Sri Narendra Modi Horoscope & Numerology, honorable Prime Minister of India-what makes him so special?



Sri Narendra Modi Horoscope  & Numerology, honourable Prime Minister of India-what  makes him so special?


What do people say about Him

This is what Wikipedia says about him

Narendra Damodardas Modi born 17 September 1950) is the 15th and current Prime, in office since 26 May 2014. Modi, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 and is the Member of Parliament (MP) from Varanasi. He led the BJP in the 2014 general election, which gave the party a majority in the Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Indian parliament) – a first for any party since 1984 – and was credited for October 2014 BJP electoral victories in the states of Haryana and Maharashtra.

The prime minister, a Hindu nationalist and a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is a controversial figure domestically and internationally because of criticism that, when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, his administration failed to prevent the 2002 Gujarat riots. Modi’s economic policies (credited with encouraging economic growth in Gujarat) have been praised, although his administration has also been criticised for failing to significantly improve the human development in the state.



His Birth Data:

Name: Narendra Modi

Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950

Time of Birth: 11:00:00

Place of Birth: Mehsana



What makes Him so different?

a)Lets use A bit of Astrology to fathom him:

Now look at his ascendant – its Scorpio – ruled by mars. Mars sits on the ascendant, that is Scorpio sun sign itself! Also Moon sits there.

There is also an aspect of Rahu in Pisces.


So mars are very strong, and wants action and only action.Simple. This with Rahu= number means practical action. It aspects 7th– so action could lead to new contacts and job growth. We know how narendra modi ji came from ranks from a humble tea seller to prime minister. A tea seller has to be practical and if he is not action oriented- how could he reach the prime ministers position?


Also Scorpio is 8th sign- this sign has to do with digging of hidden things- like occult/spirituality and yes people disciplining people who belong to the rebellious section of the society. With all this, moon represents his mind – absorbs all this energy.


So interest in spirituality is clear- and we know sri narendra modi left home for pursuing spirituality in Himalayas. He has tried to internationalize YOGA- we have a Yoga day.

Rahu, a rebellious planet- but in Pisces the 12th sign aspecting mars gives some anger issues possibly- but at the same time tilts the person to spirituality as 12th sign covers spirituality and after life. Also occult/yoga and an element of overall domination and strong and quick politically correct actions.

So over all his thinking and personality is influence over all by = (KARMA  Or ACTION) + (POLITICS )+ (DHARMA Or RELIGION) 


Or Put it as  KARMA + DHARMA + NEETI(Politics) simply!


We know rest is history! All the above conclusion are true
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    b)lets use a A bit of Numerology to fathom him:

    17 September 1950

    17=1+7=8   = Saturn

    Sun sign = Virgo=Mercury= number 5

    Destiny number = 17/8 + (September=9 )+ 1950/6( 1+9+5+0 = 15=6) = 8 + 9+ 6 = 23/5= mercury

    His heart number =4= rahu


    One can clearly see there is a lot of mercury in his life( sun sign/destiny number). Mercury is a merchant/business man and good for communications.

    Can any one doubt sri Narendra modi’s communication skills? In fact many elections  he has made the party win.


    Mercury also deals with money management- he did it while in his training for RSS and yes obviously much needed in tea selling.


    5= mercury means love to have new experiences, travel – you see how many travels sri narendra modi has done to different nations and deeply connected to them Number 5 is a true sales man and he has put our countries image to the top of the world.


    His heart number tells us that he wants to work hard and that also discipline. A number 4 in heart give a non conventional streak in choice of matters. Now at one end he is quite connected to ancient past but he also is keen to modernize India by investments*(mercury)


    Can anyone contradict there facts.


    Personal Life

    Strong aspect of mars in Scorpio  and also  Rahu in Pisces on the  7th house of marriage, plus  Venus the lord of 7th   and also representing wife, is very weak in Leo(10th) has clearly suggested rare chance of marriage surviving. In fact Venus in 10th means marriage with ACTION= Karma and sun ruling 10th means ACTION for POLITIS as SUN rules Politics.


    A retro gate Jupiter in 4th confirms his  views about conventional aspects of religion and yes at the same time a progressive view point as well. As Jupiter is an expansive planet as well.

    What Made him win in 2014  in a big way?


    He runs rahu that we know was in Pisces. Now rahu is in 5th = angular houses and aspecting 1st house- his most important house.

    Also the election was in march- ruled by Pisces.


    Also all the positive energy of rahu in angular hsoue,rahu in Pisces/Jupiter and a strong mars with moon fighting for a turnaround(from congress) gets funnelled to the moon ruling the house of windfalls= 9th!


    Also Rahu also gives general success in politics.






    Moon is his main period and the moon  is getting a lot of energy from mars/rahu and 9th house. So over all intense and nonconventional ways of solving problems would continue and the chance of stability of sri narendra modi’s government is very high till atleast 2021 till moon rules  and also beyond as powerful mars rules.

    We wish our honourable prime minister the best of luck. Also he should make discreet efforts to get Vedic Parampara/tradition  like astrology/yoga/ayurveda/yagya  up to help the society and the world  in general.


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