Mark Zuckerberg 2016 Horoscope Predictions & FACEBOOK = mercury-mercury-mercury-mercury effect!!!

About This article ?

  • This article is very interesting & rare analysis about Ancient influence of science of Numbers(Numerology) and planets( Astrology) on the life of Mark Zuckerberg who is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook.
  • It looks at what planetary and number combinations (numerology) gave Mark Zuckerberg Net worth: 35.7 billion USD or more. .
  • The article also looks at what numbers or planets in Mark Zuckerberg’s Horoscope made him achieve so much at such a young age! .
  • Also, what is the role of key planets of communication and wealth , mercury ad Venus for Mark Zuckerberg for him to be able to create a large organization like Facebook is also discussed at length. .
  • Zuckerberg
    Birth Details & Horoscope:
    Born: May 14, 1984 (age 31),>White Plains, New York, United States
  • Place of Birth:- Dobbs Ferry, (NY) , USA
  • Time of Birth :- 14.39 P.M.
  • Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Predictions About Him(Mark Zuckerberg ) based On Birth Chart or Horoscope

  • We know he developed the topmost social media site- FACEBOOK. Now what are social media sites for ? COMMUNICATIONS!
  • Yes- simply we connect to FACEBOOK as we want to communicate to our friends and folks around. We know planet mercury(number 5) rules Communication.
  • Let us look at his Birth chart analysis.

  • teleco Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Born on 14th so Birth Number = 1+4= 5 = Mercury! The planet of communication
  • Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Month= May= 5th Month = 5 is again Mercury!
  • life goal sucess Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Total destiny Number = 14+ 5(may) + 1+9+8+4(22) = 5+5+22= 32 = 3+2=5 = Mercury!!! Wow- what a coincidence , we have 3 5’s in sequence( birth number, month number and total destiny number).
  • love  interest Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    His Heart Number of Motivation Number = Sum of Vowels = 1(A) + 3(U)+5(E)+5(E) = 1+3+5+5=14= 1+4=5= Mercury again!!! He wants to explore the world and especially communication.
  • mercury budha Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    All makes it high energy 5-5-5-5 = mercury-mercury-mercury-mercury!!!!= ALL needed to make Him the KING of COMMUNICATIONS!!!
  • numerology numbers Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    We know all the above Forecast about him based on Analysis of his Horoscope is true. Additionally.

  • venus shukra Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Full name Number = Mark Elliot Zuckerberg = 69= 15/6= Venus. His sun sign is also Taurus= ruled by Venus. So over all makes him ruled by Venus(shukra in Vedic astrology), this VENUS gives him the FAMILY or the SOCIAL Connection that FACEBOOK has done.
  • venus Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebookPLUS mercury Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    So he is a combination of MERCURY(Majorly) + VENUS. VENUS you know makes one look very handsome! Venus gives him determination to solve problems at the level of heart.
  • Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Facebook we know is to do with communications– but is essentially a FAMILY/FRIENDS and majorly PERSONAL affair.
  • career job Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    The strong intensity of planets and numbers makes him the CEO of words topmost social media site= Facebook. This could be easily forecasted based on his numbers and planetary intensity.
  • planets Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg Horoscope Vedic Astrology Perspective

  • Based on transits, Jupiter is in 1st house and aspects 5th,7 and 9th for year 2016. It gives his retro gate Jupiter strength( India being connected to eastern cultures and 9th house= ruled by Jupiter), suggests that the Zuckerberg would connect to Countries with ancient cultures. It could be south America Brazil as well.
  • Transits of Saturn over his natal Ketu and rahu axis- could create opposition and new changes both in public life and professionally.
  • Transiting Saturn when transits his natal sun in 10th house could cause trouble(includes health trouble) to image of mark and or the company face book.
  • What is the role of mercury or Venus for the Horoscope or Kundli of Mark Zuckerberg from a Vedic Astrology Perspective
    mercury budha Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook

  • For Mark Zuckerberg Mercury or budha the planet or education and intelligence is in the 9th bhava .
  • This gives Mark Zuckerberg good education in the sense not the formal education;) but his learning of technical and management skills to build a large organization like Facebook!
  • Mercury deals with communication and money and e being in the 9th house gives good wealth to him. He or Mark Zuckerberg could become a good scholar. Yes, in fact he is :).
  • Building a large product and managing a large product life Facebook does need one to become a scholar in any areas .;).
  • Yes this also suggests that Mark Zuckerberg will get interested in philosophy and metaphysics and occult and or your religious books(yes he was in neem karoli baba’s ashram). Mark Zuckerberg will have a scientific mind.
  • venus Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook

  • As the planet Venus for Mark Zuckerberg is in the 9th bhava for has kundli or horoscope. Now both the 9th bhava and Venus or shukra are benefic.
  • so a person like Mark Zuckerberg is born fortunate and would wealth/learning and sukha or happiness from kids.
  • Generally there are all kinds of happiness in life for Mark Zuckerberg ;).
  • predictions 2016 Mark Zuckerberg horoscope kundli facebook
    Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook 2016 Horoscope predictions

  • His personal year is 14+5+2016 = 5+5+9= 19= 10=1 = SUN.
  • So a new starting for him! Lots of new features in face book could be expected to be added.
  • Facebook will get more popular and so would he.
  • Lot of growth(hiring) and new opportunities would be there.
  • New initiatives could be there- he is taking keen interest in India now we know.
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