planet ketu or neptune in Houses


KETU OR NEPTUNE in 1st House

This could give you an intense nature. You may behave in peculiar manner and might be very hard at times. As it is said kujvate ketu- that is like mars like ketu or Neptune.

You may also be very imaginative or restless by nature.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 2nd house

You should control your speech. Your speech could be cause of you to lose status or money.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 3rd house

You might have great initiatives. You might try to be in company of religious or introspective people.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in  4th house

You might be inclined to philosophy or thinking too much. Take special care of the family.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 5th house

You  might be  a born philosopher. Love matters may not work out great for you. Take good care of kids.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 6th house

You need to control any illness or debt, as it might go out of proportion for you. There could be people opposing you at office or professional life.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 7th house

You need to take proper care of married life. Your sex drive could either be very low or very high. You may also connect to ascetics or sadhus.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 8th house

You might gain a lot in land deal or loose in land deals. You need to stay away from negative or antisocial  people else the trouble may magnify a lot for you.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 9th house

You could be too much spiritually inclined. You may not have a very supportive luck. You may not gain much from your father.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 10th house

You might work in a very specialized area. You have taken special care of you mind and be cooperative with others.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 11th house

Gains might not be great for you. You may not gain much from your elder brother.

KETU OR NEPTUNE in 12th house

You may be too keen to attain salvation or think of afterlife. You might have secret affairs. You have to protect your family life well and keep your free from being too much with self or out of the world.

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