Egypt Plane Crash(russian jetliner) !!!- Very Unfortunate & Tragic event



There was a crash this Saturday  of Russian jetliner crash in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula still is unknown, but it is highly likely due to a technical failure and there is no evidence of any terrorist action.

Few few Points  To Look At:

Peace to all departed souls!

  • Date of Crash= 31st = October = Rahu = Dragon’s head
  • Total Date Number = 31+October(10) + 2015(8) = 4+1+8= 13= 1+3= 4 = RAHU
  • Day today = Saturday = Ruled by Number 8= 2×4 = Double RAHU effect.
  • Flight number = A321   =  A(=1) + 3+2+1 = 7 = KETU = Dragon’s tail and the  polar opposite of RAHU.
  • Recent Solar Eclipse on 13th September 2015= To affect Arab and African nations, we had the mecca tragedy and now this one unfortunately :Recent hajj Stampede
  • There could be a Terrorist angle as well.One could refer to this article written for Terrorist attacks-  Rahu-ketu and terrorism!
  • The possible role of ISIS could be seen in this article in increase in activities in around November 2015 time frame( oct 31st could be treated as a cusp of November 2015)ISIS & 2015 ending(Oct ending and November) and 2016


Not that all events could be pin pointed in such situations where large geographical areas are involved.- but basic care on certain days could be done more than others. may be needs more study for benefit  of mankind.

Peace to all departed souls!
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