Vinod Khanna Health 2017 Kundli Horoscope Bollywood- osho Rajneesh connection , hidden secrets & predictions

Vinod Khanna vinod-khanna-health-2017-kundli-horoscope-bollywood-osho-rajneesh-connection-hidden-secrets-predictions
About this Article?

  • This article on Vinod Khanna looks at his Horoscope or Kundli n detail to know certain very interesting things in his life .;)
  • Like what planets in the kundli or Horoscope made Vinod Khanna so handsome and lady’ man? What planets and Yoga’s made Vinod Khanna so successful in films or Bollywood with name, fame and money?
  • what planetary combination in the horoscope made Vinod Khanna marry twice? what planets and dasha made Vinod Khanna Join Osho rajnesh ashram in the peak of his film or Bollywood career?
  • What Yoga’s or planetary combination in Vinod Khanna’s horoscope made him Rash at times in and also full of courage ? etc etc.
  • all secret unveiled by the science of Vedic Astrology.
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    Vinod Khanna Kundli or Horoscope?
    Born 6 October 1946
    Peshawar, North-West Frontier Province, British India
    Occupation Actor & politician
    Spouse: Geetanjali (1971–1985 divorced)
    Kavita (1990 at present)
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    Which planetary combinations give him Good body and handsome looks?

  • Vinod Khanna’s ascendant is Taurus or vrishibha rashi ruled by Venus or shukra the planet of beauty. This gives him the handsome looks and sensitivity on the face and tenacity to survive in the film industry.
  • The lagna or ascendant is in Scorpio or vrishchika rashi ruled by mars or Mangal- the planet of passion and good physique/muscles. He is known to be one of the best built actors of Bollywood film industry.
  • Rahu(Dragon’s head) sitting in his ascendant gives him a rebel nature and at his time it needed a rebel nature to join or pursue career in Bollywood film industry. He has taken a tough stand against Dharmendra and feroze khan both. 🙂
  • Moon that is Chandra his mind sits on the sign Capricorn, giving him a religious and philosophical nature. A person who would explore the unknown or religion- his joining of bhagwan Rajneesh is a living proof of the same.
  • Taurus or vrishibha give him a bit of stubborn nature and grit to succeed. Self-reliance and need for love are there.
  • The first house lord is in the seventh house- so more than one marriage
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    What is the inner True Nature & Personality of Vinod Khanna?

  • His birth star nakshatra rohini gives him brilliant and attractive with magnetic eyes. Also makes him a charismatic leader and wealthy.
  • Please note he is born on 6th of the month that is ruled by planet Venus giving him the above qualities in abundance. he has political power and be popular.
  • This star gives him the virility, romantic and artistic nature. It makes him a sex symbol with sensual nature. Though not always true this mar makes on indulgent and passion excess could be there
  • The other star is dhanishtha that makes him wealthy, liberal in gift giving and charitable
  • It also along with Rahu(Dragon’s head) in the ascendant makes him rash and daring in nature. The person is fond of poetry and music/cinema Bollywood movie and mystical.
  • This makes him have trouble in marriage and two marriages.
  • Also later he is sort of bound to be or lead and ascetic kind of life- that he still is following his guru osho Rajneesh. Romance and love activity could be on the higher side as Venus the karaka of love & romance and same is true with the seventh house.
  • so that’s what we see in Vinod Khanna he was one of the most romantic heroes.
  • Venus conjunct with ketu in the seventh house gives him an exceptionally magnetic personality that attracts female crowd to Vinod Khanna.
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    Why he (Vinod Khanna) Choose Film or movies(Bollywood) as a Career?

  • Venus is the ascendant simply says that the person would also be inclined towards arts or films or some creative things. Please note he is born on 6th of October , now 6th means Venus- so he has a lot of Venus energy with him to make him successful and take interest in entertaining arts like the Bollywood film industry.
  • The lord of career is Saturn in moon sign cancer or karkat rashi, in his house of initiatives. So, this combination connects his passion his (mind = moon) with this initiatives and career. That is every hero is a kind of entrepreneur.
  • so the lord of career connects with the house of entrepreneurship and with his passion or mind there. So, film industry was a likely choice for him.
  • Aspects of Rahu(Dragon’s head) and Saturn(shani dev) make him philosophical- but also make him take rash decisions or sudden decisions – like to suddenly leave for Rajneesh ashram.
  • Pluto sitting close to the lord of tenth houses the Saturn or Shani gives him an exceptional career in films.
  • His lord of earning or salary Jupiter is close to mars ruling his sex matters, travel and his job or film industry and relationships.
  • so he would earn well through action films as mars or Mangal rules action films.
  • As Saturn rules the sign Aquarius or kumbha rashi in the third house- gives him rise- but at the same time issues are there as Saturn is in the enemy pushya nakshatra or star.
  • Over all the star promises success .
  • Mars in sixth house promises success in politics for him
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    Why did Vinod Khanna Take to sanyasi in peak of His career with His Guru bhagwaan Rajneesh(osho)?

  • As discussed above his mind is on dharma the ninth house moon is there , also the aspect or energy of Rahu(Dragon’s head) and Saturn(Shani)- the planets that could turn one to philosophy and give the courage to do so are there.
  • Aquarius as a career lord could make person more into a large industry like Bollywood films and towards religion or dharma.
  • There is also an aspect of moon(Chandra) or ketu on the career or action /karma lord Saturn (Shani dev) making him takes actions in this direction of spirituality.
  • IN 1982 he runs jup-moon dahsa, he left for the Rajneesh osho ashram especially when he was at the peak of his career.
  • Note Jupiter is a planet of dharma in general and for him ruled eighth house of dharma and occult and also moon is sitting in the ninth house of dharma and absorbing energy of philosophical Saturn(Shani dev) and yes Rahu(Dragon’s head)- causing a sudden shift in his thought process to join the ashram.
  • The seventh house or love and marriage lord in sixth house suggest that one may have two marriages, now Venus the karaka of marriage is OK- but afflicted by ketu.
  • Causing the break up in love or relationships form one wife.
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    Which planetary Combinations Made Vinod Khanna Marry Twice?

  • The seventh lord is mars ; the planet of passion sits on the sign of Libra or tula ruled by Venus- making his married life and sex a passionate and loving one.
  • But sitting in the sixth house of fights and obstacles causes him conflicts in marital matters and makes him marry twice.
  • Affliction of Rahu ketu axis((Dragon’s head and Tail) to the seventh house also time and again affects his relationships in love and married life.
  • Venus the planet of love and lord of sixth house sitting in seventh gives a good sex life and passionate one- but along with fights.
  • He may also have unexpected and sudden relationships due to his belief system as Jupiter the lord of eighth is close to Venus.
  • Mercury the lord of love closes to seventh lord give him a lot of possibility of short affairs. Just a possibility.
  • The first house lord is in the seventh house- clearly indicating more than two marriages
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    Why is Vinod Khanna suffering Now in April 2017 with health or diseases?

  • Vinod Khanna Ji is running Jupiter the ruler of eight houses placed in the sixth house.
  • Now eight house causes sudden problems and it could be health issues- specially to do with phlegm, lungs and spleen.
  • Jupiter or guru absorbs energy from the twelfth house of hospitalization and diseases from planet mars or Mangal- so we know he is hospitalizing,
  • Mars also rules his sexual organs and bladder or other things so it could affect the same as Rahu(Dragon’s head) aspects the seventh house in the natal chart.
  • Health issues due to over indulgence of any kind Is possible.
  • If we believe the newspaper reports – he may have GOD forbid bladder cancer.
  • Mercury or budha in also gets some energy so lungs could also be affected.
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    When could he become OK and predictions for 2017

  • He has the effects of Jupiter till July this year 2017- so special care needs to be taken.
  • As Saturn transit the twelfth house from moon or his rashi in his eighth house from ascendant – may have to stay away from your family (hospitalization is a form of staying away from family).
  • Unnecessary expenditure is there. Health is not good. He may also have to travel long distances for cure. Trouble to kids.
  • For him luck and career or film work would reduce suddenly and significantly as Saturn rules his house of luck and fortune the ninth house and the lord of career the tenth house.
  • He should be better off onwards from July 2017
  • April ending and May 2017 could be especially critical for him, May onward if all goes well, in 2017 improvements would be seen.(Unfortunately this prediction came true, we lost our dear and pet Actor sri Vinod Khanna Ji)
  • September 2017 onwards- all would be good and great for him as his natal Jupiter would start getting energy from the natal Jupiter or guru. Though a bit distressing period mentally for him- but prayer would help him come out.
  • Much more after July 2017- but the time is a bit hard for him and we wish him all the best and our prayers for
  • vinod khanna bollywood kundli horoscope
    Some Interesting Facts about Vinod Khanna

  • Vinod Khanna was born 6 October 1946 In Peshawar the frontier city now in Pakistan. He is an Indian actor and is a producer of Bollywood films .Vinod Khanna has have had active pending not in pending. He is also the Member of Parliament ( MP) from Gurdaspur. He has done at least 141 films.
  • Vinod Khanna has done in lead roles in many of superhit films and is best for his acting in movies or films like Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Imitihaan,Mere Apne, Inkaar,Lahu ke Do Rang, Qurbani, Dayavaan , Amar Akbar Anthony, and Jurm.
  • He made his debut in 1968, he used to act as a villain first. He had an angry young man role in the famous movie Mere Apne,also his negative villain role as the main villain in the super-hit film “Mera Gaon Mera Desh”.
  • He is also appreciated for his role in the popular movie Achanak as the military officer gave him good applause.
  • In 1982, when he was at the peak of his film career, Vinod Khanna for temporary period left the film industry to follow his spiritual guru Osho Rajneesh.
  • After pending about five years(5 years), he returned to the Hindi film industry giving two consecutive hit movie films “Insaan” and “Satyamev Jayate”.
  • Vinod Khanna is popularly known as one of the most handsome lead actors ever in Bollywood.