Priya Prakash Varrier Legal Horoscope

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About this article?

  • This article at length discusses the life based on Kundli or Horoscope of Film actress Priyanka Prakash varrier.
  • Which planetary combinations or Yoga’s made her Join Malayalam films.
  • Which planets made her get in conflict with law or legal matters.
  • what Priyanka Prakash would do in future : )?.
  • That is, is it politics of Kerala or anything else all based on Vedic astrology Horoscope and numbers of priyanka prakash?
  • Also what priyanka needs to be extra careful about based on her planetary Yoga’s.
  • Plus what makes her a big success and what priyanka Prakash of Malayalam Films has to be careful about in her career r Job ?
  • All 100% accurate analysis and predictions. 🙂
  • Horoscope Priyanka Varrier Films Malayalam Kundli Predictions
    Birth details of Priya Prakash varrier( Malayalam film actress)

  • September 12th 1999
  • birthplace is poonkunnam
  • Thrissur in Kerala,
  • planets position Horoscope Priyanka Varrier Films Malayalam Kundli Predictions
    Planetary Position for Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress), on date of September 12th 1999 birthplace is poonkunnam Thrissur in Kerala,

    images-solar-system-planets supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier
    vijay-mallya-d1 supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

  • Planets C R Rashi Longitude Nakshatra Pada Relation
  • Ascendant Leo 13 16 43 Magha 4
  • Sun D Leo 24 57 35 Purvaphalgini 4 Own
  • Moon D Virgo 19 54 19 Hasta 3 Friendly
  • Mars D Scorpion 12 01 29 Anuradha 3 Own
  • Mercury C D Leo 27 59 53 Uttaraphalguni 1 Friendly
  • Jupiter R Aries 10 35 45 Ashvini 4 Friendly
  • Venus D Cancer 24 57 46 Ashlesha 3 Enemy
  • Saturn R Aries 23 10 22 Bharani 3 Debilitated
  • Rahu R Cancer 17 05 31 Ashlesha 1
  • Ketu R Capricorn 17 05 31 Shravana 3
  • Uranus R Capricorn 19 45 42 Shravana 3
  • Neptune R Capricorn 07 56 08 Uttarashadha 4
  • Pluto D Scorpion 13 58 26 Anuradha 4
  • Horoscope Priyanka Varrier Films Malayalam Kundli Predictions
    what makes Priya Prakash varrier of Malayalam Films a Good actress based on her Horoscope or kundali?

    characters-1018672_1920 supreme court scraps FIR  against priya prakash varrier

  • Now let us talk about the horoscope or the kundali of Priya prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress).
  • Priya Prakash varrier was born on September 12th 1999 birthplace is poonkunnam Thrissur in Kerala state of India
  • So now we simply focus on Priyanka Prakash’s( Malayalam film actress’s) to read Lagna that is the lagna or ascendant that was on that day rising at the time of sun rise or surya lagna.
  • We also base deductions based on moon lagna Priyanka Prakash’s(Malayalam actress) Rashi or Moon horoscope or kundali.
  • Now based on basic Vedic astrology principles she is a Leo or simha lagna. So she has Leo rising gives her good intelligence originality.
  • Leo or simha rashi is the 5th sign of the zodiac is rising , it has an aspect of Mercury or budha the Lord of 11th and 2nd house in the horoscope or kundali of Priya Prakash varrier.
  • That is the house in any Horoscope that deals in the horoscope with gains from friends and health and status.
  • Now the moon sign in the kundali is very good and is the sixth sign Virgo of the zodiac and this is her(Priya Prakash varrier the Malayalam actress of films ).
  • So naturally gives her good Intelligence and dexterity and arts and acting for films in Kerala.
  • Also at the same time because sun or surya in her Horoscope or Kundli is strong for her and gives Priya varrier(The Malayalam film actress) very good originality in acting .
  • Also, yes by her pure self effort and originality she will make good money & have a good status in life.
  • Now Virgo zodiac sign or Kanya rashi rules in the 2nd house as well for Priya Prakash varrier(Malayalam Film actress).
  • Note she is Virgo sign or Kanya rashi by western astrology and that is kanya rashi and also ruled by Jupiter, as she is born on 12th =1+2= 3= Jupiter. This gives her great ability to express herself well in films.
  •  Priyanka Prakash varrier Film Industry
    What planetary Yoga’s made Priyanka Prakash varrier Join Film Industry ? 🙂

  • Now let us look at exactly what Yoga’s in the Horoscope Priyanka Prakash varrier(Malayalam actress) Make her take the film career and also be so prominent in the films.
  • now if you look Priyanka Prakash’s(Malayalam Film actress’s) Chandra Lagna that is Moon placement (Chandra lagna or ascendant) it is the Capricorn sign or makar rashi.
  • Now form the same 10th House Lord is Venus or shukra in her Horoscope and it is sitting in 12th house from the Moon Lagna or ascendant in her horoscope.
  • we also note that along with sun or surya being with Venus there in her horoscope or Kundli..
  • we do have the planet of expression mercury there. so we have 2 other planets apart from Venus for Priyanka Prakash varrier.
  • That is mercury(budha) and sun as well and yes with Venus or shukra in her Horoscope.
  • Venus or shukra deals with film industry and luxury as Venus is a planet of Creativity . so Venus would give in creativity in Arts to Priyanka Prakash varrier .
  • also sun sitting very close by to Venus in Priyanka Varriers(Malayalam Film actress’s) Horoscope gives her great name and fame in the same :).
  • Note sun rules the 8th bhava for Priyanka Prakash varrier from the Moon lagna Capricorn- so that means sudden loss of fame as well for her is written.
  • so all this very clearly indicates that Priyanka Prakash varrier the Malayalam Film actress would be having unexpected Fame and infamy or not so good name as well .
  • we know recently there was a connection of her acting with honorable supreme court as well.
  • Also from moon lagna all these planets are sitting in the 12th house of her Horoscope or Kundli.
  • so all this will clearly indicates Court cases and problems for her due to her acting as Venus is her 10th house career lord there.
  • Priyanka Prakash’s secondary markesh Jupiter or Guru is sitting in the 8th house of Priyanka Prakash varrier so she may have issues in image or negative image may at times get created for her.
  • Priyanka Prakash (Malayalam Film actress) may also face directive from honorable courts or police due to her career or expression/actions as we shared Libra ruler Venus is sitting 12th house from moon rashi with 8th lord sun .
  • the Libra or Tula rashi is ruling Priyanka Prakash varrier’s 10th House.
  • so Virgo sign or Kanya rashi =6th sign( The lord of the 9th house) sits just ahead of Libra sign gives great creativity boost and family or social acceptance to Priyanka Prakash varrier.
  • IN the next bhava or the 11th bhava Saturn(shani) and Rahu(dragon’s head) are sitting next to in Scorpio sign or vrishchika rashi in her Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Rahu and Saturn both are very agitated and aggressive so which means that Priyanka Prakash varrier will also have to face a lot of flack in life or issues in life due to her actions/ career form time to time.
  •  Priyanka Prakash varrier Join Film Industry numbers numerology
    What does the Numerology or anka jyotish say about Priyanka Prakash Varrier The Malayalam Film actress? Is joining politics or anything else her next step for Priyanka Prakash varrier?

  • Now based on numerology also we see that Priyanka Prakash varrier is born on 9 September 1999.
  • she has five 9’s 🙂 in her number horoscope. The number 9 is the number of ending or completion. after 9 we have 10 .
  • which starts a new series number of numbers. 9 is also a number of completion and world. the entire world. so that very clearly means that this person(Priyanka Prakash varrier) would connect very much to the world .
  • we know 9 is a number of mars or Mangal and September born people are more philosophers or thinkers at least. yes they do have a good ability to communicate.
  • so the personality of Priyanka varrier the Malayalam Film actress would have all these qualities.
  • also the total of the numbers of the date when Priyanka Prakash varrier was born = September 9 1999 is 1 .
  • which makes her ruled by planet sun. which makes her a leader in area she will grow very fast in any area only thing she has to take care of being impulsive.
  • also in regard to speaking something which is not politically correct. driving carefully & operations.
  • so all the energy of numbers for Priyanka Prakash varrier(the Malayalam film actress) is focused on number 1= sun or surya dev the number of leadership and so number 9 = mars or Mangal dev.
  • which is the number of action and popularity .
  • which again means a person would be at the centre stage anytime.
  • Also Priyanka Prakash Varrier(Malayalam Film actress) is born on Thursday.
  • so that is also ruled planet Jupiter which means that Priyanka Prakash varrier will get blessings of Jupiter and there could be expansion, creativity with ability to speak .
  • Yes there could be the time when she joins politics later in life because 9 Energy is very strong and Jupiter a supportive. so is sun in support.
  • Venus in horoscope is sitting close to Sun which is the Planet of politics and mars(Mangal dev) is also sitting in her 10th House of career & ruling the 8th house from Capricorn or makar rashi the Chandra lagna.
  • so unexpected issues in career could be there for Priyanka Prakash varrier(Malayalam Film actress). she may lose it sudden . GOD forbid.
  • and also she has to take care of accidents because that’s where a lot of extra energy is there.
  • Priyanka Prakash varrier needs to take care of driving/accidents and operations especially in 2020 .
  • we wish Priyanka Prakash varrier all the best in life! 🙂
  • what made Priya Prakash varrier get into controversy or the legal tangle?

    330px-Nakshatras supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

    • now let us see why she got into the controversy a lot.
    • The lord of public image is mars for priya prakash varrier(Malayalam Film actress) in her horoscope, which is very strong Mars or Mangal is in Scorpio sign or vrishchika Rashi in the fourth house.
    • so yes she(Priya Prakash varrier) based on her kundali or horoscope will have a passionate and aggressive public image which is true for a hot actress like her also mass be a malefic and creates issues in the public image .
    • But as mars are strong so eventually in the horoscope of Priya Prakash varrier would come back and win, that’s what has happened.
    • Also this is true as the 4th house Lord in the kundali or horoscope of priya prakash varrier from surya lagna is Jupiter or Guru which is a benefic planet although it is weak with the Saturn that is weak in Aries sign so debilitated.
    • also now Saturn or shani dev impacts the Jupiter with energy exchange and Jupiter retrograde as well for Priya Prakash varrier in the 9 house or her horoscope .
    • So from the Moon sign in her horoscope or kundali , this is a very good indication for Priya Prakash varrier for her movies success may be in Malayalam. As in movies good expression good respect from the world is needed, which is true for an actress like also at the same time .
    • one has to also note that Saturn or shani dev that is ruling the seventh house in priya prakash varrier horoscope and the 6 house of obstacles Court cases problems for Priya Prakash varrier and this is a markesh or the killer house the seventh house here, is impacting her Jupiter .
    • Now as we know Saturn or shani dev was retrograde till around September 6 2018.
    • now almost as first week of September has started , as Saturn or Shani Dev has become truly direct it will be get direct by 6th September, but Saturn would have already started giving good effects. As coming events cast their shadow in advance.
    • so this Saturn or shani in her horoscope is getting direct in motion in transit would release the pressure on Priya Prakash varrier .
    • also, Jupiter Guru is direct now, and helps to Priya Prakash varrier public image this is confirmed by the supreme court judgment to her which absolves her of all the issues and allegations.

    what makes Priya Prakash varrier so creative and a good actress?

    jupiter-new-2017 supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier
    jupiter guru Horoscope Priyanka Varrier Films Malayalam Kundli Predictions

  • Jupiter or Guru is well known for creativity, now Jupiter lord of the 5th house of her Horoscope or Kundli creates good energy and gives very good creativity to Priya Prakash varrier.
  • We also know that she is born on 12th, that is 12= 1+2=3 =Jupiter and Virgo sign ruled by mercury both are great for expression and speaking especially needed in films.
  • Why Priya Prakash varrier got into legal problems by transit?

    rahu-transit-2015 supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

    • to let us look at why did she had the legal problems , we know legal matters is the sixth house in her horoscope doing, that is from the surya lagna .
    • Saturn or shani in transit is in the 5th bhava or house sending a lot of negative energy and legal issues.
    • This means Saturn or shani dev creates the means & basis of litigations problems obstacles & enemies, as it is in transit into the Dhanu Rashi of the Sagittarius sign in her horoscope or kundali of Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) .
    • now as this transit of Saturn happens to be her 5th house or kundali or horoscope ,and 5th house means ability to express oneself and also deals with films movies any creative expression.
    • Jupiter the lord of the 5th bhava or house has just become direct and Jupiter retrograde till last month.
    • Now as Jupiter is direct now in transit and so legal matters that are there for Priya Prakash varrier are getting directly helped for Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) .
    • we also note that as Saturn which is in transit in fifth house of Priya Prakash varrier is also getting direct soon.
    • so that is also helping Priya Prakash varrier so we know the results that Supreme Court has already absolved her of all the problems on allegations that were raised against her by certain Muslim groups in India .
    • so overall due to transit of Saturn and Jupiter now for Priya Prakash varrier balance well the negative impact of rahu(dragon’s head) sitting in her 12th house in transit .
    • Now as rahu(dragon’s head) and Venus are in the twelfth house of horoscope or kundali of priya prakash varrier and transit rahu comes over the same. so aspect on the public image is there.
    • but Jupiter or guru and Saturn getting direct has helped her case clearly.
    • we note as Jupiter and Saturn are the key players and transits are helping in the fifth house in her horoscope where Saturn is in transit and Jupiter is the dispositer.
    • On the contrary rahu(dragon’s head) spoils the fourth bhava or house of priya prakash varrier in her horoscope or kundali and impacts the blessed Venus as well , Venus also represents film industry .
    • But overall all the outcome has been good for Priya Prakash varrier as Saturn and Jupiter are both almost direct.
    • conclusion Horoscope Priyanka Varrier Films Malayalam Kundli Predictions

    • For Priya Prakash varrier was successful in the film and is also creative based on her natal chart.

      also Vedic astrology tell us exactly why court cases got filed against Priya Prakash varrier and why the court cases have been revoked.

    • Supreme court scraps FIR against Priya Prakash varrier
      What happened and Why Supreme Court Supreme Court scrapped FIR against Priya Prakash varrier (The Malayalam film actress) ?

      • Now what has happened is that the honorable supreme court of India has scrapped FIR against priya prakash varrier the Malayalam film or movie actress.
      • The FIR against priya prakash varrier was filed by Muslim groups who felt the song Mallika Malayalam movie hurt their religious sentiments.
      • But the honorable supreme Court of India on Friday 31 august 2018 quashed the FIR against Malayalam actress Priya prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) who shot into Limelight when there was a video shot of for her which went viral. the Muslim groups who filed the FIR for the song Manikya malaraya poovi thought that this song had hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims .
      • In this connection the actress Priya and film director had moved the Supreme Court challenging the criminal proceedings initiated at Telangana and Maharashtra courts against them .
      • The FIR against the director & priya prakash varrier has also been quashed a bench of chief justice Deepak Mishra and Justice DY chandrachud.
      • The bench observed that the Malayalam folk song that has been there with Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) has been in there in the public domain for 40 years, so how could the song video be termed as blasphemous.
      • also the bench observed that there was nothing to show that the Priya Prakash varrier had hurt anyone’s religious sentiments as well this song describes and yes praises appreciate the love between Prophet Muhammad sahib and his first wife that is Khadija.
      • Yes Priya Prakash varrier smile has been very captivating.
      • The sections applied against Priya Prakash varrier were sections of IPC 295 a against the actor have been removed also the section 295 a IPC that deals with deliberate and malicious acts.
      • That might be intended( as per media reports) to outrage religious feelings or any group for class of people has been removed against Priya Prakash varrier by the honorable Supreme Court.
      • The honorable court observed that the song that was there for 40 years and yes song was close to One crore strong Muslim community in India in kerala.
      • so how could that be treated as an insult to Prophet Muhammad sahib or the Muslim community?