Revati Nakshatra

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Revati Nakshatra (Revati (16-40′ To 30-00′ Pisces):
Pisces meena rashi revati nakshatra
Something Interesting about Revati Nakshatra

  • This naskshatra or constellation is primarily for moksha or spiritual liberation from the cycle of birth and death being the 27th of all. It is also represented by mridanga or a kind of drum.
  • This nakshatra is primarily for taking care of herds of sheep or cows, to do with milk. It is to do with taking care and yes nourishment.
    This nakshatra has to do with long travels. It provides great abundance and yes fertility and growth to the situation. The symbol is elephant and any person born in this would have good amount of love for animals.
  • You could have interest in ancient cultures and have good wisdom. There could be interest in religion and mysticism.
  • You might have love for pets and animals and be courageous enough.
  • This combination of Pisces or meena rashi and mercury or budha makes one beautiful, magnetic and clean, well formed body.
  • You have good karma(You absorb pure energy of the 12the sign), you might have good marriage and may have success in foreign lands.
  • As this nakshatra is ruled by Jupiter the lord of the 12th sign Pisces(meena rashi) and also mercury ruler-ship is there it gives good amount of creative intelligence. that’s the magnified effect of mercury and Jupiter being together here.
    It could give great talent in movie or dancing or even singing, drama and yes literature a well.
  • This nakshatra due to Jupiter could give great wealth and yes prosperity to the person.The sincerity of the person here is blessed by the nakshatra for success in any area of life. It has a sweet and soft nature.
  • They are sensitive and are blessed more if they stay close to water.
    The 12th sign of Pisces males them visionaries and thy may have skills for the future. They have a faster development.
  • negative side of pisces   nakshatra
    what is the negative side of Revati nakshatra?

  • Being a positive and deva nakshatra the negative would be less for hits nakshatra. But yes the person could be highly sensitive and may have health issues earlier in life. weakness in Jupiter could instill inferiority and also a lesser confidence about self. Mars could make them angry and stubborn.
  • They may overtly give and then feel they have lost something.This happens for even sun being here. They try to think and help others.
  • mercury budha ahslesha nakshatra
    what is the astrological signature of the Revati nakshatra?

  • If Your moon(chandra) or lagna is in revati nakshatra or star grouping in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • This nakshatra is in Pisces or meena rashi and is ruled by planet mercury or budha . This combination could make you independent, ambitious, well liked and wealthy.
  • This nakshatra is the final nakshatra or the 27th in the sign of Pisces and hence represents the finality or completion. It also means liberation or moksha for the person.
    It is basically 32 faint stars at the end of the tail of the sign Pisces or meena rashi.
  • Nature
    Deva nakshatra or GOD like
    Fish due to Pisces and a drum a symbol of nakshatra.
    basic motivation in life
    It is for moksha or spiritual liberation
    Lucky letters: Dee Do Chaa Chee

    Colour: yellow & green

    Lucky Numbers 3,5 & 9 both.
    love marriage matters of pisces   nakshatra
    what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage is in the revati nakshatra ?

  • This is a great nakshatra- so that would mean growth and gains in love and married life. One could do very well in love matters and also the lover could be a great guy.
  • career job pisces   nakshatra job
    what happens if your lord of tenth house or career action is in this Revati nakshatra?

  • The deva type of nakshatra may mean great growth and success to the person. especially if staying near sea or to do with shipping or animal care.
    The person could expand his career or business to great heights if the planet Jupiter and mercury are strong enough in the horoscope.
  • What are Revati Nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • This could be people who are good writers, scientist or artists(like dancers or singers etc), this is also good for film actors,politicians and a great nakshatra for social helpers. It could work out well for people into journalism and also religious or occult work. anything to do with travel like, travel agents or anyone to do with fight industry. Over all great in publishing.also for traveler and other people who keep time.
  • They could also become good into occult and astrology due to Jupiter , ketu and the hidden sign scorpio(vrishchika) energy. Good also in legal work and lawyers who communicate assertively.
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