Shravan Nakshatra


Shravan Nakshatra
Your moon or chandra  is in shravan nakshatra or star grouping in your horoscope or kundli(birth Chart).

This nakshatra is in the sign Capricorn or makar   rashi  and ruled by planet moon or chandra . Moon or chandra  gives good  intelligence, good speech and could make a person famous.

Shravan nakshatra people are wealthy, creative genius, art interests

They could be charitable, a good host and principled like the planet Saturn or shani  the lord of Capricorn or makar   rashi .

People born with this nakshatra could be zealous and might have political interests

You could be a  religious minded person  and a generous marriage  partner

You could be a perfectionist due to Saturn or shani  influence on moon or chandra  and also fond of good food.

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