planet ketu or neptune in Houses

neptune Ketu(Dragon's Tail) in houses horoscope predictionsKetu(Dragon's Tail) in houses horoscope predictions
About this article?

  • in this article we talk about ketu or Dragons tail and Neptune effects in various houses in details. the predictions for the same are also given .
  • Ketu or dragon’s Tail is the intersection point of moon’s orbit around earth and ecliptic on which other planets move.
    Neptune on the other hand is moon like independent planet .the behaviour is very close to number 2 people or moon. we also discuss impact of Neptune on various Houses of the horoscope.
  • ketu dragon's tail in houses horoscope kundli
    Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in Various Horoscope(kundli) Houses Effects?
    Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 1st House

  • This could give you an intense nature. You may behave in peculiar manner and might be very hard at times. As it is said kujvate Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)- that is like mars like Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) .

    You may also be very imaginative or restless by nature.

  • The effects of Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in Lagna or ascendant . Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 1st house gives great energy to the person and it would make the person introspective and inwardly drawn personality. It can give good action as well to the person because Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)(dragon’s head) stands for mars or Mangal as well. It could give anger and it could give losses of material nature.
  • but if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is weak it doesn’t give good understanding of the material world . it also gives less confidence and action or energy within the person. also Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) aspects the 7th house .so one has to be careful on the marital front . as it also need care. One could also invest in spiritual life.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 2nd house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You should control your speech. Your speech could be cause of you to lose status or money.
  • If Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is in 2nd house . The speech connects to house. the person may speak in sharp tones. the person may well be expressive as well. but if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is weak in strength there could be speaking issues .It could cause stammering . as 2nd house is of family as well. so the family house with Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) could make a persona an ascetic but has to be confirmed by other planetary combinations as well.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 3rd house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You might have great initiatives. You might try to be in company of religious or introspective people.
  • If Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) or dragons head is in the 3rd house . The Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 3rd house is harmonious with the character mars or Mangal the karaka for the 3rd house. which gives great initiative and courage to the person. it can connect one to people of good background. also because Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)(dragon’s head) represents exceptionality one can do strange things : ). also it can give fair and of good relationship with siblings if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is strong.
    but if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)(dragon’s head) is affected give issues with the siblings and the courage levels could be fewer issues with the siblings could be there
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in  4th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You might be inclined to philosophy or thinking too much. Take special care of the family.
  • if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is in the 4th house it gives inclination towards occult and spirituality. also one may get deeper into things . It could affect the family peace in some cases and also one has to be careful about driving .if afflicted it could affect the longevity of mother and also peace of the family needs to be maintained.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 5th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You  might be  a born philosopher. Love matters may not work out great for you. Take good care of kids.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 5th house gives again gives a deep thinking to the person occult and spirituality and the person may have exceptional mind because Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)(dragon’s head) stands for analysis .if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is affected the person may have issues in having children or may also develop negative or depressed thinking issues . If Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) affected then stocks or lottery have to be invested carefully with.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 6th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You need to control any illness or debt, as it might go out of proportion for you. There could be people opposing you at office or professional life.
  • If Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) or dragon’s tail in 6th house it could indicate fear from the government as well and if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is weak it could give a Shady or not so trustworthy behavior. as Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is a secretive planet and sixth house is of opposition , so means the behavior of the person may not be acceptable at times. especially if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is weak. also one needs to take of health issues and lower intestines. There may also be fear of ghost in the person/
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 7th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You need to take proper care of married life. Your sex drive could either be very low or very high. You may also connect to ascetics or sadhus.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 7th gives good sexual urges to the person. one can get into spirituality to certain extent . one could travel unexpectedly and issues in the marriage as well could be there. but especially if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is afflicted there could be a strong conflict in the married life and also issues in foreign land. one may also get spiritual in nature later
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 8th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You might gain a lot in land deal or loose in land deals. You need to stay away from negative or antisocial  people else the trouble may magnify a lot for you.
  • If your 8th house has Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) or dragon’s head . That means that one could go for foreign Travels . Now presence number 7(Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)) in 8th house also represent short Travels may have issues . Afflicted or weak Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 8th house means there could be some slight issues in Inheritance or even sudden gains may have blockages .Also a weak or more malefic Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) could mean issues in the large intestine or colon .The person could get prone to accidents issues and there could be in spiritual growth as well
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 9th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You could be too much spiritually inclined. You may not have a very supportive luck. You may not gain much from your father.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) or dragon’s Tail in 9th house . this combination could incline the person to spirituality .The father’s health would be affected. One’s mind may waiver in terms of spirituality. as Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)(dragon’s Tail) gives the person a restless nature. but if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is strong it can make the person get very deep into spirituality. Spiritual level could be raised by doing proper meditations Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) .It could also make person go for pilgrimages.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 10th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You might work in a very specialized area. You have taken special care of you mind and be cooperative with others.
  • Now Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) or Dragon’s Tail in 10th House if it is strong it gives good distinction in career. the person the person could do exceptionally well in some specialized or specific area. There could be great image to the person. AS Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) aspects the 4th house so one could have a very big vehicle. Or a very unique vehicle . Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) here could impact the longevity of mother also it impacts the public image of the person. and one may have frequent issues in vehicles or cars. He or she may not behave very intelligently and can do some foolish acts .
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 11th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • Gains might not be great for you. You may not gain much from your elder brother.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) or dragon’s Tail in 11th house . so if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is in 11th house and if it is strong, gives great friends and also great gains from friends . There could also be good gains to the person gains from the elder brother .
    but if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)(dragon’s Tail) afflicted it suggest that one may not gain from friends. in fact there could be losses and one May become very miserly . But again a strong Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) gives good ability to spend money also at the same time a weak Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) here in 11th could mean unexpected of sudden financial losses or impact to the health of elder brother.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 12th house of Horoscope or Kundli

  • You may be too keen to attain salvation or think of afterlife. You might have secret affairs. You have to protect your family life well and keep your free from being too much with self or out of the world.
  • If Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is in the 12th house. As Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) or dragon’s Tail being planet of travel as well through waters. One may travel to distant lands. yes as Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is secretive and so is 12th house about secret affairs . so one may have many secret affairs.
    one may not be able come out of the hospitalization easily . Also as Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) aspects the 4th house and if Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is afflicted one’s secret affairs will get exposed hospitalizations and also travels to the distant lands may not be great for the person.
  • Neptune in Various Horoscope(kundli) Houses Effects?
    neptune in houses in horoscope
    Predictions about planet Neptune in various Houses of any Horoscope?

  • The planet Neptune in behaviour is very close to moon that is the emotions. if it is placed in any house or bhava, so the connected life areas or domains of the house are avoided by the person.
  • so the real things are avoided by the person as moon or imagination makes him/her to avoid the reality and stay away from the facts . also Neptune as well being the number 7 so it adds spiritual dimension to areas in the horoscope where it is. so say for example it is in 10th House of career. so the person could naturally attach spiritual dimension to career or job. the person may have great illusions for the career.
  • if Neptune is in the 1st house of horoscope of Kundli- predictions

  • Neptune in 1st house of any horoscope means its stops people from seeing the facts about you or the person. as the 1st house deals with personality and you yourself :).Neptune here could make you highly interactive and interested in occult . It gives great sensitivity to you .also one could become more into occult and into spiritual or mystical practices. 😉
  • if Neptune is in the 2nd house of horoscope of Kundli- predictions

  • if Neptune is in the second house of nay horoscope. then the person may not be very realistic about money matters for his or her health and status may be chnageable and it might not be perceived with a real attitude. The person could make money by spiritual efforts . also Neptune in the second bhava or house of the horoscope gives a person tendency to push away money. also one may not be very discreet in use of money because element of indiscretion in the behaviour in money matters is there.;)
  • if Neptune is in the 3rd house of horoscope of Kundli- predictions

  • If the Neptune is in the 3rd house of nay Horoscope or Kundli. so Neptune in third house houses of action and people around. Gives very good imagination and action and ability to implement that imagination . It also gives exceptional creativity to the person and a great childhood . Neptune here could also give unrealistic relationship with the siblings .
  • if Neptune is in the 4th house of horoscope of Kundli- predictions

  • if your Neptune is in the 4th house of your horoscope or Kundli. as the 4th house deals with family life & Neptune being an imaginative planet like Moon creates illusions abut the family life. the family life could be very emotional. the home environment could be Karmic in nature .it could also mean if Neptune afflicted that what are the parents could have had hard struggle in life in regard to addiction. also one may sacrifice a lot for family life.
  • if Neptune is in the 5th house of horoscope of Kundli- predictions

  • If the Neptune is in the 5th house of your horoscope. so if Neptune a moon like planet is in the fifth house or romance and love. It gives great romance to the person or love at first sight. we know that 5th house is ruling romance and love. so one may fall in love easily. One may have a very romantic view of life and may want a practical life partner .
  • also the person would be very close to children and would do great sacrifices for the kids. the person would play like a martyr.;)
  • if Neptune is in the 6th house of horoscope of Kundli- predictions

  • If Neptune is in the 6th house of any horoscope. it’s a great indication.yes it could also mean trouble with alcohol or drugs as well. if it is weak as Neptune then has an aspect to the twelfth house of horoscope(kundli).
  • relationships may have issues. aspects 5th on 10th house also mean trouble with colleagues. 6th house of any horoscope is for illness or health and Neptune here means difficult to know illnesses.
  • if Neptune is in the 7th house of horoscope of Kundli- predictions

  • as Neptune is in the 7th house of the horoscope. so it is like the seventh house has the Planet of moon or number 7 there. 🙂 . It gives issues in terms of relationships. he or she could have romantic relationships in business and personal as well.
  • It could also mean that unusual kind of people would come to your life :). Neptune aspects Lagna (ascendant) as well so the person could be too sensitive to the moods of others .
  • also one may connect to emotionally strange people . one may suddenly change his/her life partner because Neptune has number 7 .yes public image has to be handled well.
  • Neptune in the 8th house of Horoscope (kundli)- Predictions

  • If Neptune is in the 8th house . this 8th house is the house of mysticism & spirituality . It also stands for Dharma & religion. Neptune here could make you good in art and also communication with the people.
  • as 8th house of horoscope rules travels so Neptune here could mean travels. so also as said Neptune here could mean a person having keen interest in these fuzzy Sciences like clairvoyance, astrology . also Neptune here in the 8th house would mean one keeping secrets sex relationships and also secrets in regard to finances or taxes etc.
  • if Neptune is weak or afflicted it could cause loss through destruction by the negative people. It also suggests take care of your money from negative people.
    Money from gangs of Africa or :0 prostitutes need care. so one has to be careful in making the right connection with the right kind of women folk at this time.
  • Neptune in the 9th house of Horoscope(kundli)- Predictions

  • Now if Neptune is in the ninth house of horoscope. as 9th house deals with dharma and religion and also mysticism. so one may get too inclined towards mysticism, dharma or religion.
  • Being number 7 of perfection it could also give very intense religiousness to the person. Moon or Neptune energies here make a person emotional so one may spend money on Dharma or religion and religious practices .
  • The ninth house also deals with Travels and also Neptune is a watery planet, so this indicates travel by water as well . also in any horoscope or kundli 9th house is third house in the 7th house of spouse or life partner. so that is the environment of the life partner of the spouse could be religious or picky.
  • Neptune in the 10th house of Horoscope(kundli)- Predictions

  • If the Neptune is in the 10th House of career and action(karma).This house deals with Karma or career and action of anyone.
  • as 10th house is a house of action so Neptune here is a special planet with number 7 could make a person get deep into astrology and spiritual healing or maybe even clairvoyance 🙂 and mind reading.
  • Neptune here in the horoscope (kundli) gives great creativity to the person . Neptune having more energy of moon and art and creativity connects to actresses and musicians. also one may have good speaking abilities.
  • also as it is the house of action so number 7 plus moon energies here mean good work for the humanity . suddenness or too much of emotionalism in action have to be avoided. 🙂
  • Neptune in the 11th house of Horoscope(kundli)- Predictions

  • if Neptune is here in the eleventh house or 11th house of Horoscope(kundli). then in that case the person may have illusions about his or her friends. so please deals with your friends and Well wishers with care.
  • The person’s gains and losses have to be governed well. so Neptune here may mean the person may have illusions about the friends or people him or she connects to.
    Neptune or number 7 here in the house of alliances means the person may connect to secret societies.
  • so you have to connect to people who you connect to and could be gainful to you with care.
  • Neptune in the 12th house of Horoscope(kundli)- Predictions

  • if Neptune is in the house number 12th. It is the house for secret sex affairs & travel changes and also spirituality/Moksha :). so Neptune here a and again it is number seven again reinforces the spirituality here .
  • so could take the person more into meditation, yoga and spiritual healing. It is also possible with Neptune here in 12th house of horoscope or kundli one may have interest in working in hospitals as the moon energy initiates sensitivity for others.
  • 12 house is also hospitals or caring for others. so this Neptune placement is a good placement for medical profession like Doctors , nurses or even therapist.
  • 12th house is also for stress and moon energy and with Neptune here means mental stress and neurosis. one may also get deep into clairvoyance 🙂 or astrology .;)