Moon Sign Calculator Or Rashi Calculator

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  • Why is your Knowing Moon Sign Or rashi so Important?:
    Moon is said to be your mind and as per Vedas the entire cosmos or the world came out of the mind of GOD. Now if your mind is connected with GOD’ will(Divine will), it can do something similar to what God dclioes– change your luck, attract good things in life-but if it is not, then one may face problems in marital life, love life, career, money etc.
  • As per the basic theory of Vedic astrology or Jyotish(The Hindu astrology) The planets or grahas actually work through your mind- that is through your sub conscious mind and your chakras to create good or bad vibrations( all your past life karma is stored in your sub conscious mind and chakras- released in various planetary periods or dashas for fruition)- attracting good or bad events or people to you in accordance.
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  • The presence of moon on various signs of zodiac gives a measure of what is your mind type, the inherent basic thought processes your mind has and how you could modify the same to attract good luck and fortune to yourself.
  • Try knowing your MOON SIGN or RASHI and also your fortune due to it below, You would be surprised by how close it comes to your actual self. Yes there could be some differences – but that could be due to your ascendant and also other planets.
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    Please put your Complete Name Accurately, & Ladies(women) could Put Their Complete Name Before Marriage Accurately to Get ACCURATE FREE Readings for Name Rashi and Numerology,Naadi Jyotish etc.
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  • Longitude (example +77.10 for Delhi as Delhi is 77.10 East, Positive Sign For East and Negative Sign For West)
  • Latitude(example -28.70 for Delhi as Delhi is 28.70 North, Put Negative Sign for South & Positive Sign for North)
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