Mohan Bhagwat, Kundli & Horoscope-RSS chief,BJP Presidential Candidate 2017 predictions?

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Mohan Bhagwat, Kundli & Horoscope- RSS chief,BJP Presidential Candidate 2017 predictions?

What are Some Interesting Facts about Mahan bhagwat Head of RSS( rashtriya seva sangh)?

  • Mohan Madhukar Bhagawat was born on 11th of  September 1950. He (mohan bhagwat )  is the present Chief of rashtriya seva sangha- that is a  Hindu nationalist organisation , popularly known as  (RSS) in India. He was chosen for this position after c K. S. Sudarshan in the year 1999 March month.
  • Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat was born in a small township Chandrapur in the state of Maharashtra in India. He has a family lineage with RSS activists.
  • mohan Bhagwats father sri Madhukar Rao Bhagwat, has been the Karyavahak (secretary) for the ‘Chandrapur’ zone and later he become the Prant Pracharak (divisional promoter) for the Indian state of Gujarat.
  • Mohan Bhagwat the present chief is the eldest son of his parents and has two younger brothers and a sister.
  • He is a graduate in Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry from Government Veterinary College, of  Nagpur in Maharashtra. He  is  known to have dropped out of his postgraduate course of Veterinary Sciences and then become a pracharak or a full time promoter  of the RSS by the end of the year 1975.

How has Mohan Bhagwat been associated with RSS(rashtriya Seva sangha)?His rise in the RSS to  the present chief position!

  • sri mohan bhagwat was working underground during the Emergency, Mohan Bhagwat became ‘Pracharak’ of Akola in Maharashtra in the year of 1977 and rose within the organization responsible for Nagpur and Vidarbha regions of state of Maharashtra in india.
  • He then became ‘Akhil Bharatiya Sharirik Pramukh,’ (that is known in-charge of physical training aspect) for India, from the year  1991 to 1999. He was further promoted as ‘Akhil Bharatiya Pracharak Pramukh,’ (that is in-charge of RSS volunteers working full-time for India).
  • It was in the year 2000, when Rajendra Singh of (RSS) and H. V. Sheshadri decided to step down as RSS Chief and General Secretary respectively due to bad health conditions, that is the time when K. S. Sudarshan was nominated as the new chief and as a consequence  Mohan Bhagwat became ‘Sarkaryavaha,’ that is the general secretary.
  • Mohan Bhagwat was chosen as the Sarsanghchalak (Chief Executive) of the RSS on 21 March 2009. He is one of the youngest leaders to head the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh after Dr. K. B. Hedgewar and M.S.Golwalkar.
  • RSS or rashtriya seva sangh is said to be close adjunct to the party bharatiya janta party or BJP.
  • He has got Z+ VVIP security.

Birth Details Mohan Bhagwat:

Born      11 September 1950 (age 66)

Chandrapur, Maharashtra

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Which planetary Combinations Give Mohan Bhagwat Inclination towards RSS and nationalism?

  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, the RSS chief, His moon or mind is in the royal sign of Leo or simha a rashi- making him a lion it itself. He would be proud of his heritage that is Indian heritage, leadership qualities and would have a great deal of ambition. His coming to this level as a the RSS chief is a proof of the same.
  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, His moon or Chandra being in magha nakshatra or star makes him proud/valiant and loyal to the spiritual lineage he follows. It could also make him too much pro or for his superiority in terms of his family or customs he follows.
  • In the kundali or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, Magha and Leo could make one proud of country one lives & the culture of the same, like India, just like a lion that is proud of his Jungle. Simple.
  • The planet sun or surya the lord of the kundli is in the first house itself- giving him distinct personality, courage and yes at times anger. Sun being a bit old gives him wisdom of a ion and good physical strength and leadership chance and also qualities. All is evident from mohan bhagwat’s
  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, A combust Saturn(shani) , but atma karaka shani(Saturn) in first house of ascendant gives him the discipline- teaches him discipline of RSS is the crux of life to win. Plus this discipline itself might create enmity for him. Shani or Saturn could make a persona a hard task  master- this might create secret enemies as Saturn rules the sixth house of enmity/health and also seventh house of relationships/career and job.
  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, A weak Venus or shukra the lord of the tenth house of career and third house of shourya and initiative is sitting in the first house- so is raja Yoga karaka. It suggest interest in arts and culture plus as it absorbs strong energy of sun and Saturn- so makes one choose career or to do with physical strength, leadership/politics and commitment and discipline- in all this RSS or rashtriya seva sangha fits the bill well.
  • The lord of the twelfth house of travel, stress and moksha or dharma is close to a weak Venus- suggesting there could be some fluctuations in career and dharma or religion could play a role in choosing his career. Now we know RSS is more oriented towards dharma and religion of Hindu dharma.
  • Also note the lord of his deep thinking Jupiter and karaka of dharma Jupiter is retrogate and aspects his ascendant or lagan and sun and also rules the eighth house of something that is underground and connected to the past or hidden cultures. This is the core reason that is it is this Jupiter or guru that has made mohan bhagwat the RSS chief so conventional and also connected to the ancient cultures of India.
  • Being Born on 11th in itself makes him inspired- strong willed( 11= 1+1 = sun +sun= that is two suns and the combined effect of Neptune, the number 2 negative) makes his connection to his past lives and karma in this life.


What makes Him do veterinary training in Mohan Bhagwat’s Youth

  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, His lord of career is Venus and it has mars the plant that rules animals and animal force sitting in the third house of initiative.
  • So this gives him great courage and initiative and a chance to work in fields to do with animals as Venus and mars combination here could give a job in animal husbandry.


what makes Mohan Bhagwat the present chief of the RSS?

  • A very strong sun in the ascendant gives him a strong boost to reach any top position in life of leadership.
  • A connection with Venus, a planet for mother also connects him to His mother India. Saturn the old man also is a planet that partly represents India’s wisdom.
  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, So is a retrogate Jupiter aspecting his lagna or ascendant clearly saying that he could get into a situation where he would profess or work on discipline, more conventional values and yes be a leader. A person who could be an action leader( physical exercises as well due to mars).
  • Moon there in the first house keeps him focussed on his self and goal that is sun and image, his discipline and ancient cultures.
  • The lord of action and karma has a strong energy of mars, Jupiter , Saturn and moon- making him take a career of the type RSS chief or rashtriya seva sangha head as he is now.
  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, Venus the planet shukra is in the nakshatra of magha that also gives him a job or career in leadership positions. He is bound to stay at the top and be a leader.
  • As Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, people who have to do with money/finances or over all status are connected with the same- so obviously coming to be the head of RSS or rashtriya seva sangha is no joke, . Also Taurus or vrishabha rashi gives him the perseverance to get things done and follow matters with tenacity.
  • The lord of his initiates has mars or mangal is in first the house with strong energy of sun, retrograde Jupiter or vakri guru, moon or Chandra and Venus or shukra- inclining his actions majorly towards his leadership and country love goals, and yes past ethics and culture.
  • Mars or mangal here in the third house of initiatives and also weak Venus, gives a tendency of courage and also excess courage of do or dies attitude, gives  a determined aggressive will to success.
  • Mercury (Budha) plus moon(Chandra) gives a strong desire to study literature and matters of present and past and also love for nature is there.

What could Mohan Bhagwat expected in 2017? Is he going to become the president of India?

  • Saturn or shani has come in his fifth house and aspects his seventh house of new relationships and job, that in itself is ruled by Saturn or shani dev. Suggesting a possibility of his joining a new position as such.
  • In the kundli or horoscope(Birth chart) of Mohan Bhagwat ji, The planet Jupiter after September 2017 would come in the Libra sign with mars the planet of action and state jobs sitting there. So this transit may not be as great as the one that Jupiter is having now in the second house. So if the decision of making him the president of India comes before 2017 September , it would come most probably in his favor. But if it is after 2017 or in 2018, his is a lesser chance.
  • Rahu transit in his ascendant could give him some gains to position and sudden rise in position. But when rahu gets into the twelfth house- there is over all discomfort that time.
  • He has to be careful about unexpected controversies’ and issues or health problems coming up after 2017 September 2017 and yes 2018.Issues with the health problems or internal politics are things which he has to deal with deftly after September 2017 and 2018
  • We wish him all the best in life.