Chitra Nakshatra :

chitra  nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra (Chitra (23-20 Virgo To 6-40′ Libra):

Something Interesting about Chitra Nakshatra
Chitra Nakshatra :

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  • Chitra is something that is shining- it deals with jewellery or garlands.
  • That chitra nakshatra people are attractive, charismatic and dynamic as well. The person has a dynamic personality and keen interest in dance,drama,music and other arts due to Venus.
    People in this nakshatra could go to deep spiritual depths due to the action planet mars.
  • The lord is vishwakarma who is the master of maya and all kinds of magic. has regenerative powers.
  • This nakshatra lies in Virgo or kanya rashi and Libra or tula rashi and is ruled by mars or Mangal or kuja . The Libra or tula rashi sign and mars or Mangal a beautiful body, attractive eyes and is artistic.
  • Again the planets of passion mars or Mangal and Venus or shukra together strong sexual appetite and be a great lover. the desire is kama or sex.
  • You will be recognized in great crowd as well
  • You might have trouble with father and gains through mother
  • You might have trouble with marriage-particularly if women.
  • This is good nakshatra for astrologers, intuitive and prophetic due to Venus or shukra and mercury or budha combination.
  • negative side of chitra   nakshatra
    what is the negative side of Chitra nakshatra?

  • The bad side could be the negative impact of mars and mercury combined- with an aggressive and arrogant nature and also mercury could make them reply without even thinking about the matter. It is demoniac in nature and can give delusions.
    One has to avoid being egoistical and self centered.
  • astrological signature chitra  nakshatra
    what is the astrological signature of the Chitra nakshatra?

  • Your moon or Chandra or lagna(ascendant) is in Chitra nakshatra or group of stars in your horoscope or Kundali(birth Chart).
  • The nakshatra lord is mars or mangal an aggressive planet and is housed in the sign of Virgo and Libra both. so a lot of Venus and mercury influence is also there. Chitra is the 14th nakshatra of the zodiac constellation.
  • Nature
    demoniac nature or illusionary
    Pearl or something that is bright or glittering
    basic motivation in life
    Kama or desire
    Lucky letters: Pay Poe Raa Ree

    Colour: Green due to a lot of mercury energy

    Lucky Numbers 9,3 1 to major mars energy
    love marriage matters of chitra   nakshatra
    what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage love is in this Chitra nakshatra?

  • As this nakshatra is demoniac and of kama – so sexual conduct has to be kept discreet and in limits. For both the partners.
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career action is in this Chitra nakshatra?

  • As delusion and yes mercury energy is high, so good for a sales or career where you have project or create and image. Like marketing or say actors or as a CEO who creates a great image of a company etc.
  • career chitra   nakshatra job
    What are Chitra Nakshatra CAREER Choices ?

  • Magicians or people who deal with creating images. Like politicians. One could do well in careers to do with computers, communication and accountancy due to merry influence.Lawyers,judges, and architects due to vishwakarma influence, films, painters or photography people who create illusions on photo etc or jewelers fall in this category.
  • Chita Nakshatra 2018 Predictions for you

  • Lots of changes for property matters and an eventful time. Think and then act. same would be true with career and salary matters. Gains could be there but risks are higher.
  • Students studying have to focus their energies well for success. they have the intelligence for sure to do so. The self-employed would do better by more action and avoiding nay anger or haste.
  • There could be lots of things happening on the love and romance life front.
    marriages need care and have to be well thought for, more energy could come in 2018 ending onward for sure- but control your passions.
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