2018 Gemini Love Horoscope

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GEMINI 2018 Love Horoscope Overview :

Overall 2018 matters of love would move slowly as such. But sure outings and fun could be a part of the coteries this year.
Focus on family and responsibilities would be there. If not married chance of getting married this year is there.
Speech created conflicts or issues could be there.

You have to have all your fun with your lover but just think before you speak. Especially in the months of May and September 2018.Else over all if you maintain your sensitivity and have a handle on your quick and changeable nature you should be all set.

January and February would be relatively just average for love matters for you.
Yes you may face some unexpected obstacles or problems in love matters or may have un planned travels this time.
January may mean unexpected travels or stress or unexpected love matters or situations coming to fore. February would be a bit better. Yes GOD sort of supportive to your love matters.

March could mean a great time to connect to your lover and have a passionate and fun time. You may though be busy with work- but you will find some time for him or her as well. You will be more hands on or direct in love matters now.

April 2018 may be a bit with ups and downs and you may need to take care of what you say and do this time. passion levels could be a bit high so just take care.
Let not gains in office interfere with your love matters. stay cool and enjoy the support of your friends and lovers this time. You may get gift or some gains from lover.

May could mean a time when you could have a peaceful and loving time with your lover.
take good care of health and status. You may have some partings or tiffs so a time to take special care on relationships.

June 2018 could be a good time for outings and good fun. Your friendliness with your love could increase quite a bit.
You might be the centre stage now and too much of focus oneself could be there for you now. yes fun and change is your nature and you may want to enjoy this with your loved one.

July is when there could be too much fluidity and also short travels. Ego issues may come to fore so just take care.
Your lover may at times seem to impact your self esteem- just ignore the same and all would be well. Travels of short nature with the lover are possible.

August is a fair time for love and yes ego matters may come to fore now. just connect to your friends group and enjoy life.
You may take good initiative in love matters now. also on your own you may take fresh steps in relationships.

September 2018 means talk and fun and outings- but yes stress due to words spoken to your lover is possible.
Family and your public image could get higher priority now, so try to strike a balance with love matters and yes family, responsibility at home and office and yes maintaining your good image.

October is when complete focus on family and love matters could be there. make best use of this time. Love would get a special boost now.
If you have kids or children the focus may go there. Go close to your lover take risks and express your heart to him or her. You success rates would be high.

November 2018 you could be highly passionate and not loose self in passion. yes connect to your lover well and maintain peace and harmony.
health or conflicts may take a lot of your energy so a smooth path has to be taken now.

In December enjoy the fun and frolic and warmth with your lover. Good time to take advantage of this period of year. Friends love and fun would be there for you .

You may travel or get into a new relationship or your relationship may get too deep enough for you to enjoy intimacy- make best use of this time.

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