The Impacts of Non-Luminous planets or Grahas like Dhuma or Gulik-mahatma Gandhi India Double Rahu in Vedic astrology or Jyotish


The  Impacts of Non-Luminous planets or  Grahas  like dhooma or Gulik-mahatma Gandhi India Double Rahu in Vedic astrology or Jyotish

Now dhooma is a malefic (that is it has malefic energy, it is synonymous with Gulik.

The location of dhooma or gulik is calculated based on location of sun in Vedic astrology or Jyotish.

The longitude of Gulik is = longitude of sun + 4sign( 4×30 degrees) + 13 degrees + 20minutes.

The following are the results of the Dhuma in various houses. We will try to check the position of Gulik for sri mahatma Gandhi Ji and other celebrities.

  • The luminous planets are the seven Grahas, viz. sun , Moon(Chandra),mars or  Mangal, Buddha or  mercury, Guru or Jupiter, shukra or venus, shani or Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

The effects  of Dhum Or Gulik(The double rahu) in Various Bhavas

  • In the event that Dhum is in Lagna or the first house of your kundli or horoscope, the local will be valiant, blessed with lovely eyes(This is the good effects of dhooma I suspect ravana , the greatest villain of epic Ramayana might have this combination), stunned in attitude, unkind(due to highly malefic effects of dhooma and it clutters the personality), given to evil deeds and profoundly irritable( dhooma could be looked as a double rahu effect).
  • In the event that dhooma is in Dhan Bhava or the first house of your kundli or horoscope, the local will be debilitated that is weak, rich as a dhooma as a double rahu magnifies the riches of second house, without limb, will bring about wrath at imperial level( a double rahu here could cause very bad effect on status and that could only be the wrath of the king), be dull witted and be an eunuch.
  • dhooma is in Sahaj Bhava or the first house of your kundli or horoscope, the local will be clever( as sahaj bhava or third house rules initiatives), extremely striking(due to his or her exceptional initiatives), enchanted, smooth and be enriched with men and riches( as the third house also controls one environment).
  • In the event that dhooma (gulik or double rahu) is in Bandhu Bhava or the fouth house of your kundli or horoscope, the person will be lamented by virtue of being despised  by his wife or life partner, yet will be leaned  out in all texts or Shastras( as a double rahu here creates strict conflict in fourth house of family, but at the same time fourth house rules mind and learning also so a double rahu gives exceptional learning to the person).
  • On the off chance that dhooma is in Putra Bhava or fifth house or of your kundli or horoscope, the person will have constrained in having kids( double malefic effects blocks kids), be without riches, be extraordinary(once again the double rahu here in the house of learning on positive gives exceptional learning), will eat anything and be dispossessed of companions and Mantras(5th house is the house of higher learning).
  • In the event that dhooma is in sixth house or Ari Bhava of your kundli or horoscope, the person will be strong(the negative of sixth house combined with double negative of rahu makes it positive), will vanquish his adversaries(as double rahu helps him to eliminate his enemies represented by his or her sixth house), be exceptionally splendid, well known and free from sicknesses(double rahu kills sickness as well).
  • On the off chance that dhooma is in the seventh house or Yuvati Bhava of your kundli or horoscope, the person will be poor(double rahu aspects first house in seventh aspect), be ever arousing( double rahu increases the sexual conduct), skilful in heading off to others’ females(excess sex urge n foreign things as double rahu gives too much of foreign energy) and be constantly without splendour as personality is aspected by double rahu.
  • In the event that dhooma is in eighth house or Randhr Bhava of your kundli or horoscope, the person will be deprived of mettle or valour, yet be energetic( eighth house is ruled by rahu in some sense and double rahu here gives this quality), be honest(once again a positive quality of rahu or number 4), upsetting, pitiless and egotistical.
  • In the event that dhooma is in the ninth house or Dharma Bhava of your kundli or horoscope, the person will  have lots of  children and fortunes(here one can see all the positive effects of double rahu and ninth house of luck are coming forward), be rich, decent, kind, religious and all around arranged to his relatives.
  • In the event that dhooma is in the tenth house or Karma Bhava or career house of your kundli or horoscope, the local will have more children and fortunes, be charmed, insightful, upbeat and honest(here the tenth house has a ruling of Saturn as well, a double rahu combines to give good effects as both rahu and Saturn are friends in a sense).
  • On the off chance that dhooma is in Labh Bhava or eleventh house of your kundli or horoscope, the person will be supplied with riches, grains and gold, be delightful( ne gain the eleventh house is ruled by Saturn and double rahu here gives positive effects), will know about expressions, be unassuming and be skilful in singing.
  • In the event that dhooma is in the twelfth house or Vyaya Bhava of your kundli or horoscope, the person will be ethically fallen(the twelfth house is also house of indulgence and double rahu obviously support indulgence) , will enjoy wicked acts, be keen on others’ spouses(double rahu with negative venus ruling the twelfth house), dependent on indecencies, unkind and shrewd.

The effects of dhooma or Gulik(double rahu) on sri mahatma Gandhi Ji based on Vedic astrology or Jyotish:


Name: Mahatma Gandhi

Date of Birth: on Saturday or shani vaar, October 02, 1869

Time of Birth: 08:36:20

Place of Birth: In Porbandar

Longitude: 69 E 40

Latitude: 21 N 40

Time Zone: 5.5

Planets   C     R     Rashi     Longitude      Nakshatra     Pada       Relation

Asc               Libra      12-06-43       Swati     2

Sun        D     Virgo      16-55-40       Hasta     3     Neutral

Moon            D     Cancer   28-16-51       Ashlesha 4     Own

Mars             D     Libra      26-22-48       Vishakha       2     Neutral

Merc             D     Libra      11-45-36       Swati     2     Friendly

Jupt       R     Aries      28-09-47       Krittika   1     Friendly

Venu             D     Libra      24-26-18       Vishakha       2     Own

Satn              D     Scorpion 20-21-25       Jyeshtha 2     Enemy

Rahu             R     Cancer   12-08-44       Pashyami      3

Ketu              R     Capricorn      12-08-44       Sravana 1

Uran             D     Gemini   29-38-33       Punarvasu     3

Nept             R     Pisces    26-15-50       Revati    3

About Mahatma Gandhi Ji:

Mahatma Gandhi (mohandaas karamchand Gandhi) 2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948) was the prevalent pioneer of the Indian autonomy development in British-ruled India. He used  peaceful common defence methods, Gandhi drove India to autonomy and motivated developments for social liberties and flexibility over the world. He was also lovingly called Bapu or the father of India. In like manner speech in India he is regularly called Gandhiji.he is also called the father of nation for India.

dhooma Analysis of Mahatma Gandhi Ji- Based on vedic astrology and Jyotish:
Sun or surya Longitude  is 16:55 in Virgo = 5×30+16 degrees + 55 minutes

= 166 degrees + 55 mins  add 133 degrees + 20 minutes to find position of dhooma or double rahu

= 299 degrees + 75 mins = 300 Degrees + 15 min

= 30×10 + 15mins = in Aquarius at 15 minutes

That is the 5th house.

On the remote possibility that dhooma is in Putra Bhava or fifth house, the individual will have trouble  in having children( twofold malefic impacts having  children- here children could mean convincing India of his view point as all Indians were his children), be without wealth( he wandered like a fakir), be extraordinary(once again the twofold rahu here in the place of learning on positive gives remarkable learning)- yes indeed he was extra ordinary in his learning’s a nd view points, will eat anything( he had a frugal and simple diet) and not chant  Mantras(5th house is the house of higher learning).

So we can see almost 100% accurate readings e are getting for mahatma Gandhi Ji

Now based on the longitude of your Sun, Try to find out where your dhooma is. Although it takes an expert astrologer to exactly know the impact of dhooma in your horoscope or Kundli.Our expert & Highly scientific astrologer  astrologers can help you with this.


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