Kapil Sharma Comedy Success Secret

Kapil_sharma kapil Sharma kundli horoscope  predictions comedy nights laughter show king Vedic astrology forecast

Kapil Sharma Kundali -what makes him a super success? Comedy nights laughter show king- Vedic astrology forecast

What is this article about

  • This article talks about the laughter challenge Guru Kapil Sharma : ). some interesting facts of his life and how based on astrology everything falls in place for Kapil Sharma.
    It tells about his love
  • Kapil Sharma wanted to go to singing/acting– but went to jokes and comedy. That is also analyzed in depth in this article.
  • The article first analyzes kapil Sharma’s life first(i) based on his lagna horoscope and Navamsa d9 chart (ii) The it does with the surya kundali or horoscope of kapil sharma ji.
  • kapil sharma horoscope Navamsa d9
    Kapil Sharma horoscope analysis actual Lagna chart why did he go for comedy as a career and why was it so successful? : )

  • Now looking at the Lagna chart of Kapil Sharma . we will do a complete analysis based on actual lagan chart ( we did it later by Surya kundali). By Reference we got for Kapil Sharma’s horoscope.
  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter smiley
    Does Kapil Sharma’s Lagna make him funny? 🙂
    The lagna or ascendant for Kapil Sharma is Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi. that is Mars or Mangal ruling . mars are the planet of action and sits in the 5th house . also fifth house also stands for children plus hasya vinod(fun and laughing ::) that is fun & frolic. it’s a house for the children we know.
  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter wards recognition
    What gave Kapil sharma such a great image in Younger age?
    so the lagan lord mars in the 5th house of Kapil Sharma gives him fun loving nature(comedy etc) and a childish nature plus being a comedian as well .so this is very clear that Kapil Sharma a great comedian . also sun the lord of the 10th house of career or job for Kapil Sharma sits very close to lagna in the 5th house of comedy. 🙂 so that means that one thing is that Kapil Sharma will get very good image .because of Sun or surya is Lord of career for him and close to ascendant or lagna. it ensures that he will get good image and name . the popularity of Kapil Sharma Comedy Show is due to sun or surya the 10th lord.
  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter money wealth
    what gives kapil Sharma wealth and opulence?

  • Kapil Sharma has an exalted Venus is sitting in the 5th house of fun /.frolic and love
    . which very clearly indicates that Kapil Sharma will make big money and good luxury in life. as Venus or shukra connect with lagna(his ascendant) he will have all the best in life due to comedy and is acting . all that is there in the 5th house :). so good that he was bound to go into a creative profession and do very well there.
  • What basic qualities make kapil Sharma so successful in comedy and creating a famous show?

  • Which planets and qualities make Kapil Sharma an Ace Performer?
    sun the 10th lord and rahu aspecting the lagan of Kapil Sharma who gives in very good innovative ability. on the other hand we have Saturn or shani dev gives Kapil Sharma discipline to do things and be successful
    Kapil Sharma ‘s moon in Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi. that’s gives Kapil Sharma philosopher like serious nature as well at the backend and not visible to public. so with and deep thinking approach of Kapil Sharma -he is able to create the laughter show. any laughter show takes a lot of effort and energy and planning plus different kind of management skills .so philosophy plus funny nature is the true Kapil Sharma . 🙂
  • something about Navamsa or d9 chart of kapil Sharma? what does it say about him?

  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter mars action karma
    Which planets make him do the action part in Comedy?
    in the Navamsa chart or d9 horoscope of Kapil Sharma, he is blessed that sun the 10th house or career lord is in the eleventh house of gains and the dispositor is Jupiter(guru). which blesses his life also Venus(shukra) and Mars(Mangal) are there for Kapil Sharma in 11th house. so Venus ensuring that Kapil Sharma has good luxury gains and he becomes popular in any family or home. comedy show is a home serial. mars help him to do the action or karma.
  • why did kapil Sharma have a love marriage but it was late? 🙂
    kapil sharma marriage love wife ginni chatrath

  • Kapil Sharma we know married late to Ginni Chatrath his love. we see that the of 7th house Venus(Taurus or vrishabha is ruled by Venus or shukra). but it is sitting with 6th house Lord Mars in the fifth house. so that clearly indicates that Kapil Sharma would be having a love affair which will convert into marriage . as 5th house deals with love matters but it could be delayed due to the 6th house effects. that is also very clearly indicated .it happened in December 2018.
  • Kapil Sharma’s Surya Kundali

    Sharma on the sets of Comedy Nights with Kapil

    Born 2 April 1981

    Amritsar, Punjab, India

    kapil-sharma-kundali kapil Sharma kundli horoscope 2017 predictions comedy nights laughter show king Vedic astrology forecast

    Which planetary Combinations Made Kapil Sharma such a great person and Comedian in life?

    • In the kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, His ascendant or Lagna is ruled by Jupiter or guru(his ascendant is Pisces in Surya kundli), which is a planet of fun and frolic and also dharma or religion and knowledge. Kapil Sharma is not only a comedian but earned a lot of practical knowledge by experience- which is evident in his practical jokes.
    • What gave Kapil a Critical attitude
      Also the Lagna Pisces gives him or Kapil Sharma the sense of humanity. he has been a great help to his friends. Jupiter is number 3 and also stands for fun and jokes and masti in life . Note Kapil Sharma’s Jupiter is retrograde- so giving him the extreme critical attitude of Jupiter to make fun in life.
    • Which planet played a role in kapil Sharma’s Popularity
      There is sun or Surya dev nearby Jupiter giving him the fame and recognition for anything to do with Jupiter related work. that is humanity, literary work or fun and laughter. That’s what he is doing.
      But as the sun is the lord of vighna or the sixth bhava, suggest he will have to struggle his way through.
    • In the Kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, His ascendant is ruled with the sensitive sign of Pisces, gives him exceptional sensitivity to understand and appreciate human nature/behaviour and connect to it in a funny and creative/laughing manner.
    • Venus (Shukra) the planet of art & cinema and yes comfort and entertainment is exalted in the ascendant, blessing him with success in entertainment shows like comedy shows and yes movies in Bollywood and blessings form Bollywood stars and starlets in his show.
    • Mars(Mangal) the lord of luck & the ninth house of fortune and also wealth & a status house that is the second house is sitting in the first house or the ascendant.
    • In the kundli horoscope or Kapil Sharma Sun(Surya) gives his name and fame/success but with struggles, is sitting there in the first house and it rules the sixth house of vighna or obstacles.
    • What makes Kapil sharma a good entertainer?
      He has an exalted Venus with Jupiter ruling the 8th house in the first house near Jupiter, the laughter planet. This means he will have to struggle but he could get great and unexpected success in laughter or literary matters as Venus is exalted and very strong in Lagna or ascendant. Venus also rules the lord the third bhava or people around .
    • What Gives Him great Female fans?
      so it clearly suggests he or Kapil Sharma would have great female fans and would gain a lot in life due to females. his mother has been a source of inspiration and so is his would be wife Ginni Chatrath.
    • He also has a strong mars lord of past life karma and also the second bhava of wealth and status close to Venus and Jupiter,
      so Kapil Sharma’s past life good karma, his father’s blessings and also his good speaking ability due to the second bhava or house has given him great success in comedy.
    • Mars(mangal) & sun(Surya) together give him great impetus for action and initiative to make it all happen almost singlehandedly
    • His moon(Chandra) is the sign of Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi- making him very sensitive, highly strung, easily reads people and situations, helpful, good reasoning ability and success in debate and other arguments. His ability in connecting to people and gatherings could also be traced to this combination
    • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter success
      What is the root cause for his success?
      His good ability to manage the business and finances of the show come by his moon in Kumbha Rashi . A retrograde Saturn(Shani) and a retrograde Jupiter(Guru)- takes him to an extreme of discipline(which is confirmed by people who work with him that Kapil is extremely disciplined in his work) and also fun(laughter- Jupiter energy going to an extreme) represented by the planet Jupiter or guru in retrograde motion.
    • His birth star or Nakshatra is dhanishtha where his moon or mind is (twelfth house of foreign lands /travel and yes renunciation), it is in the Aquarius sign ruled by Saturn(Shani) and the Nakshatra lord is mars or mangal- usually the person has love for music and singing talent. We know Kapil earlier wanted to be a singer.
    • Also the person would accumulate great wealth, but issues with marital life would crop up. Also, this gives him gifts of listening and foresight.
    • In the Kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, the Retrograde planets like Jupiter and Saturn in the seventh house of love and relationships suggest issues in marital karma. Saturn is also the lord of the twelfth house of stress and issues in married life and love life. So this could be a weak point for Kapil Sharma.
    • In the kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, Also Pluto is there in his seventh house of relationships and marriage, and mercury the lord of the seventh house is in the twelfth house- reinforces the possibility of issues and separation in love & marriage matters.
    • Over all, later on, he may devote more time to dharma and spirituality sooner or later in life.
    • We like his show and wish him all the best in life!
    • What future holds Kapil Sharma in the year 2019 and onwards(2020)?

      • This year 2019 as the lagan lord Jupiter or guru is in the bhava of bhagya or luck the ninth house. That means luck or lady fortune would smile on him. he would do great in his new initiative and GOD would shower all benefits on him.
      • As the tenth house is also involved his career would grow a lot. He would see great expansion and growth in his career. The Jupiter Venus energy exchange would give him a good amount of money and support from womenfolk.
      • As Rahu is in transit till mid of 2019 in his fifth bhava having cancer sign or karkat Rashi. he would do much better in the second half of the year 2019. his success would know fewer binds.
        yes emotions and accidents he needs to take care of . also avoid fights tiffs this time.
      • Saturn or Shani being the lord of the eleventh and twelfth house in the tenth bhava could give some delays in what he wants in life in 2019. But overall it may also mean travel to foreign lands. Or he works for some foreign assignments.
        ‘yes good hard work and planning would give Kapil Sharma great gains.
      • His public image also needs proper care now. As rahu sends energy to the fourth house of public image as well.
      • We wish kapil Sharma all the best in his life.

      Certain interesting facts of Life about the Laughter Guru –Kapil Sharma?

    • We all want to laugh away the stresses of life, Kapil Sharma (comedian), makes us laugh through his entertaining show Comedy Nights. It’s enthralling to watch his quick wits and sense of humour/laughter along with the celebrities.
    • Kapil Sharma started his journey with show Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Kapil Sharma was born 2 April 1981 with the birth name Kapil Punj.
    • He is India’s one of the best stand-up comedians, television presenter, actor and also producer. He started his television comedy show Comedy Nights with He has also first appeared in the Forbes India Celebrity list in the year of 2012, ranked 95th among others.
    • Forbes magazine India has ranked him at 7th position in terms of fame and at 11th position in terms of income on their Celebrity – 100 list in the year 2016.Kapil Sharma had been nominated for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by the Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi Ji and invited by president Pranab Mukherjee.
    • why did Kapil Sharma loose father early in life?

    • Kapil Sharma’s the 10th Lord has Rahu in the 9th bhava just ahead of it so this Rahu impacts the longevity of his father as well . and you know Kapil Sharma lost his father very early life . we also note that sun the signifcator of father is very close to the 12th house Lord Venus of Kapil Sharma indicating possible early demise of is respected Father.