Moon in Pisces Or Meena rashi

pisces1 meena rashimoon-images Moon in Pisces  Or Meena rashi

About this article

  • Here in this article the general qualities of any person having moon in Pisces are given below. the exact attributes could get changed based on the individual’s horoscope. any positive quality or negative trait due to moon being in the meena rashi or Pisces sign could get hence modified.
  • To elaborate the example of bollywood actress kangana ranaut is taken in to consideration .
  • The basic Qualities of people with Moon in Pisces

  • The person would enjoy riches and might have fondness to things from the sea or river or water( as the Pisces sign or meena rashi rules water/sea etc), enamoured or excited with his/her spouse and garments or clothes.
  • Might have a well proportioned body as moon that is lagan gets Jupiter or Pisces energies and Jupiter gives a well proportioned body to you.:)You may have a prominent nose, huge head, and an ability to overcome your adversaries πŸ˜‰ as Jupiter would give you success ;). You could also be easygoing with ladies as Jupiter is also number 3= fin ;), with enchanting eyes. You would also make fortune by travel as 12th sign Pisces or meena rashi rules travels ;).
  • Loves glistening (shining) articles, is affluent and well educated. as moon represents self and Pisces ruled by Jupiter so when self gets energy form Jupiter or guru the planet for education and wealth- you naturally get wealth and education
  • Having moon in Pisces makes the person gets too emotional as moon is number 2 and an emotional planet πŸ˜‰ also Pisces is sign 12 with a 2 there sop 2×2= makes the person highly emotional. also have Jupiter as a lord of the same so moon Plus Jupiter attracts them to literature,poetry and higher tastes of life. But moon being a weak planet they may also get easily discouraged or losing faith in self.
  • Pisces generally love to travel, especially by sea and love to change matters too soon ;).as moon id a watery planet and so Pisces sign so it could cause obesity to the also rules fluids and glandular releases in the human body. so glands need care. These people may worry much and apparently Jupiter may give them optimism but at times happy also :). so a mixed bag for them
  • moon in pisces meena rashi
    Kangana ranaut the bollywood actress has moon in Pisces – the overall effects

  • The sun is in Pisces for kangana ranaut, but give effects like moon in Pisces for her.:) as sun, moon and lagna all are essentially Lagna or ascendants and important energy distribution points in any Horoscope
  • being Pisceans she could be highly emotional. yes she left her home from himachal pradesh (India)at a very young age. that can happen only when , one is highly passionate and emotional.
  • Yes she(Kangana ranaut) still is very affectionate and connected to her family. & yes sooner or later may start some social work due to her high sensitivity. :). Pisces being 12th sign, and in the 1 series of numbers may at times have some seclusion in life. yes she was into affairs with Hrithik roshan etc but now mostly on her own.
    also as moon impacts glands so health needs care. that what is needed for her.
  • Yoga gives strong body πŸ™‚ so let her do that. also we wish her all the best in life. πŸ™‚