Vijay Mallya Property & Extradition

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Vijay Mallya Property & extradition

News About Vijay mallya

  • It is said that Vijay Mallya who earlier lead the kingfisher airlines ,owes the government of India a huge amount of Rs. 9,990 crore, also the interest
  • The Enforcement Directorate of India  has seized properties  of vijay mallya and this is worth Rs. 13,500 crore .
  • Now with new law, any property seized from any fugitive( In this case Vijay mallya), the property of the offenders is gone for good. This comes under “Economic Offenders law”
  • Though vijay mallya is keen to come back has sent his feelers in past few months to test the waters it is said all his properties would be attached by the investigating agencies for vijay mallya.
  • if eventually the honourable court passes the verdict , the ownership of the seized properties will be  then transferred to the state or the government of India, which can be later used as  the money to compensate the victims.
  • Over all Vijay mallya owes 1000 crore to the government.The properties of vijay mallya seized by the  Enforcement Directorate (ED) is  worth around Rs. 13,500 crore.
  • Vijay mallya the great businessman of India of the recent past, is at the moment contesting his extradition case in London(U.K) filed by the Indian government on behalf of the CBI(central beureu of Investigation) and the ED.
  • The case for the extradition in the court would be heard next by the London court on September 12 2018.

Birth details Vijay Mallya:

  • Name: Vijay Mallya
  • Date of Birth: Sunday, December 18, 1955
  • Time of Birth: 11:30:00
  • Place of Birth: Bantwal
  • Longitude: 75 E 0
  • Latitude: 12 N 54
  • Time Zone: 5.5

 vijay-mallya-d1 vijay mallya property extradition

what does  the natal horoscope say about vijay mallya’s properties? who could he build mansions?

what is the impact  on Vijay mallya ,Based on Surya Lagna impact in regard to  Property matters?

  • Based on Vijay mallya’s surya kundali or horoscope, the property lord is Jupiter, this planet again ins benefic and expansive planet so gives great properties of and expanding property in the start at least. Jupiter or guru losses strength after 60 years in life.
  • Jupiter the lord of the fourth house of properties is placed in the most benefic houses of ninth bhava or house. This makes it great and suggests great success due to past life karma and great and big home or house.
  • Also Jupiter  in vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,is swagrahi that is own house in the ninth house, giving him great property and yes this included his business property. His property is said to be worth atleast thousands of crore.

 What is the impact for vijay mallya Based on Chandra Lagna Property matters?

  • In the vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,from the moon sign or Chandra lagna the lord of the fourth house or bhava is mars, the planet of aggression and is sitting in the tenth house of action.
  • Also note that in vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali 10th house is same as tenth sign or Capricorn of zodiac so mars is sort of exalted here. so this means he would live in passionate settings. we know he enjoyed his life with young females in creating advertisement for his kingfisher drinks.
  • In vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali , Mars or mangal  is sitting on Libra creating a great deal of sex and passion ain his action s and his family life. he is married thrice now one has to note.
  • For the vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,Saturn the karaka of property is with rahu in the twelfth bhava of vyaya or expenditure, this combination made him lose the property he earned. One can clearly see based on Vedic astrology.
  • So there are indications of gain and loss of property for the horoscope of vijay mallya.
  • But from surya lagna in vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali , Saturn  or shani dev is in eleventh bhava with rahu, so this combination also give him exceptional gains as eleventh is a house of gains- this gains could be in the form of properties. As eleventh house is house of gains and also gains from friends & well wishers.

what does the transit horoscope of Vijay mallya say about property matters and court cases?

What is the impact of Saturn transit for vijay mallya  Based on Surya Lagna Property matters?

  • If we look at his solar horoscope in the lagan or ascendant Vijay mallya has Saturn transiting. this is the middle of the sade sati cycle for Vijay mallya.
  • in vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,Saturn rules his wealth and status and yes business and initiatives the third and second houses. As Saturn is retrograde till September mind almost his severity in problems would continue, despite Jupiter the lagan lord being direct for him.
  • The transit Saturn( shani) aspects the seventh house of relationships and job/business for Vijay mallya also is transiting the lagna in retrogression so over all as it is the middle of Vijay mallya’s sade sati  it could create hell for him.
  • That we can see that he is a fighting a court case for extradition and yes his properties to be confiscated,
  • The third aspects of Saturn in the transit directly impacted his business and yes his wealth and status and also properties for sure.
  • in vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,The tenth aspect is on mercury which impacts sun and Venus. Venus is a natural ruler for properties home and comfort for any one. Also impact of sun impacts his image and yes wealth flows an health.
  • One has to note that Jupiter or guru is sitting on the Leo sign ruled by sun, so when Saturn sends malefic rays to sun, naturally Jupiter the lord of property for Vijay mallyas is seriously impacted. so loss of image and wealth/property is clearly indicated.

What is the impact of Saturn transit  Based on Chandra Lagna Property matters?

  • in vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,As from Chandra lagan , the transit is in the twelfth house or bhava. This transit of Saturn in the twelfth house from moon or rashi is not auspicious for Vijay mallya. This could cause you travel aimlessly or atleast cause worry., expenditure could be on the higher side for you.
  • As there is a malefic aspect of Saturn in the second house of wealth an status for him, also sixth bhava or house of legal matters and litigation, and also his ninth bhava of good luck and past life good karma. All gets blocked for him that is Vijay mallya in this transit of Saturn especially when Saturn is retrograde in motion till September 2018.

why is Vijay mallya facing extradition case based on his horosope?

  • Extradition is a case when someone absconding from the country is brought back to by force or by use of law of the lands to do the same. In this case Vijay mallya is in London and he is to be brought back to India by Indian authorities by use of legal system of UK and also India and the Interpol if the need be there

What is the impact on extradition of vijay mallya  Based on Surya Lagna ?

  • As based on vijay mallyas natal chart his lord of the fourth bhava Jupiter is in the ninth bhava, so he is more bound to live and stay in India. This hints towards a successful extradition.
  • As the ninth bhava also is ruled by Jupiter or Guru, India the store house of spiritual knowledge is ruled by the ninth house and yes Jupiter. this applies to some of the south American countries like Mexico etc.So a strong fourth bhava suggests extradition to the home country or oen staying in home country most of the time.
  • For the vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,yes as rahu and Saturn is  in the twelfth bhava or house of mars the house of foreign lands  he would not at all be comfortable in foreign lands and is more prone to extradition.
  • Infact he could face confinement in foreign lands due to rahu and Saturn and then later extradition back to India.
  • so there is a high chance he would come back to India as per the extradition treaty between India and UK(united kingdom).

What is the impact on extradition of vijay mallya  Based on Chandra Lagna’s?

  • From Chandra lagna also the lord of the fourth house is in the tenth house of action, this suggest Vijay mallya would be more action oriented or more staying with his business.
  • Venus the karaka for home and family is the lord of tenth house or bhava form Chandra lagna and is placed in vijay mallyas twelfth house. So this suggest he may have some stay in foreign lands, this is very clear based on the current situation that his present karma bhumi is outside of India In UK(united kingdom). But again the Damocles  sword of extradition would always be there for vijay mallya.

when  could the extradition for Vijay Mallya actually happen?

  • Based on vijay mallyas surya lagna horoscope or kundali. As after October nov 2018
  • He or vijay mallya may have to stay away from his kids & family . he also could have to face excess expenditure in travel.
  • There could be excess and useless expenditure for Him . His or vijay mallyas trustworthy people may not support him now. He has to take proper care of health. he also  needs to ensure that he follows ethics & dharma  for success. he has  to avoid giving sermons instead you should follow the righteous path.


  • in vijay mallya’s horoscope or kundali ,Based on moon lagan he may have some gains in wealth and his properties some of it may be given back to him. also Saturn is markesh fro him ruling the second bhava or house of the horoscope, so his health needs a great care.
  • He could face court cases and a lot of arguments in this time. His personal and family life may have strong issues.
  • also rahu gets into Gemini his sixth house form moon and seventh house from surya lagna.
  • There could also be gains from his or vijay mallays friends and other people. As rahu aspects your mind the first house, there could be increase in pitta and vata ( gas) in the body to create slight mental stress. Mind could be slightly stressed. so significant increase in family responsibilities and yes possibility of extradition for vijay mallya is there.
  • Infact by April 2019 Jupiter would get retrograde this is his twelfth lord, so would impact his stay in foreign lands and over all comfort.
  • But yes by may and June 2019 stage would be set for him to get back to India. Infact June ending and July could be very hard for him. After august his health and strong family issues may come in, though he may get some discrete help form the state or the government


  • Yes, extradition for vijay mallya is possible in the coming year 2019 after April month when Jupiter and Saturn both get retrograde. There are indications that he may get helps form the government as well in 2019 after august that is interesting. That means some change in the power centres in Delhi.
  • Vijay mallya’s situation would be spoilt mostly after April 2019 as Jupiter and Saturn both get into retrograde motion.

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