Chandrababu Naidu politician & 2019

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Chandrababu Naidu politician Horoscope Predictions

About This article?

  • This article in depth discusses the Horoscope or Kundali of sri Chandrababu Naidu. A politician cum one could say a Technocrat who brought IT revolution in Hyderabad.
    It discusses at length planetary Yoga’s/combinations based on Vedic Astrology on what made him so powerful, successful in Politics,software and also popular.
  • His Future predictions have also been made.
  • Birth detail & Horoscope(Kundli)  of  Chandrababu Naidu the politician?

    • Name: Chandrababu Naidu
    • Date of Birth: Friday, April 27, 1951
    • Time of Birth: 06:30:00
    • Place of Birth: Hyderabad
    • Time Zone: 5.5

    chandrababunaidu chandrababu-naidu-politician-2019chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry success leadership
    what made Chandrababu Naidu a succesful leader and also the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh?

    • He is with Aries lagna and has mars the lagna lord of Aries or mesha rashi in the lagna itself. That gives Chandrababu Naidu a great will power to do things and yes become an action Guru. this action aspect of mars has given him so much of success in bring in IT and going to the top.
    • sun the lord of deep thinking the first house or bhava is in the . sun is the lord of innovation and so he also helped the IT industry in Hyderabad grow.
    • also note he is born on month of April on date 27= 2+7=9 is mars the number of planet of action and doing something, plus born in April month this is ruled by Aries sign so over all he is all set by numerology also to achieve great things in life.
    • Sun or surya dev in Chandrababu Naidu lagna gives him proper name and fame. the lord of his tenth bhava is Saturn is in the sixth house or bhava, making him get into politics and have many enemies . he would also gains from enemies or people from opposition as the tenth bhava lord is in the sixth bhava.

    chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry
    What planetary factors  made Chandrababu Naidu Give a boost to IT?

    • also note his mercury is ruling the third house of initiative that is the Gemini/mithuna sign. this gives him great initiative in the IT or the computer sector as mercury deals with IT industry.
    • the vighna bhava or the sixth house lord also is mercury that is in lagan so that creates stress for him and yes issues due to what he may speak at times. But over all great and sweet speech as his second lord is Venus. so for Chandrababu Naidu sweet speech is a BONUS for him.

    chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry awards money status
    What gives Chandrababu Naidu opulence /wealth and yes power position?

    • his Venus is strong in the second bhava or house so this not only gives him nice speech it gives him great comfort in life as well. It is also responsible for him to win some many times the election.
    • Mars the planets of politics and also sun the planets of name fame positioned in lagna, exceptional ability work and grow in politics. And yes get good name and fame.
    • once again Venus is the planet of creativity and supports the IT or the computers boom.

    chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry 2019 predictions
    What are 2018 and 2019 predictions for  Chandrababu Naidu?

    • Chandrababu Naidu would have Jupiter the lord of his past life good luck come into his eighth bhava of unexpected obstacles and problems and yes occult. so he may get keen into spirituality and yes occult or astrology or even studying the Vedas more intensely this time in 2019.
    • this year 2018 ending and 2019 would be a time for him to re plan and re strategize matters for he will have gone deep into matters for proper success. professionally or career wise 2019 may not go as great as would have been 2018.
    • but sure his energy levels would be very high now and trying to do things. his health and heart needs proper care.
    • Saturn the lord of career in the ninth bhava in goes retrograde by April to July august time frame of 2019, so this is the time he has to be careful.
    • rahu would get into his third bhava or house by mind of 2019 and this is the time he has to take care of his actions and yes relationships matters that is to do with his party member and other or the people.
    • over all 2019 would be slightly above average .Chandrababu Naidu’s moon the lord of fourth bhava or house gets energy from Saturn in the ninth bhava, so when Saturn is retrograde we do have elections as well so Chandrababu Naidu ji ahs to be careful all about his image as well.
    • we wish him or Chandrababu Naidu all the bets for 2019.
    • who is Chandrababu Naidu?

      • Chandrababu Naidu has his full name as Nara Chandrababu Naidu. who is Chandrababu Naidu was born 20 April 1950 in the city of Hyderabad.
      • he is at the moment president of Telegu desam party and is an Indian politician. he was also the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh since the year 2014.
      • In the previous years he was the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh from the year 1994 to 2004, before creation of telengana.
      • Chandra babu Naidu has also got the award for the IT Indian of the millennium from the India Today magazine. he has also known as the business person based on economic times