00
  • Place of Birth: Saginaw
  • Longitude: 83 W 57
  • Latitude: 43 N 25
  • Time Zone: -4.0

serena-williams serena williams career horoscope kundali birth chart predictions tennis

What makes Serena Williams so distinct a personality based on her horoscope or birth chart?

  • The overall personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of serena William’s horoscope or kundali would be judged form the first house or tanu bhava.
  • In serena William’s horoscope or kundali As this sign of lagna for serena Williams is Aries, the sign of action and aggression this is visible in her game .
  • This sign or her house is ruled by   planet of action mars and  this mars or Mangal of serena Williams also rules the 8th(eighth house) bhava.
  • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  ,Now as we know  Mars or Mangal dev in Hindi is  an action oriented and aggressive planet this planet here gives sense of action and aggression in the person.
  • One or serena  also has to stay away from negative habits as mars gets energy form the eighth house or bhava of vices.
  • Given the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  ,AS also mars (Mangal) is  just fairer so longevity of the serena Williams is fair .
  • As also her mars are weakened in her horoscope or birth chart n due to rahu in the fourth house, the longevity could also be
  • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  ,As her mars is in the fourth house of public image and heart both and mars is a bit debilitated with rahu, the planet of masses  it gives serena Williams great and sudden image and also great surges of impulsive angers  that could be getting utilized in playing the game of lawn tennis. so her anger gets utilized well.
  • As discussed for serena Williams , In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) the first bhava or house(lagna) lord is in 4th(fourth) house or bhava, she will get happiness from parents. serena Williams May have a larger extended family.
  • She will acquire property and land especially through your maternal side. You will be rich and happy and may have multiple conveyances. all this is 100% true for the tennis player serena Williams.
  • Such combinations or Yogas in horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  Generally gives a good built that is true .
  • She Might have health problems in youth in dashas of Saturn (shani dev). You would generally put up good fight in life

What helps serena Williams do such powerful services in tennis based on her horoscope?

  • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  Rahu(dragon’s head) and mars(Mangal) sitting in the fourth house of serena Williams, this Yoga or combination of planets  generate great deal of rash anger, but it gets utilized for her in the sport of tennis in terms of serving and defending the service and other responses from the opponent.
  • Also given the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  ,she is ruled by mars and mars is a planet of action and muscle power  this also rules her back bone or lagna  so mars over all gives  serena Williams great action ability and infact mars and rahu give explosive power and action capability to serena Williams.
  • her arms strength would be judged by her third house , the lord is mercury  that is strong in Kendra that is the seventh bhava or house. so mercury that gets good energy form a strong Venus in the sign of Libra there is the source of all wealth and luxury to serena Williams. That is the promise by action and it is fulfilled by her being the Aries or mesha rashi lagna person.

What makes serena Williams do so well in career? her career horoscope or kundali?

  • Now let us look at the career, your Karma & the kind of deeds, & authority and name of serena Williams .
  • As Saturn or shani dev In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  rules her  tenth  house of career  and also rules the 11th(eleventh house) or  bhava or gains and also connected to career.
  • Just an indication that Elder brothers of serena Williams  may speak but harshly(just an indication and may not be true).
  • A weak Saturn or shani for serena Williams could mean losses due to elder sister or brother.
  • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s   As ketu or dragon’s tail is in the 10th bhava or house of serena Williams, it adds a flag or distinction to her career or job  which is 100% true and her career has been growing and fabulous.
  • This combination makes serena Williams strong and bold generally. people with such combination have to avoid negative deeds in life.
  • For the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  due to Saturn(shani) here One needs to have purity in resolves  for serena Williams in her actions and career matters. she does have 100% purity of resolve in her career that makes her so famous and successful in life and in tennis.
  • she or serena Williams generally may face obstacles in undertakings due to ketu(dragon’s tail) in the 10th bhava or house in her horoscope or birth chart. also she would be good at dealing with people.

What could be possible religious or dharma inclinations for serena Williams may be later in life?

  • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  , As ketu (dragon’s tail) is well placed for serena Williams , this will makes her serena Williams happy in career and somewhat religious  or picky about religion as ketu is for dharma.
  • she or serena Williams will read scriptures like bible and visit pilgrimages sooner or later in life.
  • ketu in the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s   is also responsible for her to have very clean and sharp shots.

What serena Williams has to take special care of?

  • For the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s , As 10th(tenth house) or  bhava or house  lord  or the career lord for serena Williams  is in 6th(sixth house ) bhava, so one may work for hospitals, judiciary or prisons or gains from legal matters .
  • as Rahu(dragon’s head) and afflicted malefic are with 10th lord, she or serena Williams has to manage well disgrace in career.
  • she also has  to avoid criminal action and take care of not getting into strong legal troubles or imprisonment GOD forbid, none of them would materialize    but just a word of caution for her better career graph.

How  would serena Williams continue winning?

  • serena Williams may have Many obstacles on the way and yes should struggle to win her way though based on the  horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  .
  • she has been fighting racism and sexual discrimination.
  • Every inch of success to be fought for serena Williams to get the best in her career . she may not get things easily. . she could also be orthodox as far as religion is concerned.
  • . she could rise to a position of eminence which is 100% true for her , but only after a lot of struggle in her career and with her actions due to Saturn.
  • we wish serena Williams all the best in her career and Life
  • dominic thiem serena williams 2019 bad personalitydominic thiem serena williams 2019 bad personality analysis horoscope

    June 2019 French opens player Dominic Thiem suggested that Serena Williams has “bad personality” . what could possibly make Serena Williams be hot-headed or strong headed based on the planetary conditions?

  • It was in news recently that in French opens Dominic Thiem accused Serena Williams of a “bad personality” . Let us now look at her horoscope(Kundali) to know the possible causes of what could have caused such behaviour at Serena Williams ended.
    Given her Horoscope – one can very clearly see that she is very Independent and dominating person and would like to have her own way. as the planet Moon is in Leo sign (Simha Rashi). Also, Serena Williams is ruled by number 9 that is independent and Fearless and dominating nature. One can look at the total of her birth date numbers at it comes to number 9= mars or Mangal. This sort of number could make anyone aggressive or impulsive at times despite having a great heart within.
  • Also the most important clue we get from the lagna of Serena Williams it is the Aries sign or Mesha Rashi. which is action oriented and a simple Aries Lord is Mars is or Mangal is sitting in the 4th house in Scorpio(vrishchika Rashi) is debilitated here.
    This 4th(fourth) house deals with public image and mind of Serena Williams. plus there is a Rahu sitting there in the 4th bhava.
    Mars Plus Rahu in 4th bhava gives the sudden access to anger and aggression .which can either make her image in the eyes of public image. plus excess anger and Rash actions could be there. so now it is clear that whatever happened in June 2019 in French opens is a natural outcome of the core personality of Serena Williams expressed at times unknowingly. yes, yoga and other remedies she can probably modify her behavior much more., we wish her all the best in life.