Shravan Nakshatra


Shravan Nakshatra (
Shravan 10-00′ To 23-20′ Capricorn):

what is the astrological signature of the Shravan nakshatra?

  • Your moon or Chandra or lagna(ascendant) is in Shravan nakshatra or constellation in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • Your moon or Chandra is in shravan nakshatra or star grouping in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • This nakshatra is in the sign Capricorn or makar rashi and ruled by planet moon or Chandra .This is the 22nd nakshatra of the zodiac.
  • Nature
    DEva or GOD like
    Three foot prints and also ear(shravana)
    basic motivation in life
    artha or getting succesful materially
    sattwa(saraswati ji) & tamas(Saturn and rahu)
    Vishnu and saraswati
    Lucky letters: ju Jay Jo Gha
    Colour: white
    Lucky Numbers 2 and 8
    Something Interesting about Shravan Nakshatra
    Shravan Nakshatra

  • Shravan being entirely in capricorn and ruled by moon. so over all it has Saturn and moon qualities. it is a nakshatra of learning or goddess saraswati ji. Moon gives the intelligence and Saturn the wisdom to learn. It represents knowledge and music.
  • shravana in Sanskrit means listening. it’s essentially listening to the divine sound of OM or lord Krishna’s flute. As Vedas are from shruti, or hearing so this means a nakshatra of hearing or shravan. It is also astrologically connected to the peepal tree.
  • This star or nakshatra rules places of worship and also people ruled by this nakshatra are charitable and get name and fame in the world. They are able to do big things. They could become excellent writers and great teachers due to double moon influences.
  • Saturn makes them active and hardworking in nature. Moon makes them fond of travel and yes one could find them travelling and studying in distant or foreign lands. They do have large libraries and spend a lot of time studying and doing things. They need a lot of time in solitude.
  • Moon or Chandra gives good intelligence, good speech and could make a person famous. Shravan nakshatra people are wealthy, creative genius, art interests
    They could be charitable, a good host and principled like the planet Saturn or shani the lord of Capricorn or makar rashi .
  • People born with this nakshatra could be zealous and might have political interests. You could be a religious minded person and a generous marriage partner.
  • You could be a perfectionist due to Saturn or shani influence on moon or Chandra and also fond of good food.
  • what is the negative side of shravan nakshatra?

  • As Saturn energy, rahu energy is dominant here it could make them rigid and obstinate in nature. People of shravana could have several people to oppose them due to jealousy. They are sensitive due to moon and easily hurt by others. also they could be prone to gossip more. They may have severe reversals in life so they want to understand the nature of cosmos
  • what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage ?

  • It could mean a knowledgeable partner. A partner who has knowledge and insights in musical arts. A person how is a good listener
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career ?

  • The Shravan nakshatra could means person how is hardworking and has good knowledge the skills that are needed in hand. Moon makes them succesful in travel jobs and yes staying for longer periods in foreign lands fro training etc.
  • What are Shravan Nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • Good knowledge here due to nakshatra gives ability to become and astrologer who is logical and also religious heads to doing fundamental work to do with religion. As shravana people are knowledge seekers. They being blessed by GODDESSS swaraswati could heal speech, could be good teachers and also hive good command in language and yes mathematics.
  • They are good at gossiping so bloggers and columnist. They are good at traditions and yes good at talking or telling stories/ anecdotes so radio jockeys as well or people who compare in big shows of television. yes politicians and travel industry is there in their gamut.
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