Is Astrology or Numerology Scientific?

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A prominent Indian scientist says that it is not! Do you wonder why? Some of the reasons cited by him are ,that the predictions fail at times, or astrology/numerology unlike other sciences are not continuously updated with time as are other sciences, or they(astrology/numerology) without a framework (we will try to explain this term later ).

Should We Believe in Astrology/Numerology?

Now if what has been said by so called “scientists” or critics about astrology and numerology is true – then is there a point in continuing to believe in these so called “sciences”?

Yes, but I strongly feel there is a strong point in favor of vedic astrology/nuemrology – the comments made above may be due to ignorance of some of the “scientist” or critics regarding the complete picture of these sciences
like astrology or numerology.

One more reason is that these so called “scientists” or critics get a basic kick by disproving age old and time tested subjects like astrology/numerology wrong! This helps them in getting a feel that they have advanced.

But on the contrary- reverse is true. That is astrology/numerology are highly evolved sciences with a definite model/framework for working and with verifiable results.

How one could do Basic Forecasting 

Do you want to take the journey to explore this matter further?

Suppose one of you friends in USA asks you a question that he/she plans to spend his/her summer vacation Delhi in the month of June and he enquires about what the weather would be like that time. Without a second thought you would tell him/her that there is a possibility of extreme heat.

This forecast of yours would generally be true and help your friend to plan his/her vacation; it would rarely fail in conditions like a temperature drop due to rains etc. Now as you happen to know the weather fluctuations at Delhi- you become a small time fortune teller of India’s weather to your friend, I mean a forecaster. So with a table in your hand telling JUNE = Extreme heat, temperatures near 50 C, JANUARY = Cold, temperatures near 0(zero), SEPTEMBER= Pleasant….:) you have all the information handy for a basic forecasting of Delhi’s weather.

How Does Numerology Work?

The working of numerology is something similar to what we did for weather forecasting above, it has been observed by the seers that people born on a certain day have certain common characteristics; same is true with people having a common name number or same ascendant in horoscope.

Say a person is born on 3rd (Jupiter) of a month and has a name number 5(mercury), will have a personality which is combination of characteristics of Jupiter and Mercury in different proportions- we assume that these are the major numbers which influence the personality- in reality there could be many more numbers.

So you near complete personality (key traits) can be reconstructed just like artist constructs paintings based on basic colors like red, blue, green on a canvass by your numbers in your chart. Here the colors stand for the different numbers in your number chart. The more numbers of your number chart are considered- more accurate would be your personality description.

Why Should Numerology Work?

Some people object to the above argument or observation and say that, how could all people born on the same day have common characteristics?

Now do you agree that we all Indians- though we live in different states could still have a common culture/trait which we call Indian culture or trait, or say for that matter all Americans despite of their diversity have one common culture. Yes, all this is true- people spread over in a geographical region due to whatever reasons could still share certain common characteristics, barring exceptions.

So if there can exist common characteristics for people of one region , why couldn’t there be common characteristics for people born on same day (may be a few set of characteristics, like people born on 3rd,12,- you may find them more optimistic in general than the people born on other days of the month). Moreover this correlation between people born on a certain day and their common characteristics has been confirmed by the past seers who have done great research connecting the numbers in your chart and your character and life events. So at least the conclusions drawn based on numerology may not times be 100% accurate, but at the same time would not be very off the mark if analysis and prediction is done the right way.

Is there a Framework(model of working) for Numerology?

Now getting back to the old question of what is a framework? To elaborate this matter further, for example- some one tells you that readings done by so and so astrologer/numerologist are good.

Is it a good enough hint for you to judge the astrologer/numerologist? No, not really. Actually it may be better if someone could tell you how accurate the readings are in terms of timings of events or in terms of description of any life event like say marriage etc etc. so these factors like accuracy of a reading in terms of timings, description of event ..etc etc could form your framework on how judge the quality of an astrological/numerological reading better. So you now have some gut feel of what a framework could be- good!

Now what is the framework for numerology? It calculates your unique numbers based on your date of birth and name at birth. Based on these numbers finds your character and destiny in general and specific, that is for a given period of time. That is calculates the kind of energies you would have to deal with at a given point of time

Based on your personality it tries to predict the possible outcome of the situation. For example if say the situation predicted for some one in the year 2006 is grim ,but that person happens to be very optimistic- then possibility of your converting the situation into a success is much higher than say if the concerned person is naturally more depressed by nature. You just look at possibilities. Fairly rational!

Comparison Of Scientific methods of Prediction and Numerology:

Something similar like numerology happens when you do things like weather forecasting .Only thing is that the mathematics’ involved is much more complex and number of factors considered for prediction may be more.

The basic question remains that does the complexity in a system mean more accuracy? No not really. Recently it came to notice that an astrologer was able to make much more accurate predictions outcome of TV serials and movies than a tool made based on latest technology.

We are not here criticizing technology, it has its value. We simply say that complex does not necessarily mean accurate. May be a simpler model may be more effective as it takes more relevant information into consideration.

Have you ever watched a whale coming out of the sea – you will the shape it has is much closer to a Boeing plane. Now the design of Boeing plane must have taken tons of technology to come up to this near perfect shape- but still nature or say evolution has done a better job to this date as far as design of whales is concerned. We have to accept it.

Possibilities of Improvement In Numerology:

May be if we add more techniques in astrology/numerology – to quantify things more accurately it becomes closer to what scientists expect. The fuzziness/vagueness would be still better than what you have in fuzzy logic based washing machines! Moreover things could improve if continuously as people do research and add value to it

Utility Value of Astro-Numerology & art of horoscope reading:

Over and above any thing ,the key things is that astro-numerology works and works fine in most of the cases. It has a definite utility.

When we had tsunami recently – certain tribals unaware of the modern advances- where aware of the strange animal behavior before Tsunami and there fore took shelter before hand and thus saved their lives. Even if they had no formal basis- just based on empirical observation they acted which saved their life? Same could be applied for numerology/astrology as well.
Role of Chance, Determinism and Probabilities in science and astro-numerology:

We have estimates based on chances or probabilities modern physics , similarly numerology also deals with different kinds of energy levels of an individual at a given point of time and then talks about possibilities of an outcome of the same – no equation is written but does it make unscientific?

Gravitation was fairly scientific before Newton found it and even after Einstein added value to it. The key is that gravitation did work…we always understood it better and better.
Possibly the forces involved in astrology/numerology are much subtler in nature to measure by current day instruments- but we can still see the effect. So no harm in going ahead with it.

Why Predictions Could fail?

There could be multiple reasons for failed predictions:
1. May be we don’t know all the planets /forces that control the destiny (we know that many new planets have been discovered beyond the 7 planets).
2. Also the free will exercised by people (the self effort made to make things to change) also changes destiny, so predictions based on birth data could fail or may be away from observed events.
3. The birth information (date of birth, time of birth could be wrong/incomplete).
4. or the chart drawn erected incorrectly, or interpretation by the astrologer/numerologist could be wrong or may be incomplete (depending on astrologers/numerologists capability).
But again, do all these things make astrology/numerology unscientific or irrational?

Why is astrology /numerology updating slowly as compared to other sciences?

i) Already thousands of years of research has gone into astrology/numerology as compared to few hundred for other sciences – so could be most of things are discovered already.
ii) The seers had inspired knowledge acquired much quickly and more accurate so lesser unknowns.
iii) The subtle forces working in astrology/numerology are still not understood or measured- we are just able to see the effects.
iv) These subjects have not been subject to the rigor of scientific study. That is a formal way of studying these being adopted.
v) The best talent in the world may not be attracted to this.

Do Approaches to solve life problems affect the scientific nature of the approaches?

In modern medicine (allopathy), say a doctor may try to attack the bacteria to remove the say disease of stomach due to infection, but naturopathy may try to increase the natural immunity by increasing the life force so that automatically body could fight out the bacteria.

Now naturopathy works with tangible results, but possibly life force cannot be isolated in a test tube so can we call it irrational or unscientific?

Both systems of medicine solve problems differently-but could one be scientific and the other not? So different approaches to solve one problem could exist- just like weather forecasting(scientific) could be augmented by astrology based forecasting methods?

Stock markets use a pattern observed in nature to predict the stocks. A similar pattern has been used in predictions for some of the sciences for at least few hundred years. So when you use it in one case it is scientific but when we use it in other case it becomes unscientific? No, not really.

Finally ,say if geometry used for Newtonian mechanics may not work for other systems- so should we proclaim Newton’s theory as false?

Some Advanced stuff for advanced reader***

In some ways at times Numerology/astrology use multiple frameworks to solve problems or do prognostics – so does it mean the readings would be contradictory? NO. The readings could be complimentary in nature helping each other.

For example you are a fugitive trying to draw the face of a culprit of whom you have date of birth and other information- you use this method and each

frame work provides you with some piece of information. For example one provides the description of nose, other ears, other jaws..etc so all this adds up to make the face of the culprit clearer.

Do you still think Numerology or Astrology is unscientific, irrational..?? By now you should start having doubts about this wrong comment made by the “scientist”?? Yes, that is the spirit, tell them not to take you for a ride. You have your own reasons to hold to astro-numerology now. 


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