Aries Aquarius Compatibility

aries1 aries Aquarius compatibility mesha kumbha rashiaquarius1 aries Aquarius compatibility mesha kumbha rashi

Aries (march 21 to April 20)-Aquarius (January 21st to February 20th) OR Mesha-Kumbha rashi Compatibility

Aries-Aquarius OR Mesha-Kumbha Rashi BASIC Compatibility

  • Now as Aries is fire sign and Aquarius is Air sign, we know that Fire makes the Air more restless and moving around. So the relationships between Aries and Aquarius may not be very fruitful unless Aries slows down a bit of his or her ways to connect to Aquarius mindset and Also not be pushy or hasty and adjust with sensitive yet philosophical nature of Aquarius.
  • Also note that Aries has an active nature and Aquarius is a passive sign. so in this fashion they could be complementary to each other but still just OK.
  • The Aries sign is very passionate in nature and is outgoing and may wonder why the Aquarius is not expressing the feelings or emotions or coming out of his/her shell or philosophy or sensitivity.This needs to be understood well.
  • But instead of being too pushy in approach the Aries has to build trust with the Aquarius, form bridges and try to understand the inner nature of aquarius.This would bridge a lot of gaps easily.
  • The Aries could get too sporty and yes enterprising to take the Aquarius out of gloominess at times that may come into play due to Saturn. No harsh or any hasty words should be used by the Aries for the Aquarius on any aspect of the life.
  • The Aquarius or kumbha rashi has to avoid being cold at times or not demonstrating his/her emotions openly to the Aries, as that could cause misunderstandings- Aries expects a more passionate response from Aquarius.
  • The relationship and sex between Aries and Aquarius could be of an average nature.

    This combination of Aries and Aquarius again is like two strong personalities coming together, so they should learn to adjust to each other’s different temperament. The Aries sign and also the Aquarius sign both need to develop some tact, diplomacy and acceptance for each other’s unique and different nature for the relationship to work out the best.

  • Aries-Aquarius Love & Marriage OR Mesha-Kumbha Rashi Love & Marriage Compatibility

    what are the positives of Aquarius that would make the relationships work?

  • As for the Person with Aquarius sign sensitive to people, including the Aries partner this leads to increase in love in relationships between you .
  • Given the fact Aquarius as a Person has good intuition to understand people, or his or her partner- this naturally converts to enhancement of love in between the two .
  • Aquarius as a rule would not like to hurt Aries sign- so this tendency in itself could reap great results .

    Also Aquarius has a good tendency to help the underdog or under-privileged , the good vibrations convert to a much better relationship between Aries and Aquarius sign .

  • As for this zodiac sign of Aquarius , it always tries to do damage control with Aries so this would help the love between you grow a lot .

    Given the core nature of Aquarius of being helping in nature to alleviate worries and woes of others, he or she would help Aries equally- which naturally converts to enhancement of love in between the two .

  • Also in hard family situations, the Aquarius Person uses good logic to resolve conflicts results in betterment of love and marital matters between Aries and Aquarius naturally .

    Both Aries and Aquarius are Good achievers so this enhances the relationships between the two signs as both want to do something or achieve in life.

  • what are the negatives in Aquarius that could impact the relationship with Aries?

  • As for the Person of Aquarius loneliness in life or a lonely attitude leads to dis-harmony in relationships , but as Aquarius is sensitive as well to other people, this positive quality of the Person would even the negative with Aries sign .
  • Given the fact that the Aquarius Person feels hurt if he/she says something hard could cause disturbances in the love matter – as Aries would not be able to form a good trust ability with Aquarius in that case . As Aquarius being frank about life matters is blocked by the hyper sensitive nature of Aquarius.
  • Aquarius being more than normal sensitive , this trait may boil down to conflicts as Aries may speak offhand and Aquarius might take things otherwise leading to long drawn conflicts .
  • The lesser confidence of Aquarius at times also results into issues in marital matters as Aries would be confident and outgoing and would prefer his/her partner to be of the same type .
  • Also this zodiac sign of Aries has a very impressionable nature consequently leads to stiff fights as Aquarius as a man or women may get easily influenced by other people and environment and Aries may find it hard to digest this fact.
  • Over all Impact of Aries and Aquarius Relationship

  • yes the lord of Aries is mars and lord of Aquarius is Saturn, mars and Saturn are both in conflict so this relationship could be of on and off nature.
    Aries is action oriented and passionate , also and achiever this is what Aquarius is also due to Saturn influence this would do great for the couple.

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