Gemini 2018 Horoscope

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GEMINI 2018 Horoscope Overview :

Overall 2018 may not be as great as the previous year 2017- but just Ok. infact a bit stressful as Saturn gets retrograde for most of this year .

This is a time to go slow and steady and avoid haste and speed. at the same time being focused take care of what you speak. As your speech can make a break matters.
Yes issues in overall wealth flows is possible and salary hikes may be just average.
unexpected travels and extreme slow movements may cause stress at times.

January and February would be relatively OK for you. It may mean some gains, interest in religion or dharma increase and yes travels are possible. family outings and fair for business matters.
March could mean a good time for fun, talking to friends , business matters , money and yes family outings could be there are good settings . Make the best use of this good time.

April 2018 may not be very great , this could be an eventful time and what you speak to your friends and in office would have an impact. Losses this time have to be guarded

May could be better time than April more time for family and yes enhanced responsibilities at office . Good for children or kids and yes education. Career and actions could get a boost and so does your family matters and home.

June 2018 could be favorable, means too much fun and outings with family and friends.There also might be many changes that could make it a bit stressful. Take care of family stresses. Travel could be there on the cards.

July is a time when there could be changes and travel, also there could be more stress. Family needs close guard now. speech on what you speak or not to speak will make the difference for you..

August means a time for work- may be just OK. You may assert yourself or take more initiative at home or office front.

September is a time when too much of talk and communication and business could be there. strike a balance. Speak with care. Family roles or office roles and outings could cause an inner conflict this time.

October is a time when family matters would come to fore. Kids and yes your investments need more care now. Gains could also be there.

November 2018 you could be very intense and emotional. handle things with care. There could be a lot happening now and may be too much of intense office and other communication. yes health would need care and especially your stomach.

December could mean more of fun and frolic at your end , this could be a good time for office matters . travel and new partnerships could be on the cards. Fun and outings or going out could be there. Good communication.

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