Purva-Bhadrapad Nakshatra


Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra (20-00 Aquarius To 3-20′ Pisces)
what is the astrological signature of the Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra?

  • Your moon or chandra  is in purva bhadrapad nakshatra or star grouping in your horoscope or kundli(birth Chart).
  • This naskshatra stretches  from Aquarius  or kumbha    rashi  to Pisces  or meena   rashi  .The ruler ship is by planet Jupiter or guru .
  • It is the 25th nakshatra of the zodiac.
  • Nature
    manushya or Human type
    two front legs of a bed or there could be a funeral cot or a two-faced man
    A sword.
    basic motivation in life
    prosperity and growth in material life
    The one footed Goat or Aja ekpada
    Lucky letters: Say So daa Dee
    Colour: yellow and grey
    Lucky Numbers3 and 8
    Something Interesting about Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

  • The sign of Aquarius or the Kumbha Rashi makes the purva Bhadrapada nakshatra people very insistent in their views, but they could be good debating. Aquarius gives them spiritual inclinations and also the moon sensitive energy makes them more sensitive. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra people could be fond of travel due to moon energies and also Ketu being here.
  • They could be highly cooperative, many times eccentric due to Uranus effects here. They could be mystical and also passionate due to Jupiter and Aquarius energy connection. but again Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra could be strongly impetuous, and opinionated due to double solar energy here.
  • The symbol of Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra is like the male lion focussed on future actions or coming events. that’s the reason it is called the nakshatra of the new age as Aquarius is the sign of the new age. purva Bhadrapada nakshatra stands for internal purification, gives great philosophical insights and originality of thought to the person.
  • They have the good speaking ability and also the ability to earn money.
    purva Bhadrapada nakshatra people Like to travel and beat their own drum(brag a bit at times) and start with new paths of illumination.
    purva bhadrapad nakshatra are very independent and self-reliant people due to the presence of sun and Ketu energies here.
  • One may find them as warm, friendly, highly creative, and more towards dharma or religious activities. Also more towards being social.
  • All Jupiter traits.
    Saturn and Jupiter energies here give them a willpower and fair discipline to solve day to day problems. They also have the ability to rise high in life with struggle,
    Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra has originality due to Aquarius being here as a sign and could demonstrate a daring in approach. Also, they could be dominating at times .
  • Jupiter or guru  with Pisces  or meena   rashi . combination gives you  spiritual depth and teaching skill.
  • Also the Jupiter or guru  Pisces  or meena   rashi  combination gives good occult knowledge and intuitive gifts due to presence of Aquarius  or kumbha    rashi  energy here.You could be wealthy and clever in getting work done.
  • Jupiter or guru  and Saturn or shani  could make you  intelligent, scholarly and a writer.
  • what is the negative side of Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra?

  • This could also give you  a cynical and witty nature.
  • On the downside for Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra, moon negative energy could make the person who is fearful. They could be nervous, worrisome and have a wavering mind. There could be stinginess in behavior and also miserliness towards money matters.
  • Sun and Saturn energy conflict here could make Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra people more dictatorial, and may land into power conflicts. They want to manage a lot in every situation.
  • Jupiter negative could cause scattering of energies and gossipy nature for Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra. It could make them revengeful. The Kumbha or Aquarius and Jupiter energy here could make Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra m force others to their idealism.
  • Aquarius energy on the negative side could cause pain and also suggesting injuries due to falls accidents as Aquarius is the eleventh sign and so is 6th from a 6th sign and also due to malefic Saturn being here. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra has to eventually learn to come out of their ego issues.
  • Moon negative energy also here due to Aquarius sub energies could make Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra people angry, impulsive and have a harsh personality. On the other hand, Jupiter could make them cynical. They also have to control being dominating and dictatorial at times.
  • what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra ?

  • If the seventh lord of love is here in Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra, then the person could have high expectations form the lover. Also, the life partner or lover could be idealistic in nature- more philosophically oriented due to Kumbha effects. He or she could be fond of travel and yes sex.
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career for Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra ?

  • For the tenth lord being in the Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra, it could give great idealism and drive in actions to the person.The person could do good or great actions to do with dharma and spirituality.
  • He or she could have a formidable will to be a success in life and also grow in hardships due to Jupiter and Saturn energies. They could do well in travelling jobs as such.
  • What are Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • Aquarius and double sun energy with Jupiter could make them great researchers, scientists or new age thinkers. They have good ability to plan and manage in administration and otherwise.
  • they could also do well in business due to Saturn and yes Jupiter being the lord of Purva Bhadrapad nakshatra helps them to grow in the same.
    But at the other end, they could become highly idealistic and become radials or fanatical. they may have sympathies with the terrorists due to 11- negative Aquarius energy and also Ketu energy being here.
  • They can also become good religious head or priests. Good in occult sciences and Vedic astrology or numerology. Good in mathematics and also great diving deep into research.
    tantric experiments and black magic could be there due to strong ego issues and controlling nature in them.
  • Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra 2018 Predictions for you

  • For property matters, it could do better this year, but avoid excess involvement in the same. For people in Job- fair enough growth in salary is there- but a job would demand a good amount of work from you.
  • Good time for students and they should avoid tiff with parents or teachers. self-employed would do well avoid stress. people in love and relationships may do fair- but may find some dryness in matters. so would people waiting for marriage happen to find some delays coming in the picture or some tiffs coming up with seniors on the opposite side.
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