Uttara Ashada


Uttara Ashada
Your moon or chandra  is in uttar ashada nakshatra or star grouping in your horoscope or kundli(birth Chart).

This naskshatra stretches from Sagittarius or dhanu   rashi  to Capricorn or makar   rashi  and is ruled by planet sun or surya.

Jupiter or guru  and sun or surya combination makes the person  virtuous, intelligent and charitable

Jupiter or guru  is planet of friendliness and sun or surya is for being liked and popular- so this nakshatra could make one well liked with many friends. You could be charming graceful and refined

Jupiter or guru  gives you a  pure heart and makes you grateful

The planet sun or surya is strong on Sagittarius or dhanu   rashi  and gives you  military powers and leadership abilities

There will be  more success  in your life after 35 years of age. There could be trouble with early marriage


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