Astrology Nadi Personality, Destiny and Luck Vedic!

nadi astrology horoscope personality prediction kundli
About this article?

  • This article in-depth discusses how nadi astrology could figure out the patterns of Luck, personality and destiny of any person in detail.
  • It suggest how personality and destiny including talents , abilities a and life path could be geussed based on the nadi astrology.
  • Then as a live PRACTICAL example, case of sri narendra Modi ji is taken to demonstrate the same.
  • So also an example of sri rahul Gandhi Ji is taken as a PRACTICAL example to explain destiny , career and Luck and also other aspects of his life.
  • nadi astrology horoscope personality prediction kundli
    How is personality , Luck and destiny guessed based on Vedic nadi astrology?
    how is the personality and Luck and destiny figured out for any Horoscope or Kundli in nadi astrology?

  • Now Jupiter or Guru is the jeeva karaka for any person.
  • the kinds of influences it absorbs suggests the kind of personality and destiny the person is going to have.
  • The same the personality and destiny is suggested based on aspects and also influences of close by planets.
  • so if say rahu one sign ahead or back, so means personality is influenced by rahu or dragon’s head.
  • so also if say sun is with Jupiter , so the personality is influenced by sun or surya dev.
  • { Gemini = SUN + Saturn } –>{CANCER = Mercury } –>{ LEO= mars + venus + ketu}
    what could make one take up arts in nadi astrology as a career?

  • Now Saturn defines in nadi astrology what we do.
  • say Saturn has sun with it and in the sign go Gemini.
  • so that means the person would be original and quick and creative in some work or profession.
  • so also the next is mercury in the cancer sign or the mind of the person.
  • mercury gives good computation and understanding of matters.
  • Moon or cancer with mercury gives dexterity of arts.
  • so also mars is in Leo with venus that is next to mercury means, a lot of creativity is there into the person as venus is there.
  • ketu there gives distinction.
  • plus as mercury is in the 4th sign cancer , so this in nadi astrology means 4th house or mind.
  • so mercury deeply influence the mind.
  • Mercury in cancer sign means quick and creative imagination.
  • so distinction in art and painting is a high chance due to cancer with mercury, Saturn with sun in 3rd and in 5th sign Leo we have venus, mars and ketu.
  • { Gemini = SUN + Saturn } –>{CANCER = Mercury } –>{ LEO= mars + venus + ketu}
    what are the indications of Good intellect in nadi astrology ?

  • For happiness we look at Jupiter placement and Jupiter has mercury the 7th and venus the 8th bhava from the same so two sources of happiness as mercury and venus both are benefics and good things givers.
  • also Jupiter has mercury the 7th form the same , so one gets great insights into Vedas as Jupiter plus mercury combined gives Vedic stuff in place.
  • Good intellect is there due to 7th aspect of mercury , plus mercury with ketu n the or dragons head in the next sign.
  • { Gemini = SUN + Saturn } –>{CANCER = Mercury } –>{ LEO= mars + venus + ketu(dragon’s tail)}
    High class intellects in nadi astrology

  • as Saturn or shani dev is with sun, both are strong enough in Gemini sign or mithuna rashi plus ketu is with mars in the 5th sign so great success is there associated with mercury or the planet in cancer sign for the person.
  • Longevity of the person.
  • In around 3rd cycle completion or age of 84 Saturn or shank dev reaches its natal place in cancer sign with sun and Saturn there.
  • So gives great gains to the person when in Gemini(Mithuna) or Taurus(vrishabha) as Saturn or shank dev is strong there.
  • So also longevity is affected at around 80 years as source of vitality sun or surya gets close to malefic Saturn and so also Saturn with Saturn gets strong together.
  • narendra modi nadi astrology horoscope personality prediction kundli

    How does Vedic nadi astrology predict destiny for sri Narendra modi ji?

  • The planet Jupiter is in Aquarius sign or Kumbha rashi, so makes Narendra modi ji Philosophical and inclined to dharma and religion.
  • so also Narendra modi Ji we know had also stayed in Himalayas and was an active member of RSS or rashtriya seva sangha.
  • all philosophical organizations, connecting with Saturn the Lord of Aquarius sign.
  • Aquarius or Kumbha rashi, is a fixed sign, and gives good determination ability to sri Modi Ji.
  • It also gives great inspiration being the 11th sign of zodiac to Him.
  • Yes sure he does Yoga and meditation and all inspirational things.
  • He is also very hardworking as Saturn or shani dev suggests.
  • The planet Jupiter or self has a weak aspect of venus and Saturn itself.
  • so Saturn is work is a tough path for sri Modi ji, he will have to struggle a lot for the same.
  • a weak Venus suggest that family life is not for modi Ji.
  • that is the patni or wife sukha is not there for narendra modi JI.
  • so also sri Modi Ji would not take luxuries or comforts as weak venus aspects the personality or self.
  • The signs Gemini or Mithuna and Libra or Tula also play a great role in modi Ji’s Life.
  • Gemini Giving Him great diplomacy and Libra sign Giving him a great sense of Justice.
  • for his work Saturn or shani dev has a weak venus with it.
  • so yes modi ji would work for people’s comfort.
  • Next are a set of large set of planets Like mercury(budha), ketu( dragon’s tail) and sun as well.
  • so yes modi ji would work for high dignity people or with high dignity people as sun and ketu are there.
  • here sun is the lowest degree , then is mercury(budha) and then ketu(dragon’s tail).
  • so modi ji would work for high positions , with his quick intelligence and ability(mercury) and ketu(dragon’s tail) means with an good eye on people who might not be in his favor or being hidden enemies.
  • 2023 as Saturn or shani dev is in Aquarius(kumbha rashi) and aspects the natal Saturn for modi, ji- so means great amount of work for him.
  • he would have to face great many challenges and is karmic in nature.
  • he lost his respected mother this time, but one can expect him to work a ton this time for nation.

  • rahul gandhi nadi astrology horoscope personality prediction kundli
    How does Vedic nadi astrology predict destiny for sri Rahul Gandhi ji?

  • Now for the Horoscope of sri rahul Gandhi ji, Jupiter is in the Libra sign or Tula rashi.
  • so Giving him a sense of justice and also his handsome looks.
  • 🙂
    so also lord of Libra or Tula rashi is venus or shukra the planet for comfort and luxury.
  • so its obvious Rahul Gandhi ji would have great comfort and luxury as well.
  • but due to aspect of Saturn or shani dev, which is weak and in debility to Jupiter or jeeva karaka for rahul Gandhi ji, suggest great obstacles and delays.
  • especially it in career matters as Saturn is career or job and is weakened in the Aries sign or Mesha rashi.
  • Yes we know that sri Rahul Gandhi Ji has been a struggling a lot in his political career despite venus bestowing him with great benefits and luxury.
  • yes he was Born with a silver spoon in the Gandhi family as such.
  • Rahul Gandhi ji also has moon or Chandra next to his jeeva karaka Jupiter or guru.
  • so clearly that means that he would be fair complexion and sensitive as well.
  • so over all it suggests him to be handsome , fair and good looking!
    so with the fifth sign from Jiva karaka Jupiter or Guru there is Aquarius (Kumbha rashi).
  • This means rahul Gandhi ji has Aquarius(Saturn choosy energy) along with Rahu energy as Rahu is there which we call Dragons head.
  • so over this gives ability to Shri Rahul Gandhi ji to work hard think differently and be innovative as well!
  • career job nadi astrology horoscope personality prediction kundli
    { Saturn in Aries or (Mesha rashi)} –>{mercury + (Taurus)} –>{Sun +Mars + (Gemini)} –>{ Venus + (cancer))}
    Something about rahu Gandhi Ji’s Career

  • So if you look at Saturn’s or shani dev’s onwards journey .
  • It connect to Mercury or Budha in the Taurus sign.
  • then to Sun (surya) and Mars(Mangal) and then to Venus or shukra in cancer sign or karkat rashi.
  • so this clearly indicates that he has a very tough life because Saturn or shani dev is debilitated along with Mercury means a lot of Communications are is involved .
  • so also Sun and Mars both are planets to do with politics and connect to mercury due to dispositer Gemini with lordship of mercury or budha .
  • so speaking for politics is there .
  • so overall we will have to speak a lot to communicate to the public and that can make a difference in Shri Rahul Gandhi ji .
  • so also we look at the next planet that is Venus or shukra in Cancer sign the destiny promises luxury and comfort but there is a lot of travel for free Rahul Gandhi ji as well.
  • all this is which is hundred percent correct!
    so also the seventh house from Saturn has Jupiter which has Libra(Tula rashi) is the dispositor which clearly suggests that blessings of god are there for Shri Rahul Gandhi ji .
  • so also Jupiter or Guru blesses his career to expand somewhat and the Destiny expects Shri Rahul Gandhi ji to do justice more.

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