Yogas or Planetary Combinations for Career-Job & Position in Kundli -Horoscope : Akhilesh Yadav 2017 & beyond predictions unveiled!

Akhilesh_Yadav kundli horoscope  yogas planetary combinations for career job position power akhilesh yadav 2017 beyond predictions unveiled

Yogas or Planetary Combinations for Career-Job & Position & Power : Akhilesh Yadav 2017 & beyond predictions unveiled!

What is the  Relevance of Career & Raja Yogas?
In modern times when most of the government are secular in nature or democratic, raj yoga or a kings Yoga could also mean CEO of a company and entrepreneur or a political leader. Yoga is simply a planetary energy combination that supports your endeavours in career or leadership. Keep this in mind we have analyzed various career related yogas or planetary combinations and also raja Yogas- plus tried to connect them to akhilesh yadav, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, who lost in 2017 elections.

Career is generally looked into the lord of your tenth house or bhava and the tenth bhava plus influences coming into the same. Also sun or surya strength tells you how well you could do in career or leadership. Plus various good houses like ninth house and fifth house give good energies to your career lord and house.

  • What is Kahal Yoga?(What do you gain from this Yoga?: Yoga for being an army chief, CEO or head of the company, Good Image and Good Guts). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart if the Bandhu’s Lord(The fourth house lord) and Guru or Jupiter be in shared Kendra’s(The fourth /tenth or seventh house), while Lagn’s or ascendant Lord is strong, Kahal Yoga happens. On the other hand Bandhu’s Lord, being in his own sign, or exaltation  rashi or sign (Like Jupiter is exalted in cancer, Venus in Pisces, sun in Aries, mercury in Virgo, Moon in Taurus ,Saturn in Libra etc), ought to be yuti(Conjunction) with Karma’s Lord or the tenth lord. In actuality the person will be fiery, gutsy, beguiling, enriched with an entire Army, comprising of chariots, elephants, stallions and infantry and he will Lord over a couple of towns. The reason is here the lord of career and job and action  gets very good energy from the benefic Jupiter plus the lagna is strong so ensure gains and also the fourth house lord of home/public image strong- makes him strong, full of guts along with fan fare.
  • What is Mridang Yoga?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: The raja Yoga or planetary combination of a king). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),On the off chance that Lagn’s (ascendant) Lord is strong and others involve Kendra’s(the fourth/seventh and tenth house), Konas(the fifth/first and ninth house), possess Bhavas, or exalted rashis, Mridang Yoga is framed. The person  concerned will be a lord, or equivalent to a ruler and be glad. As the ascendant is strong and all the planets are strong or exalted- so the person is mostly blessed.
  • What is Kurma Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: The Yoga for fearlessness/Boldness and leadership). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),On the off chance that Putr(Fifth house), Ari(sixth house) and Yuvati (seventh house)Bhava are possessed by benefic Grahas or planets(Venus/Jupiter and benefic mercury)indistinguishable with own Bhava or house, or exalted, or well disposed rashi or sign, while malefic are in Sahaj(The third house of initiative and siblings), Labha(The eleventh house of gains) and Tanu Bhava(The first house of horoscope), in own Bhava or house, or in exalted, Kurm Yoga is framed. The after effects of Kurm Yoga are: the local will be a lord. be bold, ethical, well known, accommodating, and upbeat. He will be a pioneer of men.
  • As the house of initiative third and the house of gains eleventh and house of self first is involved- so malefic here( eleventh and third house are negative bhavas), makes them positive giving good action and gains to the person. It makes him or her bold and ethical.
  • What is Kusum Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli or Horoscope?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: Yoga for happiness and becoming a king like person or raja yoga). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),Shukra(Venus) in a Kendra(Firth/fourth/seventh or tenth house), Chandra(Moon) in a Kona or trines(fifth or ninth house) alongside a benefic and shani(Saturn) in Karma Bhava(tenth house of action/job and career): these Grahas accordingly cause Kusum Yoga for one conceived in a Fixed rashi or sign ascending( Taurus,Leo,scorpio,Aquarius or vrishabha/simha/vrishchika and Kumbha).
  • Such a person will be a ruler or a king, or equivalent to him, be magnanimous, will appreciate joys, and be glad, prime among his race men, temperate and red-lettered.
  • Venus in Kendra gives comforts of a king, moon in trines with benefic ensures gains to self( as moon ascendant represents self),Saturn in tenth house gives the ability to plan and hard as well as harsh actions of a king- also fixed sign rising gives fixed nature to the person. He or she does not want to listen to any one – just like a king does. This forms the raja yoga
  • What is Kalpa Drum Yoga or planetary combination in kundli or horoscope?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: Yoga for wealth and raja Yoga). Take note of the accompanying four Grahas: Lagn’s or ascendant  Lord , the dispositor of Lagn’s Lord (a), the dispositor of the Grah “a” (b), the navamsa dispositor of the Grah “b”. On the off chance that all these are arranged in Kendra’s(The fourth/seventh and tenth) and in Konas(The fifth and ninth)from Lagn, or are exalted, Kalpa Drum Yoga exists. One with Kalpa Drum Yoga will be blessed with a wide range of riches, be a ruler, devout, solid, partial to war and lenient.
  • If the ascendant is strong , so is its dispositer and so is the depositor’s dispositer and along with it all the concerned planetary lords  in Kendra(Including the navamsa dispositer)- this makes the lagna or ascendant  very strong, so gives riches, devout nature and lenience in attitude as a weak ascendant causes most of the troubles.

Akhilesh_Yadav analysis yogas planetary combinations for career job position power akhilesh yadav 2017 beyond predictions unveiled kundli horoscopeakhilesh-yadav-H horoscope kundli yogas planetary combinations for career job position power akhilesh yadav 2017 beyond predictions unveiled kundli horoscope

Yogas or Planetary Combinations for Career-Job & Position & Power : Akhilesh Yadav 2017 & beyond predictions

Date of Birth: 1st July, 1973

Time of Birth: 12 PM not sure

Place of Birth: Saifai, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • 2017 would mean a fresh start for akhilesh yadav with lot of obstacles and uncertainties to deal with will power. There could be promises that may not be fulfilled and he has to take special care of legal matters that might come up now.
  • 2018 Mid say June 2018 onwards, there will be a big change for him in the life! he needs to take good care of his father sri mulyam singh ji and yes relationships with party members and also  his wife (dimple yadav)for the coming several years.
  • 2019 could again be big and hard re-start for him, once again father mulayam singh ji needs good care . It might mean a lot of proving for him and re doing a lot of things again.
  • Over all over the next few years he may try to learn more, contemplate more and yes turn more towards spirituality. He may also be more stressed- so Yoga and meditation are a must for him now.
  • He may travel to far off regions for spiritual and learning purposes in 2020.
  • 2017 natal Saturn is weak in his kundli or horoscope and sits with ketu and 12th lord sun and in transit along with rahu in the house of public image. Saturn also rules the 6th house of obstacle’s and yes a good house of discipline that is 5th house in his kundli. So over all a contractive impact on his public image- loss of 2017 elections is an example .
  • Also Saturn sitting in the house of family – is one of the core houses of the family feuds he has\d to face in 2016 ending and 2017.They will continue – but reduce a bit in 2018.
  • By 2019 Saturn would be in 5th house and hence aspecting the lord of father = Venus .
  • Saturn in transit in 9th sign Sagittarius or dhanu rashi and in 4th house.Now here is where his natal Saturn is, one may noe he lost his mother at relatively younger age.
  • Aspect of Saturn  in transit(The dhaiya or a part of kind of sade sati) on natal rahu/ketu axis causes stress and sudden issues in career, aspect on natal sun& moon could cause loss of image or losses in elections, which is what has happened.
  • Saturn also sends the malefic energy to mercury(Ruler of career and personality and image) and Venus as well, the planet of comfort and beauty..
  • One can clearly see right from October 2016 time frame when Saturn got agitated with mars in Scorpio he had internal fights, to the point of elections in 2017 when Saturn directly impacts his career – Saturn has a key role in his success and failure.

We wish him  & his wife dimple ,all the best in life.